Max World 6


88 Mins.
Xplor- 1996
DIR: Max Hardcore
STARS: Davia Ardell, Barbie Angel, Ildiko, Flo, Max.
THEMES: Max, Anal Sex, Facials
During the rather long lead in to this tape, Max takes his fucktoy of the moment, Barbie Angel into the restroom for a very quick fuck and suck session. As mile high club scenes go, this one may be the most real I have ever seen. I just wish Max would shoot Barbie in a full scene without making her eat food after she has shoved it up his ass. What is worse, this is by far the best footage in the whole video. It’s all downhill from here.
Max takes us the Grand Prix in Monaco for a little look at the fast cars and beautiful countryside. Great, racecars zipping through the streets. Oh joy. Things do get interesting though when Davia arrives on the scene. This huge titted honey is the kind of woman who can actually take all Max can dish out and spit right back in his mug. With a gorgeous view as a backdrop, Max slips her shorts down around her ankles and slips his miniscule prick between Davia’s shaved lower lips. Lots of nice penetration shots here which is nice for a change. Then Max has to ruin it by getting her on the ground for way too much forced spit bathing. Since Davia can deepthroat a human sized cock, you can imagine the amount of skull fucking Max has to do in order for the busty blonde to gag on his Keebleresque cock. Once she has a stream of pre-vomit running down her body (Oh HOW attractive.), Max gets on top of Davia and tries to make her actually feel his cock in her pussy. The upside is that there is even more vaginal penetration here, something almost unheard of in recent Max videos, and even as she switches to anal, things are a notch above his usual forgettable fare. Ever the anal slut, Davia takes her ass pounding and begs for more, actually bouncing up and down in some torrid RCA that must be seen to be believed. A2M fans will love the use of a swivel chair to get several shots of the blonde sucking the taste of her ass off his prick before Max finally explodes his usual good facial all over her mug. Davia is one woman who just seems to love fucking Max.
After watching Max travel around Europe for a bit, he snags Ildiko off the streets of Budapest and takes her back to his hotel room. No foreplay here, just Max holding this somewhat attractive woman’s head still while he does his best to set off her gag reflex. She looks to me like she could handle a whole lot more than he can dish out. After she licks his ass for a bit, Max gives Ildiko a little anal shaving so he can fuck her a little easier. She does take both vaginal and anal bonings with quiet ease. You guys who dig the little white socks are going to love the RCA here as Max has his girl leave them on for your enjoyment. Very little face fucking precedes a nice facial, unfortunately fucked up by slo-mo video at the worst possible time. Way to go Max, get artsy just when you finally have something worth watching.
After some more footage of Max tooling around Europe that is actually pretty entertaining, he hooks up a with a girl on the streets of Paris. Good looking Flo is another easy conquest as Max has her in the doggie position before she can say EuroDisney. These French girls all seem to know how to talk dirty, which is a big help in drowning out Max, and makes the scene much better. She smiles through the face fucking, which makes a little more tolerable and nearly takes a fist up her hot hole. Her ass takes as much cock as Max can give and she happily accepts a sperm shower that covers her chin to eyes in thick goo.
Davia is the best looking of the three girls in this video, but at least all of them are into Max’s act. For the most part, he sticks to good penetration shots, hard anal sex and messy facials. With so many of Max’s tapes being filled with too much choking and gyno tools for my taste, this is a nice throwback to what made me like him in the first place.

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