Max Gold Vol. 2


113 Mins.
Xplor- 1997
DIR: Max Hardcore
STARS: Tori, Channone, Candi Cash, China Lee, Klara, Veronica Lain, Glacucia, Kim Bunn, Monique DeMoan, China Cat and Max Hardcore.
THEMES: Anal Sex, Max Hardcore, Facials.
By now, no introductions are necessary. If you grabbed this video, then you know what you’re in for. This second collection of the best (Or worse depending on your slant.) Max scenes from him years at Xplor. Most of the scenes are cut a bit short to fit more of them onto a tape, but believe me, the core of the sex is left in tact. (Often the detriment of my digestive system.)
Channone is up first, and Max just shoves her down on the bed, slaps a pair of ludicrous Frankenstein shoes on her and pulls open her pussy. I much prefer this French pastry with her sexy cropped hair, which she sports in this scene. Many of you are going to be shocked to actually see Max eat some pussy before yanking her wide open for a rather repulsive tunnel shot. At least this fine porn slut is capable of taking the relentless pounding Max likes to dish out, in fact, a dare say, she just might like it a little bit. Not a lot of vaginal penetration here, as Max goes right for the booty. The best thing here is that for most of the scene, Max keeps quiet and Channone’s sweet moans of lust are all we hear. Max dumps a nice facial onto her pretty mug, capping off a scene that I actually really like.
The next girl is one who makes me jump at the fast forward button every time I see her, Candi Cash. Even if she were not subject to the whole drool fest that Max likes so much, she is ugly as sin and I wouldn’t fuck her with Ted Kennedy’s cock. (Assuming the honorable Senator can still see the shriveled up little thing.) For those of you not turned off by this skank, and who like the typical Max shit, you know, fisting, gagging and general crankiness from a short, balding megalomaniac, stay tuned, you will get everything you want including a great big pop shot on a face not even a WNBA player would be envious of. (Though some players might be attracted to.)
China Lee is next, and she seems just the type of woman Max can have fun with, tiny, fairly attractive, and willing to do anything. Her tiny, shaved slit just drips as his fingers invade her inner folds. She also talks so much that we don’t have to hear Max and his verbal shit too much. You see, it’s not the words that bug me so much as who is saying them. Coming from China, “Fuck me like a whore.” Is sexy, but when Max growls the same words, it is a huge turn off. Petite China is just perfect for a number of acrobatic and wild pussy pounding positions. In fact, Max fucks her so hard in the chair, that he lifts it off the ground with each stroke. Her ass is equally accessible, and for a time, China seems to be outfucking Max, which is fun to see. A straight A2M suckjob takes us to a great facial shot. Max at his best, not quite over the edge, thanks to a woman off the chart nasty.
Klara is not quite as well equipped to handle the MH treatment, but she gives it her best for a while. Way too much pussy stretching for my taste, but hey, we all know how PC I am. (Tongue should be firmly placed in cheek as you read this.) Max gives her ass a pretty good boning in the usual positions, but Klara seems less than overjoyed by the activity. Even less appealing to her is the A2M face fucking he gives her before spraying a load al over her lips. Looks to me like she is just glad to be done with the whole thing.
Veronica Lain is another woman I could do without. She is not much to look at and as Max starts in on her, she is just not having a good time. Combine this with a brutal near fisting, and this scene strikes out before Max even gets his tiny dick out to shove into Veronica’s ass.
Latina Glaucia Gonzalez is next and she does her best to keep smiling while Max does everything humanly possible to see how much of his arm he can shove up her pussy. Now, call me old fashioned, but I always thought a nice, tight pussy was a good thing. If that is the case, why does Max insist on doing his best to ruin every female sex organ he can find? Since she must have known what she was getting into, and since she does most of her work with a smile on her face, I can’t fault Max for this. What I can fault him for is the dreadful gag juice dribble that he covers her in. Way to make an average girl worse looking. Some piledriver anal and a dildo helped DP before he gives her a facial.
Candace Waters is next and Max must really like her because he actually fucks her pussy. In fact, this is some of the best vaginal penetration I have seen from Max in a long time. In the end, he takes the high heeled brunette down the Hershey highway and straight to an A2M cumshot with a minimum amount of choking of facefucking. Not too bad, but I wonder why Candace didn’t have a very long career?
Monique DeMoan is a woman I find really attractive in a unique way. She is bikini clad and on her knees as the next scene opens, and that is something I find attractive in a really obvious way. Of course Max has to screw up her always messy blowjobs by working up that pre-puke he loves to dribble all over the lens. At least she is an eager slut, smiling up at the camera as she licks Max’s ass. Rather than returning the favor, Max decides to show his love by fucking this cutie’s upturned backside until she screams in climax. As he pumps away, she cries out for him to fuck her ass harder. Now there is a real trooper. Really fantastic RCA footage here, which is expected since Monique has such a hot body on her. (See, I don’t always bash Max. I love it when he shuts up and sticks to sticks to hot anal sex.) Her ass must be tight, because Max loses it inside her which is different.
Stephanie Swift (China Cat) is a well dressed woman picnicking along a running stream when Max comes by and forces himself on her. It’s not much of a rape scene as Stephanie lies back and takes it. This may be the last time Max worked with anyone this high up on the porn food chain, but little Stephanie seems up to the task. With her cute little butt high in the air, Stephanie takes an outdoor assfucking like a first class Max slut. She is not thrilled by the A2M action, but does take one of the best facials of her career. The final, bonus scene stars Tina, a very sexy thing sporting a cool cropped do. She is outside, rubbing oil on her legs and her pussy when Max comes by to help out. This means he rams his fingers into her holes for a lot longer than I find at all appealing, but does mean that eventually this attractive woman thoroughly sodomized. She does some great hip action in her RCA, bucking down on his cock, skewering her ass for a long time. Max fills her pretty mouth with jizz, leaving her a bit of a mess.
No recap needed. If you like Max, you will love this. If you hate him, well, don’t bother. If you are like me, critical when necessary, you will find some very good stuff here. Tina is hot, China Lee is very hot and even Channone is worth a good look here. Well worth the money.

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