Talk Dirty To Me 4



73 Mins.

Dreamland- 1986

DIR: Ned Morehead

STARS: Tajia Rae, John Leslie, Kimberly Carson, Vanessa D’Oro, Joey Silvera, Shanna McCullough, Nikki Randall, Lisa Melendez, Kristara Barrington..

THEMES: Mermaids, Bit tits.



Watching this series from start to finish has become like an odyssey through porn’s past, with John Leslie co-starring opposite some of the best from each time period. As the Ginger/Traci era came to a close, there was a whole crop of short lived, hot porn sluts to light up the blue screen. Many of the best fell into that second tier of talent and many of these B girls are in the forth Talk Dirty video. Picking up on the mermaid theme made popular by Traci Lords in number three, director Ned Morehead picked a young Tajia Rae to fill Traci’s considerable bustier. Ms. Rae plays the leader of a tribe of Mermaids forced to return home and running out of time to make it back.

John Leslie is up to his old tricks, and the smooth talking Jack. The first target of his wicked tongue is none other than Shanna McCullough. (Quick, go back 11 years and tell me which of these legends you would have thought would still be in front of the camera today.) A somewhat thinner Shanna is nonetheless cock starved as she fishes Jack’s cock from his jeans and bathes it balls to head with her tongue. She displays a great talent for talking dirty as well, which is always good to hear. Jack still proves that he is up the task of filling her red maned love taco. (Red maned love taco? Please.) Doggie works best for Shanna’s pleasure and for the viewing audience as well, giving a great profile of her fine, if somewhat tanning impaired body. She proves to be nothing short of a blistering fuck and even sucks him to a drippy facial cum shot. Shanna, you were a Goddess then and you are a Goddess now.

Leaving Jack in charge of her place, Shanna takes off. Not a good idea considering how quickly he moves all of his friends in to mooch off the place. In the middle of a party, Tajia tracks down Jack and enlists his help in rounding up some stray Mermaids. While they start their search, Jack’s buddy Joey Silvera gets up close and personal with cleaning woman Nikki Randall. The very skinny Ms. Randall went on to a rather decent career as a second level star, thanks in part to her seemingly endless need to fuck and suck. Pretty standard 80’s fuck scene here, three positions and a jerk off on the tits pop shot as bad syntho-pop blares in the background.

The Mermaid Jack has to hunt down is not that hard to find. In fact, she is working in the restaurant where Tajia takes him for sushi. Rarely used Vanessa D’Oro plays the wayward half fish and she looks simply stunning. Jack slips into the back room where he slips the perfectly proportioned brunette out of her kimono and onto the floor so she can suck his cock. If you are one of the unfortunate many who never got to see Vanessa, you really should watch this scene and see what everyone is always crowing about. Her smoldering eyes light up the screen as she inhales Leslie’s tubesteak, preparing it for the lovely trip inside her. Fantastic footage here as she makes a ritual of slicking up her perfect chest for some tit fucking. Nice handjob onto that incredible rack as well and Vanessa squeezes every drop out before rubbing the goo into her tits. A Goddess in action, nothing less.

The sexy Mermaid is not thrilled about going back home with Jack, and it appears as if he might actually fail in his mission. Back at the house, Joey is still partying, this time with busty Lisa Melendez and beautiful Kimberly Carson. Talk about your hot brunette sandwich. Things move a little too fast for my taste, so we miss out on a Carson blowjob, which was always a treat. (Did any woman of her era suck sock with as much joy as Kim?) Good job by the director in his selection of positions. Lisa shows off her big, all natural titties in some RC while Kimberly turns her fine behind skyward to take it like a dog. While she gets boned, Kim keeps Lisa occupied by sucking her clit until the busty girl cums as loudly as Kimmie herself. Finally, taking advantage of another great set of soft, big breasts, Joey fucks Lisa’s tits while Kimberly watches and helps rub his load into her deep cleavage. Very nice.

A worn out Jack just wants to get some sleep, but when he returns home, he finds Kristara Barrington now snacking on Lisa’s monster boobs. This is the sort of show that you stay up for, you know what I mean? Kristara, who never did a bad scene, looks so perfectly turned on here as she and Lisa take turns treating each other to tongue baths. All due respect to Mimi and Asia, but Kristara is, was and always will be the Asian queen of porn.

Before the Mermaids all shove off, Jack gets his turn with sexy Tajia. She was not always a fireball, but on those occasions when she was into her work, she was a wild, boisterous fuck with a wonderful set of real breasts. Not a lot of oral, but plenty of fucking here, especially nice to see her riding him while her tits shake in Jack’s face. Very fine. Tajia never was much for a facial, so she takes it on her ass, closing out the sexual action.

Another adventure ends and Jack lives happily ever after. This video actually features three of the best set of good sized tits in the business. Lisa Melendez, Vanessa D’Oro and Tajia Rae should have hooter fans creaming in their jeans. Kim Carson is my personal favorite reason for watching this movie, with Kristara Barrington in only a girl girl scene, but still looking hot. A good view with some of the best B girls in the biz.

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