Private Stories 27


73 Mins.
Private- 1997
STARS: Regina, Angelika, Christina Dark, Maria, Miluska, Silvie, Vanda, Alain Deloin, David Perry, Frank Versace, HPG, John Walton, Kris Newz, Marino Franchi, Philippe Dean and Philippe Soine.
THEMES: Three Ways, Facials, Euro-babes.
I have never been able to find a consistent difference between the Triple X series and Private Stories. However, the fact that they are so much alike is more a reason to celebrate than to bitch. The women are beautiful, the sex is fast and furious and you always know anal and facials will be top priority. Also, one of the best changes to the Private line is the voice over introductions at the start of each tape and again at the beginning of the scenes. It helps identify the women to let us know who we are fantasizing about.
Silvie Saint gets things rolling in the first scene as the center of attention in a torrid three way. Don’t blink, or you will miss the start of the action. Silvie doesn’t even take the time to get her clothes off before dropping her face into the lap of the first lucky fellow. Both guys are hard and ready in no time, so Silvie does a little lap riding while keeping her mouth stuffed with dick. Like most of her European colleagues, Silvie is as energetic as she is gorgeous, bouncing up and down on cock like the heads on this little bobbing head baseball dolls. American porn beauties really should take a lesson from the likes of this gorgeous blonde, who is equally excited about sliding her ass down onto some pole for some rough and tumble anal sex. Watching her take a DP and a pair of sticky facials makes me want to grab everything Silvie is in and watch it right away.
Vanda likes to spend her days shooting pool in an all too short mini skirt. While this may not be the best way to win the game, it sure gets the attention of the two guys she is shooting with. In no time the guys catch on to the fact that the lovely brunette is looking more for eight inches than eight ball. With her top off, Vanda shows the easy access her skirt provides, lifting up to her waist before bending over to start sucking. Guys who love their women partially clothed, must just cream over Private tapes, since they nearly always leave the women with shoes and at least some portion of their outfits on as the girls get fucked mad. Much of the scene has Vanda taking a lengthy, on her side, anal spooning while taking a long cock deep into her lovely mouth. Short, but hot DP and slow motion double cumshots round out this scene. Vanda is yet another Private girl I am dying to see star in many more videos.
Adding a little bit to the normal formula, Regina and Angelika are busty babes from another planet who come down to light up the lives of a pair of horny guys. The blonde visitors make themselves right at home, feasting on some fine earthling cock. Think anyone bothered to check their intergalactic green cards? Wow, twin, tall, busty blonde aliens who come down to earth, suck like hose beasts and fuck like rabbits in heat. What would Mulder think of this one? Who the hell cares, I just love watching these two get slam fucked into the next galaxy. There is no shortage of anal in this double scene and the twin facials are well times and nicely captured. The truth may or may not be out there, but according to this vignette, the pussy defiantly is out there.
Maria is a very sexy cheating wife who loves sex so much she just can’t stay faithful. This girl has just the look I love, curvaceous, all natural body, cute, cropped hair that shows off her face and a cock hungry attitude that can’t be stopped. Once she hops up on his cock and starts grinding up and down, it looks like the only way Maria is going stop is to pass out from pleasure. Right in the middle of her frantic fucking, Maria’s husband comes home. Rather than be pissed at her, he figures since she is already warmed up, he might as well hop in and join the in the reindeer games. Now we get plenty of footage of this lovely lady sucking cock while her pussy get slammed from all angles. She also takes a great assfucking, with lots of close ups and one of the best facial frostings I have seen in a while. My kind of woman!
Christina is a hot and ready dancer who knows how to tease her customers. She also knows how to deliver more than tease when she comes over for a lap dance. The busty brunette gets right down on her knees to get a pair of studs hard and ready to fuck her. They repay her oral generosity by pumping her fore and aft with hard shaft. Her hip action in reverse cowgirl makes those big tits shake about on her chest like soft, ripe melons. Love those real breasts. Like all Private girls, and like all strippers in our fantasies, Christina also loves the feel and taste of a good facial cumshot, lapping up the double dose of jizz and smearing it all over her lips. Dirty dancing indeed.
Miluska stars in the final go round, at the center of a little B&D action. The trouble is, no matter how hard the guys give it to her, Miluska seems to want more. This brunette is a little skinny and not nearly as attractive as the rest of the cast, but she fucks like fire and that always has appeal. In a tape filled with scorching three ways however, this one just doesn’t have the spark the rest of them do.
This tape is filled with three ways. Five of the six scenes are two guys fucking on hot girl. If this is your idea of perfect sex, then this is the only tape you will ever need. Maria and Silvie are the best of the bunch for me, but feel free to take you pick. The girls are all up to Private standards, great looking, natural tits, anal facials. Everything a good porn hound wants to see. You know what you’re getting with this, as any Private tape, so what are you waiting for, go get it?

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