California Student Bodies 2


86 Mins.
Xplor- 1997
STARS: Samantha, Rebekah, Macauley, Miori, Yasmine.
THEMES: Tease, Solo, College Girls, Real Tits.
Oh yes, California Coeds. Are there any finer women on the planet than the host of young hotties who patrol the hallways of higher education in the most beautiful state in this great nation. All right, so I’m in my homer mood just a tad. (Hey, watch it I said homER.) Still, the last tape in this series was filled with some fine looking bods straight off campus and into our living rooms. It’s high on tease, cute girls, real tits and solo action, all of which I like, so I was pretty stoked to see part two on the shelf.
First up is Rebekah, a barely eighteen year old English girl who comes to SoCal via the East Coast. I like the cute haircut on this surprisingly calm blonde. Her boyfriend James is scheduled to join her, but she starts out on her own. Remember those real tits I was talking about? Well, Rebekah has a tremendous chest, with nipples that are simply out of this world. When James arrives, they both have that deer in the headlights look at first, but once she plants a big kiss on him, things just start to flow. It can be tricky for first time guys to forget the camera, but James gets credit for getting hard nearly instantly once Rebekah gets her lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. He’s average size, but that just makes it easier for her to handle. The look of genuine desire in her eyes as she watches James roll a condom onto his cock is fantastic. These two really want each other. She sits right down on that dick and lets James thrust up into her tight pussy, making those perfect tits shake and bounce SO invitingly. Things do get a little quite while he fucks her firm behind, but you have to forgive Rebekah a bit since it is her first time. James closes things off with a very healthy does of protein all over that incredible chest. If you like well built, cute new girls, Rebekah will have you screaming for more.
Miori is also eighteen and this lovely Asian has a good on camera sense. She is quite at home during the interview which is a nice change. There is a bit of nervousness when it comes time to start getting undressed. Fans of small tits will like Miori as she has none to speak of. At 5-7, she is a bit tall for this thin build, but quite sexy. She has an amazing sense of grace on camera which is totally cool in such a newbie. After some sexy posing, including nice close ups of her tight pussy spread open for the camera, Miori gives a dildo a try for the first time in her life. She seems a bit surprised at its size, but soon has that whole thing up inside her and is going like a champ.
Next up is Macauley, a nineteen year old blonde with C cup breasts that defy her tiny 5-2 frame. Her poses look damn sexy. (Wish I could get my hands on some of the stills.) Eventually, the posing turns to a gentle bit of finger exploration between her spread thighs and over those wonderful breasts. Mac sure doesn’t seem to have any problem showing us how she gets off when there is no man around to put out her fires. Very natural looking, and quite hot bit of manual stimulation. The dildo comes into play again, and Macauley gets even more excited pumping her plush pussy plum full of plastic prick. Damn, stabs that hard would make OJ proud girl. Seriously, dildo scene lovers will have a great time watching this busty blonde bang the hell out of herself with this fat toy.
Another eighteen year old ethnic beauty graces the screen as Samantha, a thin Mexican girl with gorgeous hair and a face to die for. Her posing is perfect tease footage, as she slowly works her panties down over an incredible backside. All I can think about while I’m watching her slowly disrobe is how much I would love to see her in a full scene. This is the kind of girl who breaks dozens of hearts on campus every day. What a looker.
Yasmine is the last girl in this tape, and the oldest. At twenty two, she is nearly ancient, but this Thai/Hawaiian girl is plenty cute and sports a pair of nipples that have to make her the most popular girl on campus. She is really shy so it’s just posing, but what a body to stare at.
Once again, this tape brings us a handful of fresh faced girls you won’t be seeing anywhere else. (Although in some cases, we should see more of them.) There is only one boy/girl scene and it happens to be with a very sexy woman. The rest is solo action and tease. If you like looking at sexy young women stripping for the camera, and occasionally playing with dildos, then this is a great tape for you. I loved busty blondes Rebekah and Macauley. Slim Miori was a big surprise considering how vigorously she fucked herself. Yasmine and Samantha are both so pretty you can hardly believe they would be in a tape like this. In all, pretty well shot and a nice piece of mostly tease/solo.

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