Private Gaia 4: Italian Legacy



86 Mins.

Private- 1997

DIR: Chrisophe Clarke

STARS: Dolores, Marietta, Mercedes, Monika, Silvie, Vivian, Andrew Nobili, David Perry, Ian Daniels, Jean-Yves Le Castel, and Jonathan Morgan.

THEMES: Euro-babes, Video Sex



I admit, this is the first time I have watched one of the Gaia tapes from Private. A quick look at the chromes and the first few minutes tell me pretty much what I expected, that the women, the production values and the sex are all top notch. Like the Private Gold series, there seems to be a pretty well though out plot in this well shot erotic film.

We start as a wealthy Italian man drops dead. When the police arrive, they find a tape of the deceased enjoying the fruits of his housekeeper, the lovely Viviann. The two cops decide they want a taste as well and rush through a rather below average three way, ending with a decent double facial.

The man apparently had two sons in America, Jonathan Morgan and Ian Daniels, and the boys come home to claim their inheritance. The money leads to problems as the brothers are split on what to do. Jonathan wants to take all the money and invest, while Ian sees the great ‘chick’ potential of their father’s lavish toys. His idea pays quick dividends as Ian bags the clerk from the law office for a little pre date boffing in a hotel room. The sexy blonde, Silvie is ready to be fucked and Ian can’t wait to give it to her. OK, I know I am only two scenes into my first Gaia video, but why the super fast paced scenes? Can’t we slow down a little and enjoy some of what the participants have to offer? Silvie is very well put together and fucks with all the fire you expect from the Private girls, right up to and including a great blowjob that ends with her licking cum from the tip of Ian’s cock.

When Silvie returns to work, her boss is displeased that she vanished. Her punishment? Why she has to suck his cock of course. Too bad for her, but great for us as we get to watch her give some super head for a second time in less than five minutes. For some reason, the boss rushes her up onto her feet and bends her over the desk. Oh, that’s the reason, he wants to fuck his blonde secretary right in her ass. Even this is very brief, but she does jerk him off onto the desktop for a rare pure handjob finish. Facial guys, never fear, Silvie licks the cum off the desk satisfying the oral and manual guys.

Straight laced Jonathan finds his resolve disappearing quickly as he watches a sexy floorshow and get shitfaced at the table with sexy Mercedes. Funny, he doesn’t seem quite so uptight as she sucks him off at that table. It’s a quick, but very sexy scene with the brunette’s fingers never leaving her pussy as her mouth milks a load of jizz from Jonathan onto her tits.

Things haven’t changed totally for Jonathan. While is talking to the lawyer, brother Ian is busy with a pair of hotties, Dolores and Monika. He pops on a tape, thinking it’s a normal film, only to find some hot X rated action. That gets the girls going. With the girls eager to please, and wild for cock, it’s no wonder he has such a big grin on his face. Once again, the action is rushed, but everything we looks great as Ian really pounds the pork to these two Euro-bims. They let him jerk himself off, but are quick to move in and lap up every drop of jizz he spills.

Dolores is back for another quickie scene with some other guy. You know, by now, I am willing to say that all of the sex in this tape is just too fast paced for my taste. I don’t mind plots like this, in fact I like them, but they usually require the you spread the story out over a couple of tapes. When you don’t we end up with these sort of hurried sex scenes that I don’t think do justice to the women Private had fucking for them. I do like the jerk off onto the table trick again. Very nice.

Now it is Jonathan’s turn to see the tape, and while he is watching Viviann got to town on screen, she walks in. Rather than be offended by his exposed member, she offers to help him with it. They quickly get right down to the good stuff, with Morgan mounting her from behind and nearly putting her head through the wall as he pounds away. Less than three minutes later, Viv strokes his load out on to his stomach where she can easily lick it up. (I am sensing a pattern here.)

We move forward a few months to find Ian frantically looking through all the tapes that have been left for them. He finds one of the night Jonathan spent with Viviann and they finally both seem to be on the same page. A huge part is the only way to celebrate. This naturally becomes a total sexual free for all in no time. You all know how I feel about group scenes by now. Scattering my attention is not the way to get me to take notice. Good thing Silvie is part of this gang bang, giving another of her amazing blowjobs, or I might have just tuned out all together. The sex is well shot, and for the most part hot, but it was just too frantic for my taste. The underwater blowjob did catch my attention, but it gets cut away from so quickly, I didn’t have time to enjoy it. Ditto that with all that is good in this final group grope.

Silvie (Silvia Saint from my recent Voyeur 9 video) is the single reason to watch this video. She is an incredibly hot lady. For the rest, I can say that they are fine. Nothing spectacular, but that may be in part because I expect so much from Private girls. The plot actually gets in the way a bit here, trying to do too much with too little time. Good video, better than most you will see, but if you have a choice, try another Private series, at least until this one proves it can stand with the rest.

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