Cafe Flesh 2


131 Mins.
VCA- 1997
DIR: Antonia Passolini.
STARS: Jeanna Fine, Stacy Valentine, Rebecca Lord, Raylene, Mustang Sally Layd, Vince Voyeur, Alec Metro, Brian Surewood, Billy Glide, Dave Hardman, John Decker, Tony Tedeschi, Simon Delo, Veronica Hart, Kitten Natavitadad.
THEMES: Future Sex, Costumes, High Production Values.
Certain adult videos come out and instantly critics far and wide fall over ourselves to praise. Directors like John Leslie, Michael Ninn, Andrew Blake and a select few others seem to make a habit out shooting this kind of movie. In an adult video world dominated by plotless, wall to wall gonzo fests with no characters (Which I often love by the way.) something with imagination, originality and God forbid, better than average production values is a treat to watch.
Our story begins deep underground, in the sewers beneath New Vegas. It is a dark time for humanity and even darker for sexuality. After the third World War, most of the survivors were void of all emotions, passion and lust. Only a handful of ‘positives’ were able to do the deed, and did so in clubs for the entertainment of the ‘negatives.’ Soon, even they vanished and the world toiled on, void of intimate contact. Then, from deep within the earth, a solution is found. Of course, before our hero can dig up the cure, he recalls a fond memory he had from his days visiting the Caf� Flesh. One of his favorite performers was the incredible Rebecca Lord. Ms. Lord, looking lovely as ever, plays the part of a very happy hooker who loves everything about her job except fucking the mimes. Cue a pair of white faced silent stooges, John Decker and Tony Tedeschi, who allow Rebecca to prove that she really loves even this bizarre behavior. You know, regardless of who is filming, Rebecca with a dick in her mouth is going to look incredible. The mimes make sure that the pretty lips at both ends stay filled at all times as they put on quite a show for their sex deprived audience. Since I have always had a thing for Rebecca’s legs, I particularly love the from behind, standing slam Tony gives her. Beautiful stuff. In the end, her lovely body is covered breasts to pussy in mime jizz. Shows this hot might even make the nuclear winter seem tolerable.
Another person with dreams of Caf� Flesh is Jeanna Fine. She is looking to reopen the legendary sex club and has sent messages far and wide to find positives to perform. Jeanna gets lost in her own fantasy world. Clad in a leather and latex outfit Jeanna is hotter than the blowtorch in her hands as she goes to work on her clearly ‘positive’ dream man. Wonderful art direction here as they go down on each other in a set that can only be described as part George Orwell, part Trent Reznor. Of course, the set means nothing once you catch a glimpse of Jeanna gobbling knob. Just watching her tease the head of his cock is enough to heat up the entire room. It seems to get him just riled up enough to bend her over and fuck the living shit out of the adult film legend. Wise choice as the director lets the industrial noise die down just enough near the end to hear Ms. Fine let out a wonderful stream of hot talk as she gets slammed. Great facial as Jeanna holds her tongue out and never even flinches as her man shoots a very impressive stream of hot cum right into her mouth. Wow!
Jeanna finds out what was found underground, frozen bodies from the 1970’s. (Oh God, imagine the fashions.) Seeing the possibilities for the club, Jeanna decides to go borrow the money from a powerful figure. (I won’t give it away, but this is a great twist.) With the funding secured, Jeanna is able to collect her star attraction, a rather freaked out Stacy Valentine.
The club opens and Jeanna’s mind again wanders back to what things must have been like when the club was first open. A trio of out of time performers take the crowd back to a way too hip 60’s scene with Mustang Sally Layd taking a couple of guy’s minds off their martinis long enough to get a look at her long legs and monster mams. You know, it would take more than nuclear war or biological warfare to wipe the sex drive from this cock hungry hose monster. Sally takes a killer boning is her shaved pussy, then show us that her ass is still incredibly tight as she takes a fat cock up her back road. She looks likes she is trying to single handedly fuck for all the people who can no longer do the deed. Wicked DP action follows with Sally moaning as her ass gets drilled. To top it off, Sally gulps down two very sizable loads of jizz.
Realizing that she has a star on her hands, Jeanna has to make sure her Farrah look a like is as talented as she is hot. To test her skills, she has Stacy give Vince Voyeur’s cock a once over. Stacy smiles into the camera, looking so much like the old ‘Charlie’s Angels’ poster I had on my wall as a kid it hurts, and claims she’s never sucked cock before. “I’ve always been such a good girl.” She giggles just before we cut to a shot of her with Vince’s stiff prick in her mouth. One look at this blonde on her knees has Jeanna smiling and dreaming of big cash. Funny the same sight has me smiling and dreaming of getting sucked off by this talented rising star. It was supposed to be a dry run, but Vince can’t hold out and gives Stacy a very wet facial creaming. Brilliant work here as we linger for a long time on Stacy sucking and licking up every last drop of goo.
Set to be a star, Stacy is trapped in her own dreams and desires. I guess being frozen for a few decades, being thawed out, told that humanity is nearly extinct and that you are to be the center of a sex show, might play a little with one’s sense of stability. She misses the man she loved long ago and longs for his touch. What’s bad for Stacy’s mental heath, is sure good for our eyes as she eases her pain with a rousing sex scene. T.T. Boy provides the cock for Ms. Valentine’s fantasy fuck, and it is quite the spirited coupling. Watch out Jenna, Stacy looks like just the kind of blonde, chesty, fresh faced fuck fiend that you were not that long ago. Another nice facial to cap things off here.
Raylene strolls in with her ‘neggy’ boyfriend who has to watch as his gorgeous girlfriend gets put through an intense tryout. Playing topless matador opposite a well hung, and horny man-bull, Raylene struts her stuff for the crowd. She tames him faster than you can say Cinco De Mayo. All it takes is her mouth wrapped around his special horn and the bull is quite the contented creature. Raylene is an amazing woman, with the sort of looks, body and sex drive that spell super star in the making. Tons of latex in this scene, so those of you who really like it will want to tune in to have your fetish buttons pushed. For the rest of us, the sex is more than reason enough to watch with delight. The slo-mo popshot falls a bit short, as the guy drips down onto her tits instead of hosing her face, but still a very nice effort.
Overcome with warm fuzzy feelings for Stacy, Vince snags her and takes off, leaving the sex club behind. She is touched by his devotion and decides there is no time like the present to lose her cherry. Considering it means another full fuck from Stacy, I have to agree with her on this one. This time, she can work nearly all of his cock down her throat before bending over for that magical moment. Don’t look for a gentle devirginization though, Vince gives her everything he’s got. The long, standing doggy gives us a great shot of her ass, while the equally long table top, semi mish shows off her long legs. Fact is, Stacy looks great, head to toe so any position is going to look pretty damn good. What would any Farrah looking virgin do to please her man? Why take it in the ass of course. Vince puts her on her side and takes a condom covered trip up Ms. Valentine’s backroad to ecstasy. The tight grip builds up a very big load that Vince promptly deposits right on her smiling face.
Opening night is a disaster for Jeanna. Not only have her star couple flown the coupe, but now Raylene won’t go on since her boyfriend has vanished. He is out on the street getting the low down from the original owner of Caf� Flesh. (Great non sex performance from Veronica Hart.) Luckily, she has some magic in her bag that helps turns neggies into possies. Not only does this unite the couple, but it saves the club by setting the stage for a quick wedding and a public consummation. Raylene was great in her matador scene, but here she fucks with the total desire befitting her character. Once she gets a taste of his hard cock, there is not looking back. She has to have it in her mouth, pussy and finally her ass. I am amazed at the huge strides this gorgeous woman has taken since her first on screen appearance. She is incredible here, matching him stroke for stroke with fierce fornicating. His big wad of cum all over her belly signals the end of the show, but the beginning of a wonderful relationship.
Go ahead and pencil this film in for a handful of nominations. The art direction is fantastic, the sets brilliant, editing, lighting and even, I kid you not, the script are top notch. The sex is equally impressive. Stacy Valentine and Raylene will be battling it out for best new starlet this year and this video will serve as a good example of both of them in action. Jeanna Fine and Rebecca Lord both give great single performances. Jeanna also does another great job with her dialog, proving she can act nearly as well as she can suck cock. The sex is hot enough for the raincoaters, the technical stuff works for the film buffs, there is enough story for adventurous couples. In short, get this tape, you will be very glad you did.

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