Private Stories 26


87 Mins.
Private- 1997
STARS: Marriam, Margot, Beata, Celia, Magella, Nicolette, Vivienne, Christophe Clark, Richard Langin & Philippe Soine.
THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Threeways, Sex in the shower.
You know, with all of my gushing over Seymore, Buttman, Leslie, Ninn and other directors who make the kind of porn I love, there are still no better tapes on the market for just hot sex and gorgeous women than the ones Private brings us every month. It seems like they grow the young, gorgeous women on trees. Come on, you know the drill with the Private Stories series. Great scenes, with little set up, pretty women going apeshit for any cock that comes near them. What more could the satisfied stroker need? (I know that my critics love when I do Private reviews since my opens are so much shorter.)
Marriam is quite a fetching brunette with a neighbor who makes a habit of watching her through the keyhole. When he sees her entertaining a guest in a most special way he can’t resist whipping out his cock and stroking it. When that is not enough, he takes a chance and invites himself in. Marriam, luckily, is the kind of girl who likes a cock in her mouth while another one stuffs her bald beaver. With a pair of pricks to keep her cock-upied, the sexy little thing turns her passion into high gear. When a cock in her mouth and one in her ass is not enough, the guys roll her over and keep both her tight holes stuffed with dick until they all explode in a cum drenched climax, leaving Marriam wears a jizz mask on her grinning face.
Margot is another Private girl who likes her cock two at a time. The action moves outdoors for this three way with the lovely cock swallower. Their dicks are too thick for her to take them very deep, so Margot makes up for it by working very hard on the heads of their cocks. Considering how eager she is to fuck, I think the guys can forgive her this ‘shortcoming.’ Once again the fuck/suck session moves through a number of positions, showing off her body from all angles while the guys keep her busy. With a lot of hand action, she jerks the first guy off on her face while the other sprays her slit with slime. (Damn, slow motion cum shots. Will this disease never end?)
Beata is an award winning Private girl and she joins one of her girlfriends to help entertain a pair of horny guys. In record time, and to the detriment of the oral footage, the girls mount their respective studs and start riding hard and fast. It’s pretty easy to see why Beata won so many awards, and her friend is no slouch either. Both of them take cock deep in their wet pussies and scream for more. Nice scene, but a little to rushed for me, I want more time to enjoy Beata’s hot body.
Celia is married to a guy who loves his car. He takes care if it and dreams of four wheeled glory. While he is spending all that time washing and waxing his auto, poor Celia is being neglected. It takes an insane amount of time to tear him away. (Considering the tight body and cute face on this exotic brunette, anything more than two seconds would be considered insane.) Funny how a few moment with her kneeling to suck his cock has all visions of V8s gone, replaced by more erotic notions. This time, the blowjob is long, well shot and very well delivered by the sexy creature. When he can take it no longer, her man bends Celia over the hood of his car and slam fucks her from behind. To say that she loves it would be an incredible understatement. Needing more maneuverability, the couple moves to the back yard for a deck chair, poolside fuck. You know, I am beginning to think all that car stuff was just to convince Celia that she had to work harder to please her man. She sucks his cock back to throbbing readiness before mounting it for maximum pussy pleasure. Wanting to take charge again, he puts her on her hands and knees and slides his cock up her tight ass. No shortage of buttfucking action here, with lots of nice close ups as well as some longer shots showing off that great body. He rewards her with a spray of jizz right in her waiting mouth.
Magella is a long legged blonde who brings a bottle of champagne into the shower for she and her boyfriend to share. He bathes her lingerie clad body in the bubbly and thoroughly enjoys licking her clean. In return for the tongue bath and spirited anal finger fuck, this attractive blonde uses great tongue action in a very nice blowjob. It ends a bit too quickly, but watching her get fucked from behind is a nice sight indeed. The tight confines force the couple to get a bit creative. He picks her Magella up and lets her weight drive her juicy slit down onto his prick. This is easily the best footage in this scene. Magella presents her own position when she gets down doggy style, presenting her fine ass for his cock. Super anal footage in this position as well as some well shot anal spooning. She finishes off by opening wide for a very messy facial finish. Great stuff.
Vivienne and Nicolette share a fat cock generously donated by Elone. The two lovely ladies are busy folding uniforms in the factory when the spy the cute delivery guy and decide to take a little break for the grind. Any guy who is lucky enough to share these two eager mouths is one lucky fucker indeed, and Elone seems quite grateful for the wet pleasures they provide. His only rough decision here is which girl to fuck first. Either way, he is guaranteed, a tight pussy, and of course, he gets into both of them before long. Blond, Nicolette is my personal fave here, but Vivienne, with her auburn locks and perfect, handful breasts is fantastic as well. My girl has smaller breasts but a fantastic ass. Too bad neither of them open up for any anal action. The cumshot is good and bad. Great in the fact that he spews a massive amount of jizz all of their faces. Not so great, in that the slo-mo is in effect again.
You always know what you are getting with Private and this video delivers more often than not. The women are all attractive, with a few of them being quite memorable. Margot and Celia both do great scenes that are not to be missed. The slo-mo pop shots are not a good thing, but it’s still well worth a look.

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