Private Gold 24: Operation Sex Siege



117 Mins.

Private- 1997

DIR: Nic Cramer

STARS: Andy, Anna Balog, Clarisse, Danielle-La, Dina Jewel, Elvis, Lox, Eva Tyson, Gloria Green, Holly Black, Ivette, Ivy Crystal, Jenny, Jessica Road, Karen, Katalin, Kristina, Ammilia, Monika, Nicolette, Orsolya, Roxy, Sonia Sophien, Stefanny Foster, Susan, Susanna, Tunde, Victoria, Vivian, Vivienne, Alex Mantegna, Andrew Youngman, Attila Dori, Claudio Meloni, Christ De May, Elone, Francesco Malcom, Jack Slater, Jean Fourne, Rodolph Antrim, Zenza Raggi and Zolton Hess.

THEMES: Big Budget, Story, Anal Sex, Group Sex.



When they are not putting together the most consistently hot all sex videos, the folks at Private are putting to rest the notion that adult features are dead. The high budget world of Private Gold includes all of the incredibly beautiful women and hot sex of the wall to wall stuff, but with some plot, filmatic elements and usually some really cool explosions. I can’t think of any big US companies making plot driven porn with the sort of high action and hot sex that this series of films has provided.

From the ominous opening scene, Director Nic Cramer seems to be telling us that this is going to be an adult action film like no other. The early plot twists are a bit complex, and I know everyone wants to hear about the action, so I will skip forward a bit. The phrase “Remember Paris?” uttered by Dina Pearl, has Zenza Ragi remember back to hotel room with the sexy redhead. She may be a trained killer, but Dina really works best with a cock in her mouth. Her body is really incredible, with fantastic breasts, a tight, juicy pussy and legs to die for. Zenza does his best to keep up with her, filling her pussy with cock from every angel before jerking a load onto fist for her to happily lap up. No wonder he remembers Paris.

Basically at this point in the film, Dina is putting together a strike force for a big job. This brings her in contact with some unsavory characters and lets Cramer dazzle us with a montage of guns and explosions. This takes a long time, but the overall set up is worth any non stroke time it may cause. With the team on board their target ship, things kick into high gear, in more ways than one.

Dina goes to work, seducing a pair of horny workers in record time. They promise to help her find the captain in exchange for a closer look at what she has under her clothes. Let me tell you, that shaved box is worth deserting your post for. The way she strokes, it’s no wonder both guys are already hard when the lovely lady drops to her knees to give them the loving attention of her talented mouth. Really nice low angle shots of a standing fuck while Dina sucks the larger of the two pricks, showing off both her shaved pussy and her hot oral skills. She has a great on camera presence, locking her gaze into the lens even as she gets slam fucked and swallows cock, very nice touch. In the end, she keeps up the favorite of my Private girl traditions, taking a pair of sticky loads all over her lovely face.

Elsewhere on the boat, another worker is overcome with lust for a trio of sunbathing cuties. Orsolya is a blonde in little pigtails, her friend Clarisse is an even cuter tailed brunette and Jessica Road is a redhead to round out this tempting trio. They take turns impressing him on their knees, and for my money Clarisse looks the best with a cock in her mouth. After his baton has been passed to each girl in this blowjob relay, Jessica gets the first shot at fucking the buff stud. Orsolya goes next, and her shaved slit can barely handle his thick cock. He must like it in there, since he keep on fucking her until he explodes a load all over her flat belly. Nice, but I would have liked to have seen Clarisse get poked as well.

Though the net is closing in on the mark, he seems oblivious. Of course, that might have a lot to do with the four girl show put on for his benefit. With the help of a friend, he soon is very busy keeping Roxy, Nicolette, Vivienne and E. Faulk busy. (God, I love the chromes that come with Private screeners. At long last I can put names with the lovely faces.) Each guy gets to party with a pair of lovely women and absolute sexual bedlam ensues. It’s hard to keep track of who exactly is doing what to whom, but suffice it to say that all four women are worth looking at and are sexual dynamos. Lots of pussy to mouth shots, some brief but hot anal and of course, a couple of shared facial shots that the girls lap up like sweet cream.

At last, the trap is sprung and Dina’s team makes their move. All seems well, but in an action movie, nothing is as easy as it looks. One of the key members of the team lets himself fall prey to the old, two hot babes with shaved pussies and eager asses, trap. We get another rousing Private three way, with a little bit of girl on girl action to go along with the hardcore cock craving. Too bad, the potentially brilliant shared facial is messed up by slow motion.

There are two very pesky flies in the ointment on board, and they make things rough for Dina and company. (I won’t give everything away, after all, there is a plot here.) There are some nifty fight scenes, a gun battle or two, but eventually the female half of the team, Ivy Crystal, gets nabbed and ends up being held in Zenza’s room. While she starts to work on him with a killer tease show, the rest of the kidnappers have decided to have a little fun with Orsolya. She doesn’t need much prodding to start serving the male/female team of terrorists who put her mouth and pussy to good use. Dina likes the idea and soon the whole room is wall to wall with fornicating folk. Again, the action is fast and furious, but the fabulous RCA by cute little Orsolya is not to be missed. Zenza is working more slowly but he eventually gets around to putter Ivy’s full lips to good use. This woman is truly beautiful, with a stunning face and thin, tight body that looks just too delicious as he bends her over his desk and drives deep. We keep switching back and forth between the scenes and as the orgy explodes, Ivy lowers her ass down on Zenza’s cock, taking him deep in her backdoor. It’s a brief but well captured butt boff before Ivy jerks a big load of cum all over her pretty face.

Does she escape? Do the terrorist win? Exactly who are the good guys? Who cares, there is some great gun play, a killer cat fight and a kick ass death scene. This film is an incredible piece of work. Nic Cramer should be exceptionally proud of the movie he has created. The cast and budget are huge, the action sequences second to none. I know, what about the sex? Well, when Dina Pearl is involved, it is everything you would expect from a Private film. She is nothing short of amazing. Ivy Crystal gives a very nice anal scene, and Orsolya is a very cute new girl I can’t wait to see more of. For me, there is a bit too much group sex action, preventing me from enjoying one on one camera time with my favorite cuties. All in all, an impressive film with well above average sex, a winner.

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