Vivid Raw 2



83 Mins.

Vivid – 1996

DIR: JB & Marc Wallace.

STARS: Kobi Tai, Kim Chi, Papillon, Nick East, Bobby Vitalie, Mitchell Gant, China Lee, Don Fernando, Becca Chow.

THEMES: Asian Women, Anal Sex.



Billed as “All Asian. All Anal”, the box for this tape screams ‘Rent me’. Three stunning pictures of the painfully beautiful Kobi Tai beckon fans of backdoor sex to gaze lustfully at the perfect sex doll getting her ass stuffed. (By the way, for those of you looking for MORE reason to watch it, tough shit, Kobi is enough for me, so here endeth the open.)

Kobi is up first, being interviewed by Marc Wallace. Although the sound is a bit messed up, the question and answer period is quite revealing, with the very lovely Ms. Tai coming across as sweet, genuine and very personable. The end result of the interview is that Kobi has a thing for Alex Sanders. As luck would have it, he happens to be there and we get to see her work out that fantasy for us to watch. She crawls on top of Alex and slides her thin body all over his before wiggling her way down between his legs to Kobi is one of those women who really takes an active role in oral sex, doing more than just shoving prick in her mouth, she uses everything she has to make sure her man remembers this blowjob forever. When Alex returns the favor, Kobi can hardly lie still. From the looks of things, her pussy is as sensitive as is it mouthwatering. She is a little too thin for my tastes, but don’t go thinking Ms. Tai is frail. From the very beginning, Alex pounds away on her, slam fucking the gorgeous little Asian sex doll and Kobi just loves every second of it. The anal is a bit gentler, but she is every bit as loud while being fucked in her tight ass. As tiny as she is, RCA works fine since Alex can toss her around quite easily. Major props to Kobi for taking a face full of sperm then licking Alex clean, thumbing her cum streaked nose at certain other members of the Vivid family and closing out a very good opening scene.

Becca Chow is up next, and is it me, or is that accent French? Her interview is a little less real, borrowing heavily from the porn cliché ¦ile. Still, she has a nice body, with a great ass. Bobby Vitalli has a good way to end the interview process as he fills Becca’s mouth with his cock. Except for the wig, she really doesn’t look Asian at all, but she does like to suck dick, which is what really matters right? The fucking feels a bit rushed, with Becca taking dick in a quick pair of positions before bending over to take it in the ass. There isn’t even a pop shot to close out the well below average mess of a scene.

China Lee is better looking and based on her past performances, this has to be a hotter hook up. No interview here, just China pushing her stud’s face between her thighs for some serious labe lapping. She loves having her slit sucked as much as I like watching her writhe under a tongue assault. When the roles are reversed, China goes to town on his cock, spitting on it, and abusing his member just the way guys love it. With all the RAME talk about dick size, everyone should get quite a good look at what a woman like China can do with an average sized member. This oral is so good, I almost hate to see his slide home into her wet, shaved slit. At least it’s good footage of the sexy little slut getting the shit fucked out of her and loving every pounding second of it. Knowing that she is ready for anything, the guy shoves his cock right up her ass and gives her long, slow strokes, letting us watch a very tight, gripping ass at work. After giving her all he has, he spews a healthy load all over China’s face. Again, the camera rolls as she smears it all over her mug and laps up the sticky juice. Fucking hot!

Kimi Chi has some trouble with the dialog given her, but when it comes time to start sucking, she is more than capable. Of course, Don Fernando provides the little wienie that finally shuts her up. (I swear, is ended one more sentence with “ya know.” I was going to have to go gang’sta on someone.) Unfortunately, the cocksucking is rushed again and Don rushed through mish and doggy, before penetrating her upturned ass. Nice anal footage here, which saves the scene in a way that the lame facial can’t.

Wow, two really good scenes and two crappy ones, so who do they bring back for a girl/girl pairing? Kimi and Becca. Go figure. It’s supposedly Kimi’s first time with another girl, but she isn’t at all shy around her private parts. Watching a couple of less than attractive, flat chested, girls with annoying accents paw at each other is not exactly my cup of tea. (And am I the only one who thinks Becca looks like a tranny?) If you’re a big fan of lesbian couplings, (Which of course, I am not.) you might like the anal dildo play, but for me it is completely skipable.

Papillon is bit more attractive in spite WAY too much body art. Nick East has a lot of fun tracing the un-inked areas of her body with her tongue. Of course that big ass butterfly on her pussy makes it a little tough to go anywhere on her bod without tasting ink. (OK, enough bagging on overdone tats.) Nick doesn’t need any oral since the taste of her sweet slit has him hard as a rock and ready to slide home. Of course, after a few strokes in her pussy, Papillon wants to put her lips around his dick and show off her talents. Her brief demonstration over, it’s back in the saddle where she rides high and hard on his cock for a while until it’s time for some butt busting. Nothing shy about the way this girl takes dick up her ass, even managing an backdoor orgasm. (Or faking one well.) Nick manages one of his own, pulling out and splashing her mouth A2M with a well aimed load of protein.

The stuff in this video that is good, is very good. Kobi, China and Papillon all give great performances in their scenes. The other two women, in their separate scenes and the combined lesbian hook up are less than watchable. Too bad they couldn’t have dropped these three wastes of tape and given up more of the gorgeous Kobi or the cock hungry China. If you like Asian women, anal sex or lingering shots on sticky facials, pick this tape up. Just be ready to scan past the bad stuff to get to the stunning sights.

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