New And Nasty



117 Mins.
Metro- 1997
DIR: Mike Mitchell
STARS: Christina St. James, Heather Lynn, Marsha, Claudine, Dru Barrymore, Karine, Jeremy, Tim White, Steve Taylor, Kyle Stone, Danny.
THEMES: Sex with Workers, New Girls.
Do new video starlets these days grown on trees? I sure hope not since we open with Kyle Stone cutting down a few. (Come on, I could have done a bush trimming joke, give me a break.) It seems the lady of the house, blonde Christina St. James has more than yard work in mind for her buck. More to her liking is a little taste test of his garden hose. (Oh shit, if this keeps up, Rog’ll be calling her a “Garden Ho”) Ms. St. James is only moderately attractive, but give her an A for effort in her oral exams. She goes after his cock, balls and ass with her probing tongue, really working Kyle into a frenzy. In addition to her thoroughly average face, Christina is a bit big around the middle for a porn star, but I really like her legs. Long, strong and smooth as Kyle moves in from behind to suck her pussy then fill it with throbbing cock. They move into the house for a very spirited coupling. Christina’s heat is definitely greater than her beauty, and this woman does know how to talk dirty. After an incredibly long, rather acrobatic, multi position boff, Kyle pulls out fills Christina’s mouth with a healthy load of cum. The boss lady, greedily sucks it up then cleans off his tool.
Across town, another very lucky fellow gets more than he bargained for while cleaning the pool. A couple of blondes, Heather Lynn and Marsha, get friendly in a lounge chair across the pool. They invite the guy to join in and he proves he has a pulse by agreeing. These two are a little cuter than the last one, and every bit as happy to gobble knob. I am going to guess that the cuter blonde, the one who looks a lot like a young Amber Lynn, is Heather. Whatever her name might be, I am rather impressed with her good looks and active mouth. After a tremendous double blowjob, the girls go in the house, temporarily leaving the stud out in the cold. He can’t watch for too long without wanting to get in the middle of this pile of flesh. Risking making her blonde friend jealous, Marsha gets fucked first. Not to worry, he doesn’t leave the cute girl out of the action for long, filling her with every inch he has from behind while Marsha laps at her clit from below. This Lynn does something Amber never did, she let’s the guy go into her ass for a while before pulling out and firing a rather weak shot on their chins. Being the pool man has never been quite this good.
Claudine is confronted with a huge clean up job in her back yard. The quick thinking redhead is quick to come up with some alternative funding options. It’s amazing how quickly an estimate can be rethought when a warm mouth slips over a guy’s cock. After a short demonstration of her tongue talents, Claudine moves into the house where the countertop serves as the perfect place to cement the deal. Unlike the previous girls, Claudine has a really nice body, great legs, pert, little titties and a shaved, inviting pussy. He takes that invitation and drives into a visibly tight honeypot, bringing deep moans from his petite partner. I’ve got the feeling the from behind, over the counter fuck will inspire of a few of you married guys to give the wife a little of the same treatment. Very good stuff here, especially the low angle anal insertion shot. This guy has a rather small dick, so it’s just right for a long, hard assfuck and Claudine seems very appreciative of his efforts. This time the facial is much better, spraying her eye to tongue with sticky goo.
Oh man, what a disappointment. I figured the next scene had to be Dru Barrymore, and in fact, it is, but not the one from Bruce Seven videos. I was really looking forward to watching her in action, but instead we get an imposter. Still, this Dru is pretty cute, and quite convincing as a horny boss’ daughter intent on getting closer with one of her father’s employees. She is quite the tease and convinces him that losing his job would be a worthwhile price to pay for some horizontal fun with this nasty girl. Her dad may not give him a raise, but having his cock in the mouth of his boss’ daughter sure make his cock rise in a hurry. Dru gives him a painfully slow blowjob that looks great on film but must have had him just dying to cum. Ignoring the demands of his throbbing boner, he gives her a taste of her own medicine, probing her hot pussy with his fingers and tongue until she is just as ready to fuck as he is. Fuck they do, right on daddy’s desk, with his daughter purring happily as her pussy is filled with cock. I like the shots of her big, real tits swaying against the desk as she gets fucked bent over the desk. Finally, Dru spins around to take by far the best cumshot of the video all over her mouth and breasts.
Karine is a very busty brunette who invites Danny in while she is taking a bath. Short story shorter, she coaxes him into the water with her. Karine decides that a sponge just can’t do for his cock what her warm mouth is capable of. She lets him fuck her face with his somewhat small cock until it is rock hard, before guiding it up into her pussy. Like most of the women in this video Karine is not the typical flat bellied porn starlet, but she is enthusiastic about what she is doing, and God forbid, she has real tits. She much prefers to use the tub as a place to get dirty than a place to get clean. A pretty average fuck with a faked cumshot kind of cool a fast starting pairing.
This tape is rather unusual. All of the women are new, and not exactly Vivid girl material. In fact, it looks a lot like amateur women in well shot scenarios. I have to admit I liked this video more and more as it went on. Heather Lynn, Dru Barrymore and especially cute little Claudine are all fun to watch. Don’t watch looking for the next Chasey Lain, but do watch if you are at all fond of new girls, or if you have ever fantasized about boning your boss’ daughter.

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