Private Stories 25


92 Mins.
Private- 1997
STARS: Gabriella, Jennifer, Suzanna, Katalin, Celia, Erika Bella.
THEMES: Euro Babes, Outdoor Sex, Anal Sex, Facials.
You know, I never did get why Private Video Magazine vanished, only to be replaced by Triple X and Private Stories. It really doesn’t matter I suppose, the format is that same and the high quality we all expect has never been compromised. What I have always liked most about anything from Private is that the women are always attractive, enthusiastic and willing to do just about anything. Also, fans of anal sex, facials and sex under the sun always know they will get what they want.
Gabriella, a lovely blonde, is up first. She is sunning nude by the pool, when two very happy fellas happen by. They stop to admire the view and find the gorgeous girl more than accommodating. While she sucks one of their cocks hard, the other guy preps her shaved slit for his penile invasion. I can’t tell what they are saying, but everyone seems to be having a great time. I’d say screwing a gorgeous blonde on a warm day beats most of our daily grinds. The guys move her over to a rock waterfall where one can take her from behind while standing up. Great angle to take a gander at Gabriella’s fantastic thighs. We go to slow motion for the cumshots which is not my favorite, especially since these are winners. The first guy fires a Peter North like volley onto her face and big tits while the second guy explodes in her mouth and all over that pretty face.
Jennifer and Suzanna are a pair of VERY beautiful twenty one year olds who tell us they like girls but prefer sex with men. As luck would have it, two guys just happen to be available to team up with this gorgeous pair of fun loving girls. New or not, Jennifer and Suzanna fit right into the Private mold by showing they are quite adept at using their mouths to please cocks. Both of them are gorgeous, but Jennifer, with her long, flowing red hair captures the bulk of my attention. (Gina LaMarca eat your heart out.) Jennifer’s RCA is incredible and I was about to go on for several lines about it when the guys both move in for an even more incredible DP. Suzanna takes them both on as well, but just doesn’t quite have the sheer beauty her friend brings to the table. They both happily take loads on their faces, capping off a fine double fuck.
Julia is quite the exhibitionist. When she sees a couple of guys walking along a path in the woods, she flashes them her lingerie clad body and runs away. When they chase her down, they find that the chesty brunette is ready for more than just tease. In fact, she is quick to get on her knees to please. She has the men up and ready in no time, but sucks a while longer just to let us get a long look at her technique. Even when one guy lays down so she can ride him, Julia’s mouth keeps on going. Her plentiful, real breasts are on display as she spins around to bounce hard on his cock in some well shot reverse cowgirl. As she lays on her side to be fucked, Julia seems to really love the huge cock in her mouth, worshiping that long, fat stick with her lips and tongue while her ass gets plowed. She takes the monster rod in her pussy while the other guy goes around behind her to DP her. After pumping her full of prick, the boys pull out rain down a couple of thick loads of cum into her open mouth and all over her face. Great shot if you like drippy cum facials.
Two unsuspecting guys stroll through a dark museum. Out of the shadows comes a naked ghost, Katalin to tantalize one of the men. Unsure of what is going on, but happy to have a shot at this curvaceous woman, he boldly proceeds to suck her large breasts. Finding no resistance and liking the rest of the package he moves on to try his cock in her pussy. Just as he is getting a good stroke going, she vanishes, leaving him looking rather foolish when his friend comes back. When the first guy leaves, Katalin appears to the disbelieving guy as well. He doesn’t need much convincing to let this phantom woman down his rapidly rising cock. Like his friend, this guy moves quickly to fucking the thin blonde, except this time, when the first guy returns, Katalin stays visible and soon has a cock in her mouth, matching the strokes of the one in her pussy. Her ghostly charms are too much and the guys double cream her face in record time before she vanishes again.
Celia is a world traveler being escorted to her room by inn keeper Jonathan Morgan. Rather than checking her in, he decides it’s more fun to check her out, and I have to agree. It seems all that travel has made Celia hungry for the taste of dick and she satisfies that craving with Jonathan, inhaling all he has to offer. He rewards her efforts by bending her over on the bed for a spirited doggy fuck in which his balls slap loudly against her pussy. Finding her quite ready for anything, he slips into her tight ass and that just makes Celia even more grateful. So pleased is she by his assfucking that the brunette takes his load all over her face.
In the final scene, Erika Bella, looking quite fetching in her red boustier, tempts and teases a pair of watching studs. I’ve seen this woman before and she is pure heat. Both buys get their cocks sucked by the busty brunette before they can even shed their suits. Check her out as she squats on one fat cock while sucking the other. Great RC footage for those of you who love fine legs, and huge, bouncing breasts. Just about the time the guys spin her around for a DP, a janitor happens by steps in when one of the guys pops early. Erika finds the new dick much to her liking in her tight ass and finishes by taking his load A2M, mixing it with the second creamy facial, capping off a hard, messy scene.
Once again, Private delivers pretty women, hot oral sex with messy facials, hard anal sex and quite a bit of outdoor banging. In this video, none of the women blow me away like some of the other Private models I have seen, but a few are very worth checking out. Busty blonde Gabriella, gorgeous redhead Jennifer and super slut Erika Bella will all brighten up your day. Another winner.

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