Shane’s World 9 Sex Mex



102 Mins.

Odyssey- 1997

DIR: Shane

STARS: Shane, Yvonne, Ruby, LeeAnna Heart, Alexandra Silk, Billy Glide, John West, Sean Rider.

THEMES: Oral Sex in Cars, Outdoor Sex.



Shane’s bachelorette party marked a sad moment for hopeful single guys everywhere. However, it apparently hasn’t stopped her from making videos. With her band of fun and alcohol loving friends along for the ride, porn’s sexiest party girl heads south of the border for some a Mexican fiesta.

After the usual group shenanigans, Billy and John hit the sheets with LeeAnna and Ruby. Both these girls are hot and horny, but you all know the serious Jones I have for the busty redhead. With her in the room, a good time is guaranteed by all. There is not much she can’t do, but one thing Ruby does as well as anyone is suck cock. Side by side with her cute friend, Ruby still takes the prize as the hottest woman, face and body, in the room. Check out the flexibility this incredible woman has. Get those legs way back Ruby! After being well fucked, the girls take a couple of loads of cum, Ruby on her rosebud and LeeAnna a thick wad on her face. Nice opening.

Later that night, the same four are back at it again, however this time, things don’t quite work out. Billy, it seems, had way too much to drink and passes out right in the middle of the sex. Letting him sleep it off, the two girls fuck John instead. He is up to the challenge and turns both girls out big time, filling Ruby’s pussy with cum. Internal cumshot fans will love it. Ever understanding, Shane and crew do some serious fucking around with poor Billy. I won’t give it away, but let’s just say he won’t be happy in the morning.

After a hard day of teasing and posing on the beach, LeeAnna and Ruby help each other relax tongue in pussy style. Ruby digs in and makes a tasty lunch of her friends shaved slit and swollen clit. Enlisting the help of a two headed dildo, the redhead brings her friend off rather quickly. That only means Ruby can spread her muscular thighs and enjoy the reciprocation. Lesbian pairings have never been at the top of my list, but watching Ruby do anything is always well worth it. When she and LeeAnna share the two heads of a fat dildo, I must admit to being rather glued to the set. Lots of great leg shots and a couple of very loud climaxes highlight a very good girl/girl pairing.

The gang enjoys a little birthday celebration for Ruby, complete with a public strip show by Billy. After that, the birthday girl takes Billy and John out for a nature hike. “Outdoor sex rules!” screams Ruby as she kneels between a pair of big and growing bigger every second cocks. Anyone want to see a sexy sight? Check out Ruby squat fucking one stud while sucking off the other. Holy muscle tone Batman! Since it is her special day, the guys don’t make Ruby do all the work. They roll her over onto her back and John slams her hard with his pussy pleaser. Billy’s mouth stifles her cries a bit, but it is clear that Ruby loves to be fucked hard. Showing that she has many talents, Ruby gives a couple of hot handjobs to coax a loads of protein from Billy. John goes back for one more, legs spread high, pussy pound before delivering his jizz inside her.

Remember ‘Shane’s Helpful Hints’? Well, it’s back, with Shane giving a first hand demonstration of how to give a blow job in a car. (Speaking from experience are we dear?) All kidding aside, this is actually some good advice for this sexual activity. Best of all, Shane actually delivers the sample blowjob herself. On screen sex from Shane is rare, so it is a treat any time she gets in on the action. Watching Shane deliver one of her always incredible blowjobs reminds me of the old saying about riding a bike. Clearly, Shane has not forgotten how to gobble knob with the best of them. She strokes a very thick wad from her very lucky traveling companion. Shane, PLEASE get back in front of the camera more often, PLEASE!

Back at home, Yvonne explains that she is sorry to have missed the fun, and makes up for it by directing a scene between Alexandra Silk and Sean Rider. Being the director does not keep Yvonne from getting right in the middle of the action. In fact, the is the center of their oral attentions for much of the early portion of this scene. She can’t go too long without a taste of cock however, and joins Alexandra in treating Sean to a nice, wet double blowjob. When Alex hops up on his latex encased member, Yvonne is quick to give up color commentary. (John Madden eat your heart out.) Although the young brunette does a fine job, her more experienced friend moves in to give her lessons on being a top notch porn slut. Yvonne is exactly that, her love of cock matched by her near perfect body and the great expressions on her face while she gets pounded. After getting his fill of her fine English muffin, Sean pulls out, tosses the condom aside and jerks off over a pair of smiling faces. As you would expect, Yvonne takes most of the thick goo on her face, capping off a fine directorial effort.

Once again, Shane is not in this video enough to suit me, however the rest of the sex is much better than in the volumes I have liked less. With Ruby and LeeAnna working hard, there is a lot more boy/girl action, and I like that a lot. In fact, Ruby is the best reason to watch this video. She looks great, sucks better and fucks better still. LeeAnna can party with me anytime as well. Yvonne’s three way with Alexandra Silk is typically good, and Shane’s blowjob is a thing of beauty. I have no problem recommending this tape to anyone who likes fun, Gonzo style sex. Viva Shane!

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