A Little Piece Of My Heart



79 Mins.
Metro- 1997
DIR: Jace Rocker
STARS: Stacy Valentine, Steve Hatcher, Davia Ardell, Tom Byron, Allysa Love, Jonathan Morgan, Shay Sweet, Sindee Coxx, Vince Voyeur and Ron Jeremy.
THEMES: Hippies, Casting Couch, Outdoor Sex, Humor.
Hey, what the hell is up with Jace Rocker? This is the second of his videos I have reviewed this week and both of them are stuck in the sixties. Brother, this is the nineties. Throwing all these modern porn queens back into the days of tie die and bad sitar music is scary. Too many tats and silicone hooters running around man. Kind of bums me out. At least there is a pretty cool story in this one.
Tom Byron plays an off center Vietnam serviceman, home in his small town in Texas. He spins a hilarious yarn of war heroics in order to win the favors of ultra cute Shay Sweet. This little honey has Tom hard and ready for a tour of duty in the bush faster than you can say George Wallace. Why do I get the feeling it won’t be long before Shay will inflate her pert little titties into porn sized funbags? Better watch her now, before ‘the change.’ In the meantime, there is plenty to enjoy watching her cute ass high in the air while Tom doggys his new friend. That ass looks just as good when Tom dives deep between her cheeks to take him over the edge. Shay lies back and takes a rather full load of cum all over her chest and face.
Trouble strolls into the trailer in the form of Tom’s girlfriend Stacy Valentine. Seeing that her man is a cheating dickhead, Stacy packs her bags and heads out to California to fine “peace and love.” She catches a ride with Steve Hatcher, who with that mop on his head, needs only break out the bad Greg Brady clothes and slap on the bushy stache and burns to look like a dirty hippie. He takes her back to his pad where for some reason known only to the writer, the busty blonde finds scummy Steve too attractive to resist. It’s pretty easy to see why he finds her huge hooters too fun to resist. While her implants may be the singular cause for the silicone shortage in SoCal of late, Stacy does know how to suck a dick as if her life depends on it. Watching her fuck is a lot like watching a Barbie doll come to life and bone down. Unlike a lot of the overly plastic bimbos however, Stacy shows some heat, which, at least here, is enough to push her into the fun to watch category. Give her credit for licking up cum like a true jizz gulper. Not a bad scene, particularly since it has Hatcher.
(Hey, did I hear Steve say “Late” at the end of his phone call?) Deciding to stay in California, Stacy ends up starring in ‘art’ films. When word of plans for a new career reach the ears of her holy roller cousin (Alyssa Love) and Tom, he heads west to save her. Of course, before leaving, they have to get naked for some outdoor lovin;. I’ve always rather liked Alyssa, and that pierced tongue does look like it can do some major work once she gets her mouth on a hard dick. Man, Tom gets dumped, but ends up fucking the second young hottie in less than an hour. I think Ms. Love’s pussy would be sufficient to make anyone forget about her runaway cousin. Alyssa takes a nice outdoor fuck, capped off by an eagerly swallowed load of cum. Off to Hollywood.
Unaware that her boyfriend is tracking her down, Stacy strolls into the office of director Ron Jeremy. In a flash, he pairs her with his starlet, Davia Ardell for her first scene. Ron is perfectly cast and hilarious as the lecherous director, capturing Davia as she devours the new girl. Blonde big tit fans are going to be in Heave when these two pair up. You all know how I feel about lesbian scenes, so I’m just waiting for something to cause me to stop and take a serious look. Other than a lot of rather hungry pussy licking, this one just doesn’t turn heads like the other scenes so far.
Already Stacy is a rising star, now moving up to B movies, directed by Jonathan Morgan, doing is best Johnny Depp as Ed Wood impersonation. In between takes, Davia, looking quite lovely I might add, keeps Morgan quite happy with one of her out of this world blowjobs. When she gets into her work like this, Davia is a top notch porn slut, guaranteed to stiffen any bone. It seems her sweet, shaved snatch is just one of the many benefits directors are entitled to. Hey, if it means getting to boink a hottie like Davia, I’d go back to film school. As usual, she gives a great, loud, high energy fuck and may have never looked better than she does in this outdoor pairing, capped off with a facial all over those thick, inviting lips.
After a hard day on the set, Stacy unwinds with a couple of hard dicks in her mouth. Her B movie co stars, are more than happy to lay some pipe to the big titted blonde. Pretty standard pussy and mouth stuffing really, but Stacy looks fine and acts like she can’t get enough. For those of you thinking how well shot the sex is in the movie, check out who shot it. Private’s own Francios Clousot. That will help explain the nearly perfectly captured double facial gulped down by the greedy girl.
Finally tracking his girl down, Tom is fighting mad. Never fear, hippie Hatcher is there to rescue her from her over the top fella. Everything ends on a groovy note man. This script is actually pretty funny, with great performances by Byron, Valentine and even Hatcher. The sex is a cut above average, thanks to Davia, Alyssa, Shay and Stacy. This tape has a little bit of everything and is well worth a closer look.


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