Fashion Sluts 5



116 Mins.
All Blew Shirts- 1995

DIR: Joey Silvera
STARS: Nicole Jefferson, Obsession, Mahogany, Anna Amore, Nyrobi Knight, Ice, Marc Wallace Jack Hammer, Rick Masters, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, Mr. Marcus.
THEMES: Black Women, Bit Tits, Oil, Anal Sex, B&D.
Just to show you how I pay attention, I am doing this review in response to a post about black women having sex with white men. Joey has taken this theme and made it the centerpiece for one of his very best pre-Butt Row videos. That cast of fabulous female flesh is all black, all hot and all ready to show this group of mostly white guys the truth to the old saying, “The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.”
Jack Hammer and Joey are working in a yard when they happen by an interesting sight, rich model Nyrobi Knight is chained naked and fucking her asshole with a dildo. (Anyone seeing the reverse of the old, white housewife, black gardener thing starting?) Jack knows just what Nyrobi needs, to be subservient to a man with a hard dick. The scruffy worker may not have a lot of charisma going for him, but he does have a cock for her to suck, and suck it she does. He starts in with a little humiliation dialog that doesn’t go over the top, but seems to keep the model in her place. Hell, her place is anywhere she wants to be, but if she happened to want to be on her knees in front of me, she wouldn’t have to ask me twice. The tattooed freak boy (Honestly, what the fuck is all that shit on his body?) seems to enjoy helping her work out her need to be ass fucked with a dildo while on a leash. He even has a friend along to make sure her mouth never rests. What an incredible body Nyrobi has, curvy, natural and fucking delicious. Scummy as they might be, these guys know how to fuck a woman and Nyrobi can’t stop cumming as they pound away at her pretty pussy. Also open for play is her tight butt, and the guys waste no time stuffing it full while reminding her of what a slut she is. After all that, they quiet her cries of passion with a huge load of cum all over her face. Edgy, sexy scene with an incredibly hot woman.
Tom Byron is next lucky guy to sample some hot chocolate, and just watching Ice lotion down her fine body has me convinced that he is in for a ride he won’t soon forget. She gives his unit a squeeze, smiling and declaring that that it is “something to look forward to.” Before she gets any of that, Tom gives her pussy a thorough tongue bath. Having tasted her sweet hole, he decides to go ahead and shove his cock in her from behind. This marvelously proportioned young woman is quite active when she hops on his cock and even more so when she pops down to inhale Tom’s rod. Outstanding oral because she has huge skills and because Ice just looks great with a dick in her mouth. Back in the saddle for another ride, that ass just looks too inviting, too bad Tom never gets any of it. Instead he fucks her nearly through the floor before letting her loose with that great mouth one more time to reward her for a job well done with a thick geyser of sperm. (Most of which ends up in his fist, but which Ice thankfully laps up.)
Nicole Jefferson and Mahogany engage in a little game of strip pool to keep them busy until Marc Wallace can come in and give them something better to do. He whisks Mahogany off, leaving Nicole to seduce Joey. He is not easy to win over, and she has to break out a dildo to show him just how well she can use that pretty mouth of hers. Mahogany is not so patient and had to have the real thing. (Even if Marc is, at best, the child sized version.) Mahogany makes short work of his short shaft, bathing in her warm, loving mouth. Marc is quick to get that curved dick out of her mouth and into her pussy fast enough to keep her in her frenzied state.
Meanwhile, Nicole is still self stimulating, and getting close to climax from the sound of it. I could do without the switching back and forth, because both these women are worthy of our full attention. After giving Mahogany a bit of the bone, Marc rushes in to help Nicole with her overheated pussy. She is quite anxious to give a real dick a taste, and that is quite the visual treat. (But only if you like watching a beautiful woman with her lips wrapped around a hard cock.) Never have I felt like shouting the phrase “You go girl.” More than I do watching Nicole hard at work on Marc’s dick. Of course, while he is with her, Mahogany must now play with her pussy to keep warm. Marc is nice enough to rush over to her so he can drop a load on her belly. Then, proving that he is still quite the porn stud, Marc stays hard and bends Mahogany over the couch so he can poke her pretty black pooper. Proving he is an equal opportunity kind of guy, Marc takes his ready to pop prick back to Nicole to shower her chest with his second load. Have to hand it Marc for a job well done.
For those of you who like some originally, the next scene between Joey and ultra sexy Anna Amore is something to check out. She starts out by beckoning him in her softest voice. Hearing her calls in his mind, Joey races to be with this Goddess. She oils up her curvy body, making it ready to show him all sorts of forbidden pleasures. The catch is that Joey has to be blindfolded in order to get this incredible piece of ass. At least we get see Anna as she guides him from her toes, up her long legs until Joey is finally oiling up that big, round booty. While Anna is adamant about shoving Joey’s face between her cheeks for a good bit of pussy and ass licking, she is kind enough to move around and return the favor. Anna has a wide mouth, full lips, a huge tongue and knows how to tease the camera while she swallows cock. In short, she has a mouth made for bobbing bone. Her shaved beaver shows off her fat pussy lips as Joey slides home into a little slice of perfection. Joey seems to struggling against the urge to shoot right away inside those soft, wet lips and we owe him a lot for holding back to give up a nice long view of those even longer legs flailing about in the air while he drills her. She finally lets him take his blindfold as she crawls up under him to suck his cock for a brief moment before her face gets plastered with goo.
Finally, Obsession graces the screen, cooling herself in a pool in a marvelously see through bikini. When Mr. Marcus stops by, he joins her in the pool and fills her mouth with his fat cock. They fuck for a while in the pool, with quite frankly, zero energy before Obsession continues her oral work on the deck. I have to say, this whole scene lacks the energy that the rest of the video has, and even though Obsession is quite beautiful, she lacks heat. Taking that monster pole in her ass is quite a feat, I will grant her that, but what is missing is the spark that the other women have. They move indoors for some better look anal and a pretty big, closed mouth facial.
Overall, this may be the best of the Fashion Sluts videos. The all black female cast is spectacular. Nyrobi Knights scene is interesting and she is fantastic. Anna Amore is absolutely incredible in one of the sexiest scenes I have ever seen, Ice is a hotty. Nicole and Mahogany are both loud, wild fucks. Only the final scene left me cold, but no one can go yard every time at bat. Another great video from Joey, especially if you are fond of black women.

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