Cherry Poppers College Years 1



115 Mins.

Zane- 1997

DIR: Jay Ashley

STARS: Rain-ah, Chandler, Dawn Divine, Phaedra.

THEMES: College Girls, Petite Girls, Anal Sex, Oral, Spitting.



This once great series had to go through some marketing changes to comply with new laws, hence the new title. Hopefully, some of the hideous production values and less than pretty women have been replaced. In spite his shortcomings, Max Hardcore once had this series at the top of the list for best anal action. Lately, thanks to some hack directors, it has become less than watchable. Here’s hoping the fresh start will bring back some of what was lost.

Chandler is a fresh faced redhead who strolls down the street looking to get into a sorority. Jay Ashley and pal set their eyes on her and you just know she is in for an initiation she never expected. She doesn’t put up a fight, which is nice to see for a change. Even though Chandler is clearly ready to party, there is still a lot of forced head movement, causing her lovely face to contort as she. I know, to a lot of you this means I am the biggest prude this side of the Pope, but there is nothing remotely erotic about the sight and sound of a woman choking. This whole scene could have been filled with a fresh faced young woman sucking cock, instead it ends up being a pre-puke drool fest, gag session. What a waste. There is so much shit dripping from her mouth, that Jay’s cum just gets lost and the impact of pop shot number one is totally lost.

The other guy starts pounding away on Chandler’s shaved beaver. The cute coed gets bent in half while begging to be fucked. Hard sex doesn’t bother her whether it comes from the front, or if she is on her knees, stifling her screams in a pillow. With that pink asshole just calling him name, the stud has no choice but to slide his prick up it. This activity, mandatory it seems for all white socks wearing freshmen, brings even louder cries of “fuck me” from sexy Chandler. The coed gets a course in ass pounding 101 and passes with flying colors. For some extra slut credit, she does an uncut A2M suckjob that brings a shower of cum down her chin and all over her tits. Not a bad scene in spite the overdone macho shit.

Poor Phaedra is new on campus and lost. In the world of Cherry Poppers that can only mean that a man with evil intentions is there to pick her up. After the flimsiest of excuses, the guy gets the cute little redhead back at his place. In a matter of seconds, his hands are up her skirt and the games have begun. This giggling girl is a little more curvy than Chandler, but her tits are still wonderfully untouched by the medical field. (Although her nipples are pierced.) I have to admit, the cute little shy girl act gets a little ridiculous as she is stripping down and taking his tongue up her ass. Of course, what I really want to know is how well this girl can suck a cock. Let’s just say that from the start, her “I’m not used to this,” squeals are proven to be way off the mark. On the contrary, I think Phaedra is quite used to kneeling at the penile alter. Watching her on her knees in skirt and bra trying to suck his ears down through his cock, I am glad she has had so much practice. Not only that, but she gives him one of the deepest rimjobs I have ever seen. (God, I hope he showed up good this morning.) It must feel pretty good, because he spins around and lets loose a very impressive load of cum all over her face and into her sperm gulping mouth.

Having just shot his load, the guy does not let up. Instead he goes down and starts sucking away on her shaved little box. In a matter of moments, her sweet juices have him hard and ready to go once again. He’s got a really small dick, so her pussy looks very tight. An interesting trick they used her is to mic the scene very close to her pussy so there is a lot of sloshing and squishing dominates the soundtrack. Again, the young star of this scene has her thighs bent back against her tits so the guy can slam away on her exposed pussy. When he starts on her from behind, the diminutive qualities of his pecker really come through, so he pretty much has to make a move for her butt. At least she seems to be able to feel him back there. Pretty standard anal right up until he pulls out and dribbles his second semen seed onto her face.

Dawn Divine shows up for help from Jay. The sound is pretty bad, so I can’t tell exactly what the point is, but we all know what is coming up. He pulls down her top to expose some lovely, tiny tits, then shoves her to her knees and rams his cock into her mouth. Again, the choking starts before anything remotely good can even get going. Dawn is an unusual looking young woman, but she has great big, sexy eyes that just light up when she starts sucking cock. Why can’t Jay just let her do her thing without the cheap Max Hardcore imitation. I keep waiting for him to tire of this stupid shit and just enjoy the blowjob, but the only thing that stops him is having her go down and tongue his ass. Like his mentor, Jay seems to like to stretch a pussy as wide as he can with his fingers. (He sure can’t do much of that with his cock.) Trouble is, this petite cutie has a pussy that just won’t stretch. Everything on her just looks as tight as can be. Dawn, still in braces, looks innocent as Hell even while she gets her tight pussy slam fucked by Jay. In fact, her pussy almost looks too small to handle his dick. Wow, someone hit the jackpot when they discovered this little lady. Of course anal is next on Jay’s list of ways to corrupt young Dawn, and she takes it up the ass just as readily as she took it in her tight pussy. Some really good close up anal here, with her pussy contracting on each stroke. Even better in my book is the facial frosting Jay gives Dawn, covering her cute mouth and chin with sticky white goo. This girl is one sexy bitch who sure to stiffen even the most jaded cock.

The final cherry to be popped belongs to Rain-ah. (I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure this is Lil Bit.) The cute coed is in need of a ride and ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, they are back at his place hanging out. A little bit of small talk and what do you know, he puts his dick in her mouth. (Rog sits back and thinks of the millions of guys who watch this and only wish it were this easy.) Lil Bit can say all she wants that she has never sucked a cock before, but one look at the way this cutie mouths meat, will tell you that is a big load of hooey. Her mouth is small, so it’s mostly tongue and lip action, but with a face this cute and a girl who obviously loves cocksucking, who needs a deep throat? Her mouth is not the only tight opening here. Rain-ah has perhaps the snuggest cavity I have ever seen. That does not stop her from taking a rather server doggy pounding. One of my favorite positions for video is the trick they can do with women this petite, where, while in RC, the girl rests her feet on the guy’s thighs. They do some of this here, but more would have been better.

For such a tight little fuck, Rain-ah gets soaking wet and is able to speed fuck her man from on top of him. This makes for some really nice footage of her cute little ass. She even turns sideways in his lap for a very inventive and highly erotic little adventure. I have to say for such a shy girl, she sure is an active fuck. I skipped right over the seemingly mandatory and complete unwatchable (IMHO) spitting and stretching portion and rejoined the action as he has her doubled over in a nice bit of piledriver fuck footage. I seem to remember her once saying she didn’t do a lot of anal, but eventually, her back door does open up for a VERY well oiled up cock to go exploring. Slow, short strokes are the order of the day as his cock looks huge in her tiny ass, but never fear, she gets even by ramming a finger up his ass as she uses her studded tongue to lap a copious load out of his cock. Call her Rain-ah, call her Lil Bit, I just call her an incredible piece of ass.

This series may have changed outwardly, but the action the tape is typical Cherry Popper stuff. All four of these girls are petite, young looking things who take it in the ass and on the face. They are all worth a look, with Chandler, Dawn and Rain-ah (Lil Bit) all a cut above. As for Jay Ashley’s handling of the tape, I give him mixed reviews. While his wanna be Max shit (spitting, stretching, degrading dialog) is pathetic and unwatchable, this is still one of his best efforts.

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