Handmaidens 1 Danni



30 Mins.
Horizontal Productions- 1997
DIR: T. L. Byrd
STARS: Danni
THEMES: Solo, Shaved Pussies, Toys, Strap ons, Oral sex, New girls.
This one is really different for me for a few reasons. First, because I have never reviewed such a short tape. Second because it’s not a widely distributed tape and finally, because I was on the set for the shoot. In fact, I did a short interview with the model, however, in all honesty, I completely choked and ended up on the cutting room floor. (Thank God for that.) So, while this may fit with the normal “Rog’s Reviews”, it may just turn into a mini review.
I am told this is the first of a series of videos focusing on solo female action. Now, you know I love a good masturbation video. (Probably why I was invited onto the set.) Although this girl, Danni, is brand new, some more established stars are slated for later versions of Handmaidens. (Including Kaitlyn Ashley.) Understandably, Danni is a bit nervous in her interview but manages to tell us that she is just a couple weeks past her
eighteenth birthday and wants to give videos a try for the money, the experience and the sex. Thankfully, the director doesn’t suffer from EdPowers-itis (Delusional thinking that the audience really wants to hear endless, unfunny drivel.)
Danni is a very leggy brunette with creamy skin, great REAL breasts and just the slightest Drew Berrymore thing going on. A couple of tattoo and some body peircings, but not so many that she loses her innocent girl next door looks. After a few questions, Danni changes into a more revealing outfit to pose for some shots, showing off her great body. Finally, she comes out wearing only her shoes and a smile.
According to Danni, she has never masturbated before in her life, which makes things a bit interesting. She is shy at first about touching herself, which is shocking to me. How can anyone look at that lovely shaved pussy and not just play with it all day long? Even before she really gets the finger action going, her juices are already flowing and quite visible on her bare lips. Next comes some dildo play with a very good sized fake cock. While Danni fucks herself, she keeps mumbling about wanting a “real dick.” That doesn’t stop her from pleasing herself with the fake cock. Love the finger in her as she screws herself. Nice touch.
More solo action, but not with toys. Someone had popsicles on set as a snack. Danni was sucking on one and someone started joking with her about it. Next thing you know, she called the crew back from a break and started showing just what kind of fun a girl can have with a big stick. Very sexy, long insertion shots here of a cold snack sliding into a very hot hole. Sexy Danni even licks it clean after fucking herself with the cool treat. Damn girl.
There is a clever editing trick here, as a graphic informs us that Danni was too horny for self love and needed a real dick. While it might seem like a cheap trick, I was there, that was actually what happened. She kept giggling uncontrollably and asked if she could “suck someone’s dick instead.” One of the camera operators was happy to provide the little cutie with some meat to munch on. The oral footage is really good, largely because Danni has such incredibly sexy eyes and full lips. Someone has been learning from Seymore how to get really good oral sex footage, and again, she reaches back to finger her asshole. Very good stuff.
. Since the camera guy was done for a while, and since Danni indicated interest in some girl/girl play, that is exactly what she gets. The make up girl volunteered to help out. While she did not want her face to be seen, Bubbles (Oh please.) straps one of the plastic pricks on and takes her turn with cute little Danni. Again, those incredible eyes are on display as she gets the dildo nice and slick for some hot girl fucking. It is kind of surprising to see a petite little thing like Danni take such a hard pounding, but it sure makes for hot action. The hard fucking really brings out the vocal qualities in Danni, and she nearly gets fucked out by Bubbles.
Oddly placed, but very hot is some oral with toys footage. Danni once again has her full lips wrapped around some large toys. I guarantee this will inspire many dirty thoughts for all you guys out there. Where were girls like this when I was eighteen? If you look closely. Also tacked on is yet another unplanned moment. While posing for some stills, Danni started teasing another guy on set. She bet him her pussy could take the biggest toy in the bag. At first, it looked like she would lose, as the huge dildo pops out while he tries to fuck her with it. Eventually though, (And watch how visibly wet she gets.) the whole thing disappears. Well, that just gets her warmed up, and they don’t stop until he fucks her to climax with this big plaything. Fucking hot toy action, even it’s not technically solo.
So, what did I think of this tape? Well, it is funny to see what ended up in and what got cut. As a solo tape, it is strange, since only about half is actually Danni playing with herself. There is some great oral sex footage, really hot lesbian strap on sex and some helped dildo play. All of this is really good, as is the Popsicle trick, the dildo sucking and just about everything this sexy young thing does. I think just about everyone is going to enjoy watching Danni do what she does here. I am looking forward to seeing her hook up with Kaitlyn for the pro-am tape, and will always be glad I was there for Danni’s first on screen fuck.


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