Profiles 7


89 Mins.
Xplor- 1996
DIR: Tim Lake
STARS: Kiss, Tammi Ann, Kim Kitaine, Mona, Shelly.
THEMES: Blondes, Interracial, Lesbian Sex.
When I first got this tape to review, I was tempted to skip the long, grueling process which I usually endure to write a review for you. One look at the box cover shot of sexy Tammi Ann, nearly naked at the beach had me ready to tell you all to just buy the damn thing. Could she look any better? (Well, yes, if she were sitting in my lap, she would look better, but some of us like to live in a real world, not a fantasy one.) Still, her presence, added to a good cast, make this a tape I look forward to reviewing.
Tammi is not up first, but nearly as stunning is British bimbo Kiss posing for stills and telling us all about her wild sexual adventures with her boyfriend who watches, impatient to get a piece of her hot bod. She teases him with lusty tales for a long while before finally letting him have a shot at her talented mouth. Kiss has always been quite good at cocksucking, but she seems pleased beyond belief to have his dick in her mouth here. Her mouth is as talented at spouting cock stiffening dialog as it is at inhaling pole. What an amazing woman. Kiss has a great body to boot, good sized, real tits, round ass, shaved pussy, all the things a man needs for a fully equipped carnal playground. He gives her a good hard fuck, but can’t hold out long before blasting her pretty face with a very good load of cream. Hot talk, hot facial, hot fuck, fucking hot. Thank you Kiss.
Sean Ricks introduces us to sexy Mona who is way cute, horny as hell and ready to fuck. Why not? Right there in the Free Speech Coalition office, surrounded by Bill Margold’s teddy bears, she crawls over to him and starts a slow and VERY sexy blowjob. Mona knows how to make it look perfect. I could have gone for about fifteen more minutes of this hottie sucking cock, but she has a ride on the penile pony in mind. Sean gives her all the cock she can handle, taking her doggy style on the floor and making the blonde smile with utter delight. Someone’s desk, cluttered with papers, makes the perfect place to toss this lovely lass down and fuck her silly.
A pair of uncredited, but highly sexy lesbians give it a go on a black couch, catching my eye with their total lust for each other’s hot, steaming slits. Both these ladies are quite lovely, but I am partial to the cute smile and chocolate drop nipples that the lovely black woman brings to the scene. Damn, those look good enough to eat. Short, but nice bit of girl/girl action with an ethnic flavor.
Sean Michaels shows up next to show a sexy blonde just how people fuck in the big leagues. She proves surprisingly submissive in the face of his impressive pecker. Try as she might, this decent looking woman just can’t take it all down her throat. However, don’t let that fool you, she still has good on camera oral skills and this is a top notch blowjob scene. She has Sean so ready to fuck with her mouth that he just rolls her over on the bed and starts slamming away on her bald beaver. Very nice shots here of a tight pussy stuffed full of a cock, and one very happy young woman, grinning up a storm at his deep, probing strokes. Quick note, fans of heels will likely enjoy the fact that she keeps her black pumps on while being fucked by Sean. After a rousing fuck, he returns to her mouth to get coax a load of jizz onto her waiting tongue.
Finally, Tammi Ann makes her appearance, looking thoroughly edible in a big bowl, as Kim Kitaen pours milk all over her body, sauté©®g her while Shelby sucks Manny off in the background. Damn, three horny blondes in one room at the same time, must be nice. The milk is interesting, but all I really want to see is Tammi Ann getting down and dirty, which, thankfully, we get plenty of. She is on fire with Kim lapping and clawing at her sweet pussy. Manny meanwhile is having fun biting Shelby’s clit piercing. (Ouch) Even though it’s lez action and she is wearing tragically bad shoes, Tammi steals all of my attentions here. I only wish she would shove Shelby out of the way and take Manny’s cock in her tight little pussy. No such luck, however she and Kim hold Shelby down for a while she gets fucked and takes a load of jizz on her face.
Another very solid effort from Tim Lake. Tammi Ann is delicious here, but Kiss and Mona do the best hetero action. Great return for Kiss and a wonderful first scene (that I have seen) for Mona. Either of these three blondes can light your fires. A nice interracial scene with Sean as well as the sexy lesbian couch scene make this a sexual rainbow for all to enjoy.

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