Sweat And Bullets



85 Mins.

Midnight- 1996

DIR: Geoffrey Coldwater

STARS: Shelby Stevens, Isis Nile, Barbara Doll, Rebecca Lord, Kirsty Waay, Satumi, Joey Silvera, Mike Horner, Valentino, Dick Nasty, Horny Henry.

THEMES: Spies, Nurses.



Even though it is rare to see a video that can even be called an attempt at a feature these days, I am still partial to those that make some attempt at a story. While there don’t seem to be a lot of well thought out scripts, I keep looking, hoping to find something to keep me off the fast forward button in between countless sex scenes.

Well, no story at first, but who cares? Instead we get Rebecca Lord wrapping her wet dream material lips around Dick Nasty’s nasty dick. She has always been a little thinner than I usually like, but there is no mistaking the incredible sexuality she has. Off the fucking chart hot. This scene has less than perfect lighting but we still get to see lovely Rebecca suck cock and take most of the fucking doggy style, really showing off her fantastic ass. Best footage though has to be RC, where her luscious thighs, mouthwatering tits and covergirl face are all on display at once. (Can you tell Rebecca makes Rog’s dick hard every time?) By the way, nice of them to start the story right as the sex gets really hot. (More on that in a moment.) Her nearly too beautiful face is the perfect place for a rather impressive glob of goo (Right on her eye) from Dick. Wow!

You see, Dick is a super agent for the Brits, ala that other guy whose code number matches T.T. Boy’s IQ. Do I really need to go over a James Bond porn plot? Come on, it has to do with sex and world domination. The only question is how many women Dick will fuck before he saves the world.

The main bad guy in the way is Joey Silvera, so you know that his dialog will be well handled. Just like in Bond films, the bad guy gets a shot at a hot and horny babe. In this case, it is blonde bombshell Barbara Doll. I’ve never been a huge fan of Ms. Doll, but she is quite willing and able to serve the villain and his every desire. Joey’s tastes are pretty simple, taste her trimmed pussy for a while then see if her full mouth is a good as it looks at devouring dick. Guess what? They are. She gives head in a manner becoming of the role she plays, as if pleasing her man were the only thing keeping her alive. Since this may well be the case, it is good that Barb has the back up of her tight love canal at her disposal as well. If you have to fuck to stay out of the bad guy’s cross hairs, I guess it would help to have the long legs, perfect ass and dreamy real rack that Babs is blessed with. Joey seems to have plenty of fun fucking the blonde bimbo. Some sizzling RCA seems to make Barbara a lock to become a mainstay in Joey’s little harem. To seal the deal, he shoots a gob of goo onto her pussy.

The other side of Joey is that he is, in fact, a ruthless killer. A rather violent scene where he caps a couple of drug dealers is well done, but certainly makes things a bit more serious. In order to fight such a man, Dick has to visit Mike Horner, a top dog in the organized crime world, for some help. Mike has an axe to grind with Joey, so he does help Dick. Of course, as soon as he does, he helps himself to a piece of his private nurse, Isis Nile. She must be the ‘head’ nurse since she goes right down on his cock. (Huge collective groan goes out as Rog just can’t help but drop the cliché ¢omb.) Isis is a heavy on the hands cocksucker who stares right into the camera most of the time, making this a very good bit of oral exploration. Hard, wet and more than ready, Mike just sits back and gives his nurse a free lap ride for her troubles. This mobster seems like the kind of guy who uses everything that he has at his disposal to the utmost. He bends her over his glass table and we get some great shots of her long legs while he fucks her from behind. With her boots still on, (Boots? A nurse in boots?), he fucks her mish for a few before pulling out, sliding up and dropping sperm syrup down onto her face.

Someone has interesting taste in pets it seems as Shelby Stevens and Kirsty Waay are tied up like a couple of dogs in a backyard somewhere. The two cunt hungry gals soon turn the lawn into their own sexual playground. Luckily, their leashes still allow them to get into a 69 that takes their mind of being held captive. I kind of hate to see Kirsty wasted in g/g action since she is so fun to watch fuck, but still this is pretty watchable lesbian action.

One of Joey’s henchmen, Valentino, runs a nightclub and has a special way of interviewing potential employees. When Satumi comes in for a job, he skips her resume and has he kneel down and take a mouthful of cock instead, She is a little thin and not all that attractive, but her pussy is tight enough for Valentino to give it a good going over. Tight, neatly trimmed pussy always makes for a good interview in this type of situation, but the lighting is pretty poor, so the scene doesn’t quite live up to some of the others. There is some nice anal insertion shots while he bones her tight backdoor in doggy, followed by a decent facial. Not bad, just not as good as the rest of the tape.

When Dick arrives to save the day, he just has to stop to taste Ms. Doll. The gun play here is a bit different, but soon the only gun Barbara cares about is the one sticking out of Dick’s pants. Her mouth has him standing attention more rigid than even Al Gore in no time. Ever the sharing lover, the hired assassin takes great care to lick her luscious lower lips and her tight asshole until all is lubed and ready for a little penile invasion. You know, that really is quite a body she bounces up and down on his lap in some nice RC. A somewhat Bond like conflict ends their little tryst, but Dick makes sure to drop a load on Barb’s face as she lies passed out. Kind of funny.

The tape ends here, with the promise of more in the sequel. Overall, it’s a good video, with a decent plot. The sex is good, although the very best scene is the first one with the lovely Ms. Lord. Isis Nile and Barbara Doll are also a lot of fun to watch here, and I am only sad to see Kirsty only get into lesbian action.

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