Ben Dover’s London Calling


123 Mins.
VCA- 1997
DIR: Ben Dover (Steve Perry)
STARS: Holly, Toni, Charlotte, Emily, Annabelle
THEMES: British Girls, Big Tits, Anal Sex, Facials.
You know a series has gotten into my dome big time when I put it on pre order with my local video source. With Seymore and Buttman on hiatus, Ben Dover is far and away the most consistently brilliant gonzo director working today. Every time I pop one of his tapes in, I know that he is going to parade a handful of the hottest British women from that God and cuisine forsaken island. Before I even start this review, I am going to bet that this video will be packed with great anal sex, messy facials and I will use the phrase “one of my new faves” at least three times in the rough draft.
A trip to the Wimbledon tennis club gets things started when Ben and Alberto spy a lovely blonde in a short tennis skirt. They follow her to a bus stop and use the French TV story on her to get the lovely lass back to the flat. Holly is more than eager to grant them an interview. A few general questions and Ben starts asking about her knickers. Like all of the women he brings us, Holly is happy to pose with her skirt held high to expose her moderately revealing undies. Damn, this girl is every bit as beautiful as Jenna. It doesn’t take Ben long to talk her into spreading her legs for Alberto to enjoy. She has no problem letting him explore her body with hands and mouth, but then goes a bit shy when it comes time to give back. No fear, a bit of prodding from Ben and Holly has her flaxen framed face right down there with his uncut trouser worm.
Between her soft lips, his cock grows rigid rather rapidly to a quite impressive state. Her skills as a cocksucker are moderate, but anytime a face this cute is stuffed with meat, it is something special to look at. What she really wants is that big tubesteak up her pussy as soon as possible. It is really nice to such a great looking woman, with natural breasts, no tattoos and only a small belly button piercing. American porn starlets could take a lesson from Holly. She fucks with more energy than she gave while sucking, and that is always nice, especially when there is a great set of real hooters to bounce around. As he usually does, Ben moves around to stick his dick in her mouth while she gets boned from behind. Holly takes a healthy load from Alberto all over her pretty face, then follows it up by taking an even bigger load from Ben. Cum covered faces this pretty are porn’s most perfect moments. Bravo!
Ever faithful sidekick Mario comes along as Ben visits brunette beauty Toni at the record shop. Toni has dreams of a pop career so Ben and Mario pose as record producers to lure her into their trap. (Come on, we all know she is just going to do what the Spice Girls did to get famous.) Nothing like blind ambition to make a girl go that extra mile. They take great care to examine her fine young body as best they can in the store. Then, the scheming pair secure an invite back to her place where the real audition begins. She is all decked out in an ultra sexy lingerie get up that screams sex. Toni had done some topless posing for one of the papers over there, so you know she has a world class rack. To prove she is no prudish Spice girl, Toni spreads her pussy and plays with it just long enough so that Mario can’t help but have a taste. The two really work well together, as he goes out of his way to get this lovely lady off with his fingers and tongue.
His talents and dedication have her begging to suck his cock. Now, you know Ben would not have chosen Toni if she didn’t like having her lips around a big slab of meat, but this woman seems to really get a charge out of giving head. It’s a short segment, but a great one, before Toni lowers herself into his lap and sends her tits into a flopping frenzy with some hard RC fucking. Ever mindful of his audience, Ben makes sure to have her remind us all what a “slut” she is. (Gee, why is it so much hotter when she says it than when it is shouted at her?) This seems to work for Mario, who bends her over and slam fucks her while she sucks Ben. Nearly too much, Mario has to hold his load while she spins around to take it in her mouth. With cum still on her lips, Toni crawls over to Ben and takes a second shot in her mouth. Once again, Ben lets his women play with cum for a long while after the shot. This is how to do facial cumshots ya’ll. Watch and learn.
Emily and Charlotte come over for a party with Nick and Pascal. Emily, a model, has brought her friend Charlotte over to get a “good shag.” (Another recurring theme in Ben’s videos- Englishmen can’t fuck, so their girlfriends have to make porn videos to get laid properly.) Emily is certainly the cuter of the two blondes, but both of them have nice, tight bodies and Charlotte certainly plays the cock starved nymph quite well. In fact, they both gobble with equal gusto in some fine double oral action. Pascal earns major points with the frustrated lass by sucking her sex starved pussy until she literally claws at him for cock. While she is a wild fuck, Emily is really the one to watch. She is far more attractive and quite ready to fuck with all the energy of her less and beautiful friend. Still, it’s fun to watch Charlotte explore new things. (Come on, I don’t really think any of this is real, but it is convincing enough to make it fun anyway.) Among the uncharted waters, she sails, is, of course, anal sex. Considering the slow entry and apprehensive look on her face, this might be a new activity indeed. Then again, after a few strokes, she is taking it in the ass like a seasoned butt slut. Not to be outdone, Emily proves that pretty girls can be ass slags as well, even taking Nick and Pascal in a DP. Horny Charlotte keeps Ben happy with her mouth while her friend gets split in two by a pair of fat cocks. The cum shots are a bit different for Ben. One internal, licked from Charlotte’s pussy by Emily, one on Charlotte, licked up by Emily and a final one directly on Em’s face. This woman is one cum hungry slut.
A trip to Manchester brings us the lovely, eighteen year old Annabelle. A cutie this horny is well worth the drive. Her little belly shirt, mini skirt and knee highs outfit hide a painfully perfect pair of perky tits. While a pair of guys explore her legs and ass, Annabelle gives a nice little interview, describing how she loves to swallow as well as fuck big, fat cocks. They are quick to shut her mouth with dick though, impressing the little lass with the size and sheer volume of a trio of cocks. After showing them all how well she can suck, the guys take their usual positions, Ben on camera, and a stud at each end to fuck her silly and give her something to suck on. Thankfully, Annabelle doesn’t mind talking with her mouth full, and shares with the delights this hard fuck gives her. From the way she thrashes about screaming, it’s pretty safe to say this is the best she has had in some time. Annabelle’s ass looks like quite the snug fit, but as they say, where there’s a thrill, there’s a way, and the guys get a big thrill out of buggering this cutie. Fine assfucking strokes here, with close up action for those who like it. After all this, what better way to end it than one, two, three facial cumshots, shattering her good girl image and leaving us all with the lasting impression that lovely Annabelle is, in fact, a cum hungry, ass fucking, slut. (And we love you for it dear.)
What can I say about Ben that I have not already said a hundred times? As always, he takes on a carnal tour of the UK, bringing beautiful British girls who love to bone. Only Holly won’t take dick in her ass, but she still might be my favorite of the five this time out. Big titted Toni and sexy girl next door Annabelle are close seconds. Model cute Emily is quite fetching as an ass slut, and even Emily, just there to get a better fuck than her boyfriend can give, is well worth a close look. Great job, from someone I expect a lot from.

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