Basic Elements


83 Mins.
Pleasure- 1997
DIR: Stuart Canterbury
STARS: Rebecca Lords, Jill Kelly, Stephanie Swift, Sindee Cox, Chandler Steele, Alexandra Silk, Lauren Montgomery, Alex Dane, Mike Horner, Kyle Stone, Nick East, Ian Daniels, Justin Meyers.
THEMES: Story, Saloon Girls, Airplane Sex, Bikers.
So, here I am sitting back, looking forward to an adult feature by one of the directors I have always enjoyed, not knowing who was in it. (Since it is a screener copy with no box to check first.) Imagine the pleasant surprise as the cast list kept turning up names I adore. Rebecca, Sindee, Chandler, Stephanie, Alex, the hotties just keep right on coming. (Or is that cumming?)
Mike Horner, a favorite among directors who actually require acting from their studs, plays a struggling miner who strikes gold, thus setting off a little impromptu celebration between he, wife Alexandra Silk and their partners, Kyle Stone and Alex Dane. I have long been a big fan of Alex and her sexy eyes. Alexandra has some above average sex appeal as well, especially when she has a dick in her mouth. Watching Alex inhale cock is sheer viewing Heaven and a guaranteed rod stiffener. Canterbury must agree to some extent, because while Mike fucks his wife from behind, Alex still has her lips around her man’s dick. The two couples go at it right out in the open, so fans of outdoor sex will get a kick out of this double pairing. A well captured, if pretty standard opening fuck.
Mike heads off to town to stake their claim and make their fortune. Once in town, he is quick to find the saloon. The problems begin when, after a couple of shots of whiskey, his lips get a too lose for their own good. The saloon girls pick him out right away as an easy mark. Upstairs, Lauren Montgomery, Rayne and Jill Kelly put on a show the likes of which the wild west has never seen. (Could that be because there was no silicone back then?) The simple man is clearly not used to this sort of royal treatment. He watches the ladies engage in a three way Ho-Down that will have you lesbian fans dancing in the aisles. Interestingly enough, he passes out watching the lesbian love show, which for me, it is just a standard three way pussy snack with women I have little interest in. It’s well shot and fans of all girl sex will love these babes, but I found it only moderately sexy.
The women, of course, rob Mike blind while he snores in the corner.
Somehow, as he stares up into the sky, we switch to a jet flying above. As it turns out, Stephanie Swift if flying west to check into the family legend. The one where great grandpa struck it rich, only to have his gold stolen from him. Wow, plot and a sub plot, I must be dreaming.
Back to the legend, the women have taken their gold to have it converted. In typical style, the payment schedule includes Nick East getting to play with Sindee Coxx. (She wasn’t part of the trio who bilked Mike, but I guess she gives her share, she gets her share.) I for one, am glad she is the one hooking up for the boy/girl pay off, since Sindee looks good enough to eat, (Cheap one Rog.) and that is exactly what he does. After tasting that sweet honeypot, I can’t really blame Nick for bending her over and fucking the shit out of her, but come on, can’t we see Sindee suck cock just a little beforehand? Granted, this is some great doggy with excellent close ups and long shots alike. The oral comes after the fucking, and as usual it is top notch. Sindee sucks with tremendous head bob and hand action. This helps bring a load from his cock all over her tits in no time.
Returning home empty handed, Mike faces his angry wife and even more angry partners. He is lucky to escape with his life. Fast forward again to present time, where a biker couple, Rebecca Lord and Ian Daniels find a gold bracelet in the street. He agrees to give her the jewelry after she offers him the treasure that awaits between her legs. Watching Rebecca orally prep a fuckstick is one of the greatest sights in modern adult erotica. (Why do I think that a BJ from Ms. Lord would be enough to make even Howard Stern change his mind about the French?) Very well captured blowjob here, Rebecca at her very best. All that cocksucking seems to have her pussy soaked with anticipation and Ian laps up her juices like they are the sweetest he has ever tasted. (I’m guessing they are.) After eating that tasty cookie, Ian mounts her and fills is full of cock harder and faster than a Roger Clemmens fastball. (Groan, why not just come out and say he gives her the high hard one?) Condom in place, Ian bends her over and slam fucks her doggy for a while, brining very sexy squeals from the incredibly sexy Ms. Lord. Her lovely ass gets cum splattered, leaving her with a new bracelet and a big grin.
Of course, she hocks the bracelet the first chance she gets and takes the cash. (Hmmm, foreshadowing?) On the plane, Dave and Steph are getting very friendly in their seats. Since first class is nearly empty, they have plenty of room to stretch out and explore each other while their sexy flight attendant, Chandler, watches. Stephanie spreads out in her heels and hose, looking so good, I can hardly stand it. Considering the pot luck nature of their meeting, Steph should be pretty pleased by the big slab of meat Dave hauls out for her. She sure seems pleased by it, and thankfully shows her appreciation by slipping as much of it as possible into her tight, tiny and thoroughly intoxicating mouth. See my comments on Rebecca Lord and repeat them here. Oral sex from Ms. Swift is always incredible to watch. This is a great oral segment, well captured and visually stunning. After this, the fucking seems almost incidental, but it not lacking in heat either. She slides right down on his latex encased shaft RC, so we can see her gorgeous face, pert breasts, tasty slit and perfect legs all at once. The masturbation sequence with Chandler gets quite hot as well as she deep fingers her own slit. No facial, but Steph’s cute tits do get a nice cumbath, rounding out a near perfect sex scene.
This is a well done balance between a good love story and very hot sex. One does not get in the way of the other, a feat for which Canterbury needs to be propped heavily. The sexual highlights have to start with Stephanie Swift and Rebecca Lord. They are both incredible here. Beyond that, it is hard to remember, but Sindee Coxx and Alex Dane were quite smoking as well. Great video for couples or just for a guy who likes watching beautiful women get fucked silly. No anal here, so if you like your sex two input only, this tape is a rare find. Grab it, you’ll like it.

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