Assy 4



79 Mins.

JM Productions- 1997

DIR: Jim Powers

STARS: Warner, Shay Sweet, Katie Gold, Lisa Harper.

THEMES: Anal Sex, Outdoor Sex, Blondes.



Ahh, porn the easy way. Very little plot, no special effects, deep social meaning, or cheap political theatrics. Just sex, plain and simple. Sex with hot, horny, (and in this case, young looking) women who love to fuck and really don’t give a shit about much more than being as nasty as can be. And people wonder why I do what I do.

Fresh off the tennis courts, Shay Sweet looks good enough to eat. She and pal Billy engage in a bit of chit chat as they wander through the park after a hard fought game. (Dialog tip for Billy. If you don’t have a watch on MENSing, don’t keep looking at your wrist for the time. Chill bro, you are going being getting’ up in that soon enough.) Luckily he is hired for his ability to get her out of her little skirt rather than his oratory prowess. After spreading a towel on the grass, Billy spreads this cutie’s thighs and goes diving for tuna. The outdoor setting is the perfect place to violate this athletic young girl. I don’t know if she was any good on the court, but the way she grips a cock is definitely the stuff legends are made of. Although his cock is too fat to fit down her throat, Shay lets her fingers work overtime and stuffs her mouth as full as humanly possible while giving a wet, sexy blowjob. (Love the tongue stud dear.) With a LOT of effort, she crams nearly every inch in her sexy mouth before this very well captured oral segment ends and the games continue. Shay mounts Billy and her sexy ass is right in the camera, giving us a killer view of her tight lips gripping his shaft as she rides him hard. Don’t you just love when petite women can take such a hard pounding from fat cocks? On her back, Shay’s legs are over his shoulders faster than you can say Anna Kournikouva. (Come on, how many of you actually know that was a tennis reference?)

Sexy Shay wonders aloud if she can take such a big cock up her ass. Well, it does take all of ten seconds for her to get used to that big slab in her tight butt. Proving at least some athleticism, She grabs her ankles and displays great balance as Billy sodomizes her from behind. (Love the lube running down her leg, nice touch.) Great job by Shay to keep begging for him to “fuck her harder” and to finally cum in her mouth. Billy has good aim, sending thick strands of goo up across her tongue and up the side of her cheek. Sexy Shay licks the last drops from the head of his cock to close out one very nice outdoor anal romp.

Warner is a contestant in a bikini contest who gets lost on the way. She stumbles across a trio of warehouse workers, (Dave Hardman, Jay Ashley and some other guy.) who of course, pretend to be the judges. In no time they let her know that if she wants to win, she needs to grease the wheels a bit. This British brunette is far from classically beautiful, in fact, she is only moderately attractive. However, any woman who can shove three cocks in her mouth at once is worth a look. Eventually the idea of sucking off the judges to win seems a bit silly since she can better accommodate the men by letting them fuck her as well. The trio of fellas set up a nice rotation with their new friend on her hands and knees. One pounding away on her shaved slit while the others get alternating blowjobs. Eventually, her ass is just to much to resist and that road gets explored by Dave Hardman. Nice close up shots here actually end up a distraction. You see, Warner has this thing on her asshole. It looks like a big wart or something that gets battered around like a speed bag while she gets buggered. It makes it kind of hard to concentrate on the hard DP action when you’ve got two sets of balls and some unknown growth all bouncing around in the way of the action. There is lots of hard anal and DP footage, and one, two, three wet shots onto her face. Warner just is not a girl I find all that attractive.

Another woman I have never liked shows up next. Dressed like a very bad schoolgirl, Lisa Harper plays an exchange student being punished for her poor English skills. Blah, blah, blah, he gets her naked and starts teaching her things that are not in her school books. My problem really is not with the trite set up, but with the fact that I find Lisa Harper to be completely without sexual appeal. I have no interest in seeing her doing anything. (Except maybe mowing my lawn.) OK, so I am being harsh, but I really don’t find her attractive. Still, I will suffer through the scene to inform you, my dear readers. (The things I go through to bring you quality reviews.) Lisa is an enthusiastic cocksucker and seems to love fucking as well. Also, I have to admit, she has a decent body. My problem is, I can’t stop thinking about that permanently deformed asshole she has from all those gape shots she loves. Oh God, I am actually wishing Warner were back on screen. That’s it, once the anal starts, and that gaping asshole is staring me in the face, I have to hit the fast forward button. (Sorry readers, but I can only suffer so much for you. I have to be able to eat in the near future.) Let her take her facial and be gone, never again to darken my viewing area. (Did I mention that I do not like Lisa Harper much?)

Thank God, another cutie, Katie Gold comes in to save the day with her fresh face and charming smile. She and her boyfriend decide to make a day at the zoo, a sexual thing. With the sun beating down on her lovely face, Katie kneels and inhales cock like it’s a big candy stick. All too soon, he moves in behind her to let his dick feel the soft insides of her tight folds. Her shaved beaver makes for a fun time, but he has to give that even tighter ass a try as well. Katie takes a standing anal from behind and just can’t stop shouting for more cock in her ass. That just makes him hot enough to fire a monster load of jizz all over her cute little face.

Four scenes, all with anal and facials will please the hardcore fans out there. For me, the two middle scenes did little (Warner) and nothing (Lisa), however, the two cute blondes who bookend this tape make it well worth a look. Katie and Shay are the kind of fresh faced cuties that are total joys to watch suck big cocks and take meat in their tight little buns. Pick it up to watch these two blondes get boned under the bright sunshine.

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