81 Mins.
Midnight- 1995
DIR: Buck Adams
STARS: Savannah, Buck Adams, Brittany O’Connell, Nikki Shane, Rebecca Wilde, Diva, Victoria Gold, Tony Martino, Ron Jeremy, Dan Steele.
THEMES: Story, Working Girls, Tiny Girls/Big Cocks
I was always one of those people who was stunned by the incredible popularity of Savannah. When her career was at its height, I worked in a video store and shook my head constantly as every Savannah title, no matter how lame the production or dead the sex, flew off the shelf at record speed. Her performances were often among the stiffest, non sexual I have ever had to suffer through. Still, even after her death, there are many fans who consider her to be the perfect woman, desirable, beautiful and deeply sensual. For those of you who fall into this category, this shot on film production had better be top on your list of performances to prove your point, since she is alive and vibrant here, more so than in any of film. In addition to a rare Savannah gem, the rest of the cast is in incredible and director Buck Adams actually lives up to his lofty billing.
Buck plays a stranger who rolls into town looking for a little action on the pool tables. Some of the locals are a bit hesitant to bet with the new guy, but Brittany O’Connell is more than ready to take his money. While she looks as sexy as ever, that doesn’t help her game and Buck wipes up the table with the sexy redhead. Hs handiwork gives him some extra cash, but it leaves Brittany’s keeper more than pissed. She and barmaid Diva are sent into the men’s room to earn the money back while Buck and Ron Jeremy square off for a more high stakes game. The two girls corner Dan Steele in a stall and give him more than a hundred bucks worth of head and tail. Too bad the very hot sex is mixed in with pool shots. Something about seeing Ron Jeremy shooting pool in between shots of Brittany gobbling rod just takes the heat away. Both scenes are well captured, I just don’t like mixing them. Brittany is, as always, at her best with a hard dick in her tight pussy. While she is licking cum from her friend’s tits, Buck is blowing his final shot against Ron.
Down but not out, Buck heads to another bar to find the woman he came to town to get. Savannah does look good enough to cross the continent to see. That smile is worth a million dollars, even if her acting is a bit stiff. (Still better than anything else she did.) She wants Buck to give up hustling, get a real job and marry her. To help convince him, she takes him to bed. (Come on Buck, tell me you didn’t write this scene, just so you could fuck Savannah.) Her body is in top shape and Savannah seems to enjoy having a tongue in her pussy. Seeing this kind of spirited performance late in her career saddens me, as it might have indicated a new, more exciting woman that we missed out on. She even manages to suck cock without complete revulsion in her beautiful eyes. In fact, she flashes that great grin while delivering some very good on screen sucking. Really outstanding footage of her pussy as she grinds her hips down onto Buck, begging him for more and more cock. One thing that doesn’t change is her aversion to semen anywhere near her face, and Buck has to unload his wad onto her shaved pussy. Still, one of the best Savannah scenes ever.
Buck has a game set up, but needs a backer. He turns to Tony Martino, a big time pimp with a special relationship with his ladies. He pays a visit to one of his misbehaving honeys, Rebecca Wilde and tries to teach her some respect for his authority. He makes the busty blonde play with her pussy for his enjoyment. That pussy must be tasty because just eating her out has Tony hard and throbbing. Of course, that doesn’t stop him from ordering a blowjob from his blonde working girl. Though never one of my overall faves, Rebecca could sure teach classes to young starlets on how to suck cock. She goes after every dick she sees like she really means it. She fucks pretty well too, letting Tony slam her pussy until he sprays a load up onto her belly and tits which Rebecca promptly licks from her fingers.
Although Savannah is not wild about this game Buck has set up, he goes with it anyway. With Tony’s money backing him, Buck is set to square off with Ron Jeremy once again to see if he can make the big score. While waiting for the big game, Buck practices, but Ron stays loose by watching Brittany, Rebecca, Nikki Shane and Victoria Gold play around with each other. Really nice round robin cock sucking here with Brittany and Rebecca showing why they are head and shoulders above the other two would be starlets. Ron chooses Brittany’s crimson beaver to explore first and drives deep into her tight little body until his balls rest on her hot lips. Victoria and Rebecca now seem to be the only two girls left. The other two must have gone out for donuts. Ron wisely chooses to stay with Brittany the whole time, letting the sexy nymph ride his dick until she gets enough, then pops a good stream of jizz right into her open mouth. Watching her take this big cock and then clean it off is the sexual highlight of this tape.
The big game rolls around, and while this is not exactly Martin Scorsese, the footage is quite good. Who wins? Come on, you don’t want me to tell you everything right? Let’s just say it all comes down to Savannah as part of the bet. Jeremy fucking Savannah? Could it be? To demonstrate her worth, Savannah hooks up with Nikki and Victoria for a three way girl love fest on the pool table. Savannah with chicks? Normally, this would be a total pass, but like before, she seems to have risen above her usually flat performance and found something in the scene to get into. She really loves the taste of Nikki’s shaved box and keeps her mouth on it throughout the scene, even when Victoria is busy sucking Savannah’s expensive gash. Savannah does make a pretty picture all spread out to be tasted. Not a bad girl/girl scene, and I watched almost the whole thing.
So, who wins? Well, figure it out, do you see a review of Jeremy fucking the prissy blonde? There is your answer. The script here is quite good, as is the camera work. For that, Adams deserves much props. Even more props are deserved for getting Savannah to fuck and suck like a real star, and not a bored, inflated Vivid blow up doll. Brittany O’Connell still steals the best sexual moments, but there is no better Savannah title I can think of. Really good movie.

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