Homegrown 476: 100% Honky Free



78 Mins.
Xplor- 1997
THEMES: Black Men and Women, Amateurs
Now, how is this for compartmentalizing your porn? It’s not enough to have all amateurs, but now we get all black amateurs. I wonder if I am supposed to watch this or if that is like, against the rules or something. Since this is another compilation, I will do the same drill as before. Volume numbers to start short descriptions of the highlighted scenes.
(256) Liz has got a really nice ass and starts off masturbating in lingerie. Before long, her fingers are buried deep in her chocolate slit. Twin dildo action makes this a really good solo scene.
(236) Gail and Patty start out working on each other. Patty, the prettier of the two, rides her girlfriend’s big strap on cock for a while until the couple are joined by Cindy, another cocoa beauty. Decent three way lesbian action.
(397) Tom and Alley hook up in the first hetero scene of the tape. She is slim and quite talented with a black stick in her mouth. This thin woman is very into her sex and rides his long dick with grace and lust. For such a skinny girl, she really does have great, big, real tits.
(446) Tanika is a very sexy dirty talking girl who makes her sweet slit even sweeter with a lollipop. For an amateur, this girl knows how to play for the camera. Watching her sucking on her own tits and talking to them is funny and fucking sexy. She even finds a way to work her necklace into her pussy and her ass. This woman has some serious sex appeal that goes well beyond what I would normally see in someone this average looking. Easily the hottest scene on the tape and one of the best am solo scenes I have ever seen.
This compilation is for those of you who like to see black men and women in non interracial scenes. Just like it says, not a white face dons the entire length of the video. It is pure amateur, so the quality is as such, but there are no unwatchable scenes here. The women range from pretty to not so pretty, but all of them have good on screen chemistry and have a good time getting down for the camera. Really outstanding solo stuff here and perfect if you like all black porn.


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