No Motive


98 Mins.
Midnight- 1995
DIR: Buck Adams
STARS: Rebecca Wild, Chante, Brittany O’Connell, Alexis Devell, Dyanna Lauren, Asia Carrera, Chase Manhattan, Nikki Sinn, Buck Adams, Tony Tedeschi, Steven St. Croix, Dan Steele, Steve Drake, Scott St. James, Brad Armstrong, Jonathan Morgan.
THEMES: Swinging, Runaways.
Buck Adams has had an up and down career behind the camera. (And in front of the camera too.) Some of his projects have been very good, while others have failed miserably. This video has a huge cast with some of my favorite names, so I was rather looking forward to one of the good ones when I popped this tape into the old VCR. We start out with gunshots in a huge house, followed by a woman screaming. What is Ron Jeremy farting again? From there we switch to a voice over from Rebecca Wild about why she had to leave her little hometown. Seems Hicksville USA just can’t thrill the busty blonde. She hops into a car with Buck Adams is on her way out of Dodge. This joy ride quickly becomes a road to ecstasy for Buck as he and Rebecca get naked in a hotel room. She spreads her thighs and lets him poke his tongue into every crevice while playing with her massive tits. “My turn” barks Buck and Rebecca gladly returns the favor. Her oral talents far outweigh her overall appeal in my book. I mean, this woman does know how to suck cock, and that, all by itself, is worth watching. She is also and enthusiastic fuck and big tits lovers have to be creaming over her set of chest cantaloupes. Pairing her with Buck assures a very high energy scene which always catches my attention. More scenes like this might move Rebecca up on my list, and could even have me seeking her out in the future. A cumshot somewhere besides her tummy would have been nice, but it’s still a good scene.
Buck is now back at that huge house, where he has been hired to watch Dyanna Lauren and hubby Brad Armstrong fuck. Dyanna is quite striking to look at, but I honestly can not remember one scene she has been in. While that might not bode well for what she has done in the past, this scene has a nice edge to it. While she plays to her audience, Brad pays extra special attention to her bald, beaver. She does pretty decent work with a fat cock in her mouth as well, which is always nice to see from one of porn’s “pretty girls.” Her dialog to Buck while being fucked is actually a brilliant way for her to really connect with the viewer, and it makes an otherwise better than average fuck borderline great. Big cum shot on her ass to finish out, but this is still the best Dyanna scene I can recall. The post coital fireworks explain the opening, and also lets us know that Rebecca is in some serious danger.
Into the story come the police, who look oddly like porn studs Tony Tedeschi, Steven St. Croix and Jonathan Morgan. It seems Buck is seriously bad dude and has the Feds on his ass as well as the local cops. Tedeschi takes a break from his part of the investigation long enough to pay a visit to girlfriend Chase Manhattan. To be honest, this is a pretty unremarkable scene with a woman who is not all that attractive giving a performance that is not up to the level of her cast members. Nothing against her, I mean, she is OK to look at and seems to like what she is doing, however, the rest of the cast just seems to have more spark, making this scene stand out as a bit dull and made me want to hurry back to the story.
Out on the town, Buck seems to be showing his true colors. He has Rebecca earn some money the old fashioned way. The trouble is that while the guy is moving in to get what he paid for, Buck comes in and kicks the shit out of this guy. His violent streak seems to worry Rebecca, but at the same time, she feels protected by her new psycho boyfriend. Hot on his trail, all three cops show up and move in their own directions. Jon and Steven question working girl Nikki Sinn, and after paying her to remember, decide they might as well get what they paid for. Nikki’s aggressive nature and her dirty mouth are surprisingly sexy considering I usually skip right over her scenes. She is really into this scene and the guys run her through the paces, fucking her open mouth and her shaved pussy until both get covered in jizz.
The new couple are busy stirring up trouble with a swinging couple, Alexis DeVall and Dan Steele. They start a little poolside show for Buck to watch, and these are two damn incredible bodies. Dan is hugely buff and Alexis is a well endowed southern belle with a rack to die for. Alexis has had her share of rather dull on screen moments, but she seems to really like being with this guy, so the scene works. He has a tongue as well developed as his biceps and that sets off buttons in the busty beauty like I have never seen. Dan’s dick is a tad underdeveloped, but that just makes it easier for Alexis to fit into her mouth, and for the first time, she looks into the cocksucking. You know, had she shown this much enthusiasm for cock in other scenes, Alexis easily would have been a big star. She is a joy to watch ride cock, so I can’t figure out why Buck blasts them before he can shoot off.
Buck takes off for more fun and excitement, this time playing stud for a pair of sexy ladies, Chante and Brittany O’Connell. He has them play with each other a bit first, which makes for a very sexy show, and gets him ready to perform with them. These two kissing has Buck hard and throbbing even before Brittany gets her hot lips around his fat cock. Once she takes it from her partner, there is no stopping the sexy redhead. Her goal is to devour his meat and nothing stops her. (Jeez, where do I sign up for this special treat? You know my 30th B-Day is coming up?) Buck distracts himself by sucking Chante’s pussy so as not to blow a load right in Brittany’s mouth from her hot oral loving. She has him so lubed up that her tight pussy slips ever so nicely down onto that meat. Fantastic insertion shots here as she rides him RC. After having this perfect woman, I’m not sure how Buck can be too thrilled with Chante who seems merely mortal after Brittany’s Goddess-like performance. Wisely, he hurries back for a few quick strokes, before unloading a very big load all over her face. Killer facial and a fucking great scene thanks to a top notch Brittany performance.
Something spooks Buck and he races back home just in time for the girls to see his face on TV. Buck explodes into a fit of rage. Pretty nice acting performance here by Buck. This outburst seems to trigger a change for the worst and with the cops right on his tail, things seem to be building to a head. The target would seem to be Buck’s former lawyer, Steve Drake, who is too busy with wife Asia Carrera to see the impending danger. (Well, if you are going to be distracted, at least have a good reason.) A man could get lost in those eyes for a week, and then between those thighs for about a decade. While Buck is getting worked up outside, Steve is enjoying a tasty pussy snack before turning the oral action over to one of the finest cocksuckers in the business. I usually don’t fall for a woman who just looks good near a dick, and Asia has much skills, however, I think just her face next to a hard cock would be something hot to watch. Steve must agree, because is so ready to fuck her that he is practically jumping out of his seat. If you have to have a final fuck, this is one to die for.
A pretty cool, big budget car chase/shoot out finishes up this video. Buck Adams is good at this sort of movie, and it was very enjoyable. The story was good, the acting very good and the sexual action, for the most part, top notch. Brittany and Asia burn up the screen. Rebecca and Alexis are better than I have seen and even Nikki is worth a look here. Pick it up if you like story with your sex.

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