Sweet Revenge


82 Mins.
Dreamland- 1996
DIR: Gary Gibbs
STARS: Asia Carrera, Tatiana, Krista Maze, Alexandra Dane, Toni James, Steve Drake, John Decker, Al Brown, Brian Sherwood.
THEMES: Revenge, Adultery.
What a way to start an adult feature. Steve Drake and Asia Carrera starting their day naked in each other’s arms, enjoying some early morning loving. Not a lot of preliminaries here, just Steve giving it to the very sexy Asia missionary and faking an internal cumshot. Thus begins this video feature from Dreamland, with Steve enjoying his nearly perfect life. He has a beautiful wife and a string of hotels that keep him out of town enough to keep some honeys on the side. Meanwhile, his wife is ever faithful at home. Or is she? Her girlfriend Tatiana works hard to convince Asia to have some fun.
Meanwhile Steve is keeping busy with Toni James, a woman so beautiful he just can’t resist. Personally, I don’t think she holds a candle to Asia, but I suppose the lure of variety is just too great for him to resist. He enjoys the taste of the thin brunette and uses his tongue to get her wet and ready to reciprocate. Well shot, if unspectacular oral footage here. Toni is pretty, but seems to have only moderate interest in what she is doing. The same can be said from her fucking style. She looks good, but seems to be going through the motions. Steve drops a thick wad on her chin to finish off a thoroughly average pairing.
Back at the house, maids Krista Maze and Alex Dane play dress up with Asia’s clothes. This leads the lusty pair into the bathtub where things heat up considerably. With another of the family helpers watching, the girls get warmed up and hop into bed with him. I hope this stud ate his Wheaties because Alex Dane alone is a sexual handful, and Krista can take a lot out of a man as well. Alex starts working on his cock with her mouth, reminding me why she is one of my faves, what a great face for sucking dick. Krista buries her face between Alex’s thin thighs while being banged from behind by the happy guy. The kind of all out sexuality Alex displays just can not be taught, some women are born with it and we are lucky when one finds her way to the screen. She takes cock in her tight pussy and begs for more meat. Any fans of tiny titted, shaved girls who love to fuck will want to check her out here. Krista is as good as I ever seen her in this scene but just can’t quite keep up. The guy backs up and shoots a very impressive stream of cum all over the sexy young thing’s well fucked pussy and Krista can only lap the jizz from her crack.
Steve has moved on to another woman, and is in the process of cheating on his mistress. This blonde woman is really pretty with a great set of nipples that just cry out to be sucked hard. Steve gets her good and ready to perform her duties by eating her juicy pussy. She seems to catch on pretty quickly, obediently taking his rod in her mouth and going to work, not stopping until he is hard and glistening with her saliva. Judging from the way she fucks, Steve has made an outstanding choice for Mistress number two. She may not be Asia or Alex, but a fine pairing none the less, including some well shot anal action and a very nice facial, leaving the pretty blonde lapping sperm from her lips.
Another uncredited chick pairs up in an unrelated scene. I have to make a comment here. Asia, Alex and Tatiana have, as of yet, seen very little screen time. How about less of these other women and more of the sure thing. The sex in this scene is fine, nothing to crow about as the decent looking redhead fucks a load from her boyfriend and takes it all over her face. Not bad, but an Asia scene is just way overdue.
Steve’s activities are starting to catch up with him. Both his girlfriend and his wife are taking him to the cleaners financially, and now faithful Asia has even taken to getting some fun on the side. In a romantic fireside pairing, Asia shows all the talents that have made her a superstar. She is beautiful as ever and completely focused on working her man’s cock hard in her hand and mouth. Great oral sex? Hell yes it is. Nearly perfect. Just the smile on her face is enough to make me want to see more and more. As the guy goes down to taste her sweet pussy, all I can think is how I would give a major appendage to sample that delicious dessert myself. (Open invitation to Asia.) Really good camera work to catch the fine penetration shots as he slides his cock into her shaved slit. (Love the neatly trimmed triangle of pubes.) I always love watching Asia fuck doggie style so I can gawk at her whole body. This woman is sexy head to toe and her scene is the highlight of this video, no questions. His pop shot ends up on her perfectly shaped ass cheeks, closing out the video and letting us know just how much Steve really lost.
This is really a decent video. Good performances all around, with Asia and Alex being outstanding as always. Kind of disappointed that Tatiana did not get into any scenes though. Decent enough story and gentle enough sex should make this a couples friendly piece of adult material, but it is certainly hot enough to be worth a look for anyone, if for no other reason than to see Asia and Alex in action.

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