Sugar Daddy 8



89 Mins.

Xplor- 1997

DIR: Dave Cummings

STARS: Pandora, Bobby Hunter, Pearl Essence, Karime.

THEMES: Gang Bangs, Young Girls with Older Guys, Facials, Exotic Women.



This series featuring older men with young girls has had some very good moments. The women are often quite cute and enthusiastic about fucking the Jurassic cocks set before them. My problem is that often the scenes are really short and don’t build up the sexual heat that they might if given a bit more time. (But then who I am? Dave is the one out boning young chippies for cash while I just write about his work.)

First up is eighteen year old Asian doll Pearl Essence. She is quite beautiful and a talented cocksucker. Pearl sucks Dave’s cock like she adores his hard meat and is just dying to feel it slip into her tight channel. Once he is up in there, Dave just can’t help but wear a huge smile. Fucking a woman this tasty has to be the highlight of even the most experienced dude’s life. We get a brief bit of anal before a great facial flood spews forth onto her gorgeous face. A bit too short for my tastes, but a little Pearl is still a great thing and this scene is eye catching.

Adventurous blonde Pandora swings by the park on a sunny afternoon and spies the SugarDaddy guys playing football. This is not her idea of how to work up a sweat, and presents the guys with a new proposition. She wants to fuck the whole lot of them. This group of guys is not exactly porn’s most attractive lot. In addition to Dave, Ron Jeremy, Dick Nasty, Rod Fontana, Don Fernando and Jack Hammer, make for a six man team, set to fill Pandora full of cock. In fact, we join the gang bang already well under way. Pandora has a cock in both holes in the opening shot. I don’t know about you, but I kind of like the build up in a situation like this. Hardcore action is great, but how about some gang bang foreplay? With Jeremy and Hammer pounding away at her lower holes, Pandora deep throats Nasty with absolute ease. This woman has got what it takes to be a mega slut. Six guys is as much a challenge to shoot as they are to fuck, but Dave does a good job of not showing us a circle of guys jerking off. Pandora is the center of the action and is always being slammed by hard cock. Fine work by the production crew as well as the on screen talent.

Quite the cocksucker, Pandora keeps all the guys primed and ready with her busy mouth and hands while dicks pummel her pussy the entire time. Good body, good face, great attitude, those are the ingredients of a very good gang bang gal if you ask me. Pandora really looks like the sort of woman who could keep a room full of guys occupied between games on a Sunday. Why do I think this is not the first time this busty blonde has been the center of such carnal attention? Any ass that can take the full length of Jeremy’s tool is a well practiced bunghole. The cum starts to fly right in the middle, with Pandora’s ass and pussy getting a good creaming. Then the guys start DPing her again. Jeremy even uses a big dildo to help fill her ass while he and another guy double her pussy. That is a pretty full slut. Before it is done, Pandora gets jizzed nearly a dozen times, including a good number of facials. Say what you like about Jeremy, but he adds three pop shots himself. I don’t know about you all, but I want Pandora over to my house for the Super Bowl party.

Bobby Hunter is an even cuter blonde who interrupts a group of studs playing pool and offers up her body as an alternative. With five dicks to play with, you know she has work cut out for her, but Bobby just looks like the kind of woman who can handle all the these guys have and then some. At first a pair of guys keep her very busy by stuffing her face full of cock, and Bobby does look outstanding with a mouth full of hard meat. In pairs mostly, the guys take turns using her mouth and pussy to keep their sticks warm, and Bobby just lies back and takes as many inches as they can dish out. It takes her a while to warm up, but after the first guy dumps a massive load on her belly, Bobby seems to really get heated up. The sexy blonde seems especially fond of the big black cock she keeps buried in mouth for much of the time. This lucky stud even gets to fuck her one on one after the guy he was double teaming her with shoots his wad. Bobby totally gets off on this guy’s huge cock, riding him hard before slipping that shaft up her ass. Their pairing is genuinely the best action on this tape, ending with another very nice facial. After this guy finishes, three more studs come in and take their shots, one by one, at beautiful Bobby. Some very nice standing doggie in front of a mirror highlights this long, stream of hot one on one action. Bobby is quite the pretty little slut.

Karime is an exotic beauty who has been stood up by her date, and decides to reward Dave by sucking his dick. (Yeah, shit like this is ALWAYS happening to me.) The outdoor setting is perfect for some oral action and Karime seems to know her way around a hard shaft. From there, they head back to Dave’s place so she can give him even more head. All too quickly, Dave removes his cock from her mouth and slides it into a visibly tight pussy. This busty girl really loves Dave’s cock and hops up into the saddle to give him the ride of a lifetime. He rewards her with a big facial dousing that brings a smile to her sexy mug. Another way too short scene, but an incredibly hot young thing.

Dave Cummings overcomes what I think is his biggest problem, scenes that are too short, by throwing in a couple of long group gropes. Pandora and Bobby both get crammed full of cock and both are quite capable cum farmers. I love Bobby’s look, and Pandora has the spirit of a true porn slut. The two one on one scenes are too short, which is really too bad since both Pearl, and especially Karime are hotties. These exotic women both are rod stiffenigly sexy and know how to suck cock quite well. I look forward to seeing all four of these ladies in more action very soon. This is probably the very best in this series, great job Dave.

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