She’s No Angel


74 Mins.
Erotic Angel- 1996
DIR: Cash Markman
STARS: Farrah, Leanna Hart, Tatiana, Ruby, Michael Hurt, Mike Horner, Michael J. Cox, Frank Buckquid and Captain Bob.
THEMES: Strippers, Virgins.
I will admit that Farrah makes a decent covergirl, but I can’t understand how you can make her top draw over Tatiana or Ruby, two far sexier women, is beyond me. Still, video companies put a lot of effort into the Farrah blitz, and to her credit, I have been more impressed with her than I thought I would be. Can she carry a video? With a supporting cast like this, she might not have to.
Farrah plays a charity collector who happens upon gangsters Michael Hurt and Frank Buckquid. Hurt tries to pay her to move along, but she seems to touch him in a special way. Soon, he is telling his whole life story, and we get to see it in flashback style. Tatiana plays the mistress who broke his heart by cheating on him with Michael J. Cox. Tatiana, in her short career, really had the whole sex on camera thing down. She is great to look at and loves to use her sexy voice to add to the experience. Cox knows that the tryst could get him killed, but can’t stop his hormones once she gets naked. She goes right after his cock and does not let her eyes leave his while she takes it deep in her mouth and sucks it like a fat candy stick. Tatiana is in total command of this scene start to finish, working his body and making him please her in every way possible. Even when her mocking him about impending death causes Mike to toss her on her belly and slam fuck her from behind, this sexy creature never loses control. She keeps asking him if her pussy is worth dying for, and I have to admit, I started thinking that maybe it is. Of course, when her guy comes in, it’s curtains for lover boy and the cheating Tatiana.
The plot thickens when the mobster decides he must kill Farrah for hearing his confession. She escapes, and that sends us to a topless bar where our angelic blonde hires on to do some cleaning in the place while she hides out. Backstage at this club, Mike Horner (What, did they hire ever porn stud named Mike for this movie?) gets up close and personal with dancer Leanna Hart. Except for her big implants, Leanna could easily be the girl next door, or a close stand in for Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy fame. She is still cute, and has a wonderfully wet pussy that Mike has a ball fingering and licking. Leanna uses her cute face and hot mouth to help her man rise to the occasion. Better than average oral action here, especially since that Buffy thing is really kicking in her. Quick someone make Leanna the new Buffy the Vampire Layer. Great shots of her tight pussy gripping his hard shaft as the porn vet slams his young costar into the table, making her scream for more. Decent cowgirl action, but a rather lame up the crack cum shot ruin what would otherwise be a decent scene.
Realizing that the only way she can stay, is for Farrah to give stripping a try. Ruby takes the virginal stripper under her wing in exchange for first crack at her crack. (OK, no one is buying the tattooed, silicone hootered Farrah as a virgin, but who cares?) She and Ruby make quite the attractive pair and backstage soon becomes a muff diving competition. Ruby is always good on screen and with a tasty pussy in her sights, she dives right in for some great close up pussy eating action. Ruby is even more my speed and when she spreads her thighs, I nearly dove right through the screen to taste that sweet slit. Farrah gets to do what I can only dream of, but at least she does it for all of us to see. Ruby even takes Farrah’s cherry with a thin strap on. To finalize her initiation, Ruby slips the Wallace-like dildo up her butthole, making the blonde not quite so innocent. This woman is a fucking star, even if no one but me knows it.
That seems to have done the trick, as Farrah is now ready to go on stage with Leanna and give a torrid two girl show. One problem, the gangster hunting her down is part owner of the club. Will the mask she wears keep her safe? Well, the kindly woman he is hunting is nothing like the pussy starved slut he sees on stage. There goes Leanna looking too cute for words again. Sure, it’s another lesbian scene, but these two make it worth taking a look at. Best of all is when the two cuties share a two headed dildo. Great stage show.
Farrah notices her pursuers hot on her trail and ducks out to save her skin. Good thing she does, because back comes Hurt to meet her. In an incredible case of mistaken identity, a masked Ruby ends up the object of his affections. Farrah’s loss is our gain as now we get to see this incredible redhead work her magic on a cock. Her oral skills are beyond top notch, they are absolutely nutbusting. Even in the mask her face is made for a hard cock, and I would be the first in line to sample this incredible woman. Her body is just perfect, and looks incredible as she takes cock from behind bent over a chair. After a rousing fuck, he drops a load on her shaved slit and cuts out when he realized he has fucked the wrong woman. (In whose opinion?)
No one dies in the end, of course, but you might die laughing at Mike Horner’s drag in this video. Farrah does not take dick here, but she is actually not even top draw. Ruby smokes in her het and lez scene, as does Leanna Hart. Tatiana is, as usual, great, rounding out a sexually good cast. Everything about this video is good, and it gives you a little humor to make it a better than average view.

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