Private Gold 29: The Perversion Of Barbara




100 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Christophe Clark

Private – 1998 (3/98)

THEMES: Swinging, Anal Sex, Blondes, A2M.

STARS: Barbara Rose, Cindy, Eva, Kristina, Marilyn, Melanie, Natacha, Sandra, Sharon, Andrew Youngman, David Perry, J.Y. Lecastel, John Walton, Le Tigre, Leslie, Mike Fontana.


Even though the Private Gold label tends to be the story heavy line from the porn super company, the sex is still what generally stands out. With Christophe Clark at the helm and a full lipped, gorgeous blonde on the cover, I have a feeling I won’t be talking to you about plot structure or stand out camera work. Clark specializes in bringing us gorgeous Euro-babes, fucked silly and anything extra is just icing on the cake.

As we open, an attractive couple, David and Barbara are enjoying each other during a tour of a beautiful European city. They take some time out to enjoy a little semi-public sex. Barbara, a gorgeous blonde does a very nice job sucking her lover’s cock in an alley, but they cut their liaison short so as not to be discovered. Instead he takes her somewhere and tells a tale of how he watched two thin Euro-bims lovingly groping each other. The two women break out a toy and share it briefly before splitting off and fucking themselves silly side by side. Nice toy assisted anal sex here, and even some double dildo DP action in an otherwise, rather unremarkable pairing.

His purpose for sharing this story with his fiancee? Well, David wants Barbara to experience all sorts of sexual adventures in their final days before the wedding. Rather than slapping him across the face as most women would, she agrees to expand her sexual horizons. He is so pleased that the can’t keep his hands off her, pinning her against the wall and fingering her pussy. Once again, Barbara drops to her knees and stares up into the camera with those hypnotic eyes. Its’ no wonder he rushes her over to the bed for a quick taste of her pussy before climbing on top of her and rapid fucking that tight slit. After an all too quick fuck, he rolls her onto her side and slips his cock into her ass. (Public oral, anal sex, looks to me like Babs is already quite the wanton wife to be.) After all this, she still goes down and strokes a huge load out of his prick. I don’t like the slow motion, but it’s still a hot shot watching Barbara lap up his spilled seed.

Her next lesson comes from Kristina and Eva, a couple of moderately attractive blondes. She brings her man home and turns the two women loose on his fat cock. While they are not nearly as hot as Barbara, he seems just fine with the two on one arrangement. Kristina is the prettier of the two and also the more enthusiastic of the pair when it comes to cocksucking. (Trouble here is, these women ‘teaching’ Babs to swallow sword, aren’t as good at it as she already is.) It is a lot of fun to watch Barbara fingering her pussy while David has his shaft ridden by the lusty pair. Again there is too much slow motion as Eva gets assfucked and Kristina works her own ass over with a dildo. They finish by teaching her what she already knows, how to take a sticky wad in her open mouth.

Barbara goes out on the town while David sleeps on the couch. She returns with a young, attractive couple and the brunette woman helps Barbara awaken David with a gentle handjob. Once he is awake and fully aroused, the new friend starts slowly licking his long cock, teasing us all with her erotic gaze. This quickly moves into an all out four way fuck fest on the couch with both women doing their best to hide every inch of cock in their steaming pussies. In side by side visual tests of anal sex, Barbara still came on top over her new friend. Four out of five dentists surveyed preferred the sexy blonde. (On that topic, who WAS that fifth dentist who recommended sugared gum to patients who chew gum? Dr. I. Smokealotacrack D.D.S.?) By now Barbara is quite comfortable taking cocks from her friend’s pussy and ass to suck them clean. This leads us to a very sticky double facial that though sadly ruined once again by slow motion, is still one hell of a fine sight.

As time passes, Barbara gets even more depraved. She walks in on a wild sex club where more pretty young women are being fucked senseless by hard driving studs. Such hard anal sex is not for the timid, but Barbara is happy to be blindfolded and brought to the center of the action. The men descend on her like she is the freshest piece of meat they have ever seen and fuck her like there’s no tomorrow while the other girls watch on in aroused amazement. She takes a big cock right in her ass and loves every inch as the guy slams home while two other fill her face with shaft. Before long, the lovely Barbara has a cock in both holes and ends up nearly drowned in four loads of jizz (Shot mostly in real time). Very hot little gang bang.

Happy with her descent into slut-dom, David marries Barbara, but there is soon trouble in paradise. Seemingly bored, she sends him out for the evening. As soon as the door closes behind David, Barbara is on the phone, inviting over a couple so she can watch them fuck. However, just watching the woman work on this huge pole is not enough. Babs has to taste it for herself. The two women share that fat prick in a very hot double blowjob. It swells to a size seemingly too big for either of these tight ladies, but the brunette takes it right up her ass. Barbara, now completely gone over to the dark side, does multiple A2M’s on the rod before bending over to take it in her pussy. She doesn’t take that monster in her ass, but does help lap up a double facial pasting.

I would probably have really raved about this movie had it not been for the sad fact that WAY too much of the action is obscured (In my view obscured, to some of you this may be an enhancement, but it is, after all, my review.) Barbara is a totally hot blonde, with striking features, incredible lips and an all natural body that is out of this world even when measured next to the total hotties Private usually brings us. I would certainly recommend watching this tape to see her. The action that is not messed up by the slo-mo is good, often very good, with lots of very big cock being swallowed by pretty women and plenty of sphincter stretching anal sex. I can see where the aim might have been to make something for couples to watch with the plot line and all, but chances are, unless you wife is REALLY into the sort of hard-core decadence that Private specializes in, the little woman is not going to be as thrilled as she might be. Still a good effort, even great if you don’t mind the slow motion stuff.

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