California College Student Bodies


82 Mins.
Xplor Media – 1998 (3/98)
THEMES: Solo, College Girls.
STARS: Julie, Rose, Roxanne, Rose, Brenda, Miori.
This series has brought us some very fresh faced young women, all shedding their clothes for the camera for the first time and usually enjoying some hot, solo fun. I don’t know if these girls are real college students or not, but if they I are, I think it’s about time to head back to school.
Miori, who starred in an earlier version of this series, comes back to do her first boy/girl scene with a guy she works with. This guy seems to have a pretty firm grasp on the fact that he is one lucky SOB to be hooking up with this gorgeous young thing. This is an amateur tape, but Miori has the sort of sexual skills that would allow her to turn pro any time she feels like. Why do I have a feeling that this guy has spent plenty of time at work, dreaming of having sexy Miori suck his cock? She is every bit as active with a dick in her pussy as those of us who watched her with a dildo had hoped, bucking her hips back to meet this thrusts while he fucks her. He breaks out a dildo and fucks her pussy for a while, thus persevering his energy and holding off on his cumshot. She calls for it in the mouth, but he doesn’t quite make it, blasting her flat belly instead.
Rose is twenty and very nervous to be in front of the camera. She is absolutely stunning, but just can’t seem to get up the courage to take her clothes off. It’s kind of nice that the camera just keeps rolling as she works her way awkwardly through some poses. It shows how things can go on an amateur shoot and is refreshing to watch. She eventually gets comfortable enough to start rubbing her pussy. While she is not the most enthusiastic finger fucker, watching Rose is fantastic anyway.
Julie is another shy girl. At just eighteen, this thin Phillipeana is incredibly cute and blessed with a tight body. We get to see her pose for a bit on the bed and then again in the shower. Too bad that’s all we get since she is so beautiful. Who knows though, maybe she will come back in a later volume like Miori did.
Roxanne is a year older than Julie and not at all shy. This curvy brunette has no problem stripping down on the bed, showing off her firm, 36C breasts and perfecting her ‘come and get me’ smile. After some posing, complete with close up spread shots, Roxanne dips a finger into the honey put before breaking out a sizable dildo for a brief solo fuck.
Brenda is a nineteen year old Mexican who is as shy as she is lovely. She does some lingerie posing, showing off her firm body. This young woman is nice to look at, but there really isn’t much chance we will see her tearing things up in a porn video anytime soon. She just seems like there is nothing she would rather do than get out.
Once again, this tape promises hot looking college girls and it delivers on that. The women all look good enough to eat, so if you like watching young hotties pose and do some masturbating, you will love this tape. If you’re looking for hardcore action, only Miori comes through on that count, but her scene is well worth watching. Check this out of you want to see cute, young ethnic girls, in front of the camera for the first time. I am going to rewind and watch sexy Miori one more time.

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