Max Gold 06


118 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Max Hardcore
Filmwest/Legend – 1998 (4/98)
THEMES: Anal Sex, Young looking women, facials.
STARS: Anna Malle, Umma, Tammi Ann, Sabrina, Lulu Chan, Christie Woods, Suzy Q.,Vanella Simms, Vivian Ley, Zana Cue (Kitty Yung), Max Hardcore.
The return of this compilation series will not only make big fans of Max very happy, but will also give new viewers the chance to see him do what has made him famous. I have been somewhat critical of Max’s newer films, but most of these scenes hearken back to a time when I was on of his most vocal supporters. A quick look at the cast list, and you will see the likes of Tammi Ann, Anna Malle, Sabrina and Kitty Yung (billed as Zana Cue.) That alone should be enough to make anyone watch it.
Before we get to the old scenes, we start with a brand new on starring incredible sexy Suzy Q. In spite her valley girl/mall rat attire, this luscious creature is all woman, head to toe. Her long, shapely legs, ample, real tits and pretty face make quite a pretty picture s as he fucks herself with a fat dildo in preparation for a tussle with Max. When he does join Suzy, Max goes right to work fucking her mouth and making things quite messy. I prefer to watch as she lies back and lets her eagerly lick his balls and inhale his prick. (All the while, still working that massive toy in her tight slit. Skipping her pussy, Max moves right in behind Suzy to fuck her ass. This is some really good butt boning and Suzy seems to love a stiff shaft up her backside. Max fills her sphincter with sperm, closing out our first look at pretty Suzy Q.
Now a trip down memory lane to a time when Max had Umma on his couch and lets her alternate between his cock and ass to practice for her oral exams. On her knees, Umma is quite a pretty sight, happily gulping down his cock down to the root while playing with her tight, wet pussy. She rips her clothes off, leaving only her lovely fuck me pumps on, and slides her pretty frame onto his waiting rod. Really nice RCA footage here as Umma bounces up and down with her ass full of dick. This woman can take a hard assfuck and give it back as well as Max gives it, even eagerly moving into position for the very messy A2M plastering.
Adorable Christie Woods is already spread open in an easy chair for Max to sodomize. Is it just me, or does this woman look a lot like Tricia Deveraux? He again goes right for the ass, pumping to her chats of ‘fuck my schoolgirl ass.’ I doubt if her ass was quite so accessible when she was a schoolgirl, but it fits with her outfit and shaved pussy. After warming her butt up, Max uses a long, pink dildo to DP her young body. Her glasses make for the perfect target when it comes time for Max to unload his copious nut butter all over her smiling face.
Vanella Simms was a totally hot blonde who I only saw work in Max vids. She is another one of those rare women who seems to be made for the kind of rough anal probing he loves to give. She opens up for his cock, begging him to fuck her ass harder. I have always loved when Max lets the women talk dirty and Vanella is a first class trash talker. As she spreads wide on the couch, we get multiple anal insertion shots which are all very well captured and quite hot. Off come the heels so she can do that cool RCA position where she rests her feet on his thighs and fucks the shit out of him. (Why DO I love this position so much?) The dildo comes out again so she can DP herself. Nice piledriver leads to another eager A2M face fucking. Vanella begs for his cum in her mouth and gets her share and then some. Where have you gone Vanella Simms?
Dangerously cute Vivian Ley is next and adding a plaid skirt to this brace-faced beauty is sure to get a rise out of some super perverts out there. It’s a little off putting for me, but Vivian is just so hot I can’t help but love watching her suck cock. She has a little more trouble than some getting his dick in her butt, however, in no time, she is in his lap for the RCA, bouncing up and down with a huge grin on her face. After a rough piledrive assfuck, Max shoots off into her ass, and drips it down her pussy onto her waiting face.
Kitty Yung did a Hitchhiker video for Max under the name Zana Cue and she is having the most fun I have ever seen as he fills her orifices with bananas that seem to want to shoot out of her tight holes. Max takes full advantage of her open, inviting holes, poking his fingers into each one before letting her hop up into his lap to get her butt filled with bone. Kitty always looked great, so letting her just ride his cock is a very good idea, especially since it looks like she is loving every second of this. After another sizzling dildo assisted DP, he fucks her doggie, pulling her long hair as she begs for him to shoot all over her face. Thankfully, that is exactly what we get, Kitty with her sexy face plastered with a thick load of goo.
Lulu actually asks Max to be gentle with her as he starts fingering her ass. Lulu is a tall, long legged Asian girl who, contrary to some of the others in this tape, does not seem to take well to Max and his antics. She seems bored with the dialog, which comes out as highly unnatural coming from her mouth. While she is fucking him, new dialog seems to have been dubbed over to cover some discomfort or displeasure. As I recall, in the original, the roller skate wearing young woman was not pleased at having her ass filled, and you can actually hear her say “You said you were going to fake it.” At one point. If you don’t like anal sex, don’t do an anal scene, and if the chick hates it, stop. This just blows whatever sex appeal this scene might have had for me. By the time he plasters her face, I was actually glad it was over.
Doing a total 180 from the last scene, Max goes after Anna Malle, who seems like she could take anything Max could dish out and beg for more. As he probes her with his fingers, she screams out for more. What does she want, his whole arm up her ass? Sorry Anna, this is a US tape, you have to settle for Max’s cock in your butt. Next to Jeanna Fine, Anna may be the hottest talker in the history of porn and thankfully it is her voice we hear through most of this scene. In the end, her ass well fucked, Anna asks for and receives a hot, sticky facial.
Lovely Latina Sabrina is up next and Max has her by the side of a running stream. When the join the scene already in progress, the pre-boobjob Sabrina is already riding the Max machine, shaking her tits in his face and grinding those talented hips. Putting her on her hands and knees, Max fucks Sabrina from behind and I swear, her ass is so tiny, it fits in his hands. With that ass high in the air, he goes ahead and starts pumping her pooper full of prick. In some of her scenes with Max, Sabrina has seemed less than enthused, but this time out, especially while riding RCA, she is quite receptive to his throbbing shaft. She even looks like she actually loves taking his thick load of love juice all over her face and tits.
The final scene is one of the very best. Tammi Ann, very early in her career, on her knees, with a cock down her throat. Now that is a way to start out a clip. She is nothing short of adorable as she smiles up at him in between deep swallows of dick. When Max does some digital exploration, Tammi delights in calling herself a “teen whore.” She does look dangerously close to the Polanski/Kournicova line, but still has to be one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. When she gets into that special RCA and drops her full weight down on his cock, I can only hope that some of you have saved some tissue for this final scene. Fuck Viagra, this scene will stiffen anything within a mile of your TV screen. Seeing that this little fireball needs more than just his prick, Max brings in a big toy to fuck her tight pussy while he doggies that ass.
One brand new scene and nine trips down memory lane make for a very watchable Max compilation tape. Anyone who has never seen a Max video, or has only seen the recent stuff, should watch this tape and see how he became so popular. Tammi Ann, Kitty Yung, Sabrina and Vanella are just three of the best reasons to watch this tape. With only the Lulu scene turning me off, I have to say that nine out of ten is a great average for anyone. No specumns here, no gagging, no simulated pissing. Just lots of pretty young women, fucked hard in their asses and having their sweet faces doused in goo.

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