83 Mins.
DIRECTOR: James Digiorgio
Sin City – 1998 (4/98)
THEMES: Strippers
STARS: Nikki Lynn, Emily, Roxanne Hall, Ember Haze, Randee Lee, Brittany Platinum, Jacklyn Lick, Steve Hatcher, Matt Jade, Ian Daniels, Michael Hurt.
Ahhh, the lapdance. Men live for it, stripper live by it and most women live in fear of it. This rite of cultural passage, so touchingly chronicled in ‘Showgirls’ is��.wait a minute. All this, just to describe a stripper grinding her ass in your crotch? Me thinks not. Bottom line, a porn flick set in a strip club sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Somewhere in between these two extremes lies James Digeorgio’s newest picture, “Lapdance.”
The first tale of lust in a strip club involves cook Steve Hatcher and the club’s headline dancer. For some reason, this exotic creature finds Steve too good to pass up and takes his mind off cooking by serving him a heaping helping of hooter. He knows how to make her simmer to a slow boil. (Simmer to a slow boil? Anyone else wonder if Rog has ever cooked a non microwave meal in his life?) Is anal sex over an open flame a violation of health codes? Nothing wrong with it from where I sit, and there is nothing wrong with this scene either, unless you don’t like watching this sort of butt busting.
The next story is quite simply, the fantasy of every strip club patron in history. Luck Ian Daniels goes home with not one, but two, of the hottest dancers in the club. One of them, Jacklyn Lick is a tasty treat to hot for words. With the help of her blonde galpal, they tease Ian with a sexy show that serves as a prelude for even more fun soon to come. Seeing his chance, Ian steps in and buries his face in the blonde’s exposed pussy while she snacks on Jackie’s slit. Seeing her mouth open, moaning with pleasure, he gets smart and lets Ms. Lick do just that to his quickly rising member. As if that weren’t enough, the second girl moves in for a fantastic two girl blowjob that would hospitalize most strip club customers. Ian has enough energy after this super sucking to slide his shaft into Jacklyn’s pussy for a while, then sample her friend as well. I don’t see how anyone would want to pull out of Jackie, but I guess porn studs get paid to fuck who they are told, not who their dick tells them to. Really nice cumshot here as Ian blasts the blonde’s pussy and Jacklyn licks up ever drop. Fucking hot.
Customers at this bar don’t always have to wait to take the dancers home to get luck, as we soon find out. While the girls give their all on stage, a few of the lucky front row patrons, give every inch to the willing dancers who open wide for their ‘tips.’ Brittany Platnium makes sure that a pair of guys sitting in the front enjoy more than just the show. She takes a nice standing fuck, showing off her bald beaver, then opens wide to make a semen target of her studded tongue.
Another cute dancer takes a well hung customer home for one of the best scenes in the video. After she sucks his fat cock deep in her throat, the girl puts her feet back behind her ears to let him suck her pussy. After nearly six minutes of labe lapping, this little honey is begging for cock between her thighs and he brings home the bacon big time. Great sexy talk here to go along with the hard pounding action. In the end, she strokes a huge load of cream out onto her face and into her mouth.
Even the women working behind the bar have to get into the act. After convincing Nikki Lynn to give stripping a shot, Roxanne Hall is able to talk her into a all girl, backstage fun as well. Nikki’s juices are flowing from the start as Roxanne gets her tongue deep inside her new friend. Somehow, I don’t think this is the first time Nikki has had her tongue in another woman either. She drives Roxanne right up the wall with her labe lapping. As usual, Roxanne looks good enough to eat, and Nikki does her share of that, bringing quakes of pleasure from the perfectly proportioned young lady.
This video takes a look at strip clubs the way we’ve always hoped they were, packed with lusty dancers and lucky patrons. The sex in this video is all very well shot and the cast is very attractive. Roxanne Hall only does a g/g scene, but that’s about my only complaint. Jacklyn Lick is very hot in her three way, but I need to find out who the petite little hosebeast who fucked the shit out of Michael Hurt is. She is quite a find. Digiorgio does a very nice job capturing hot sex in interesting settings and there is sort of a story to follow as you clean yourself up between fierce fucks.

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