Barefoot Confidential


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OVERALL RATING: 6+ (8+ if you are into feet.)
73 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Mark Archer
Toe-to-Toe – 1998 (1/98)
STARS: Brittany Andrews, Timber, Roxanne Hall, Michael J. Cox, Avalon.
One of the things I am constantly asked is why I don’t review fetish or bondage tapes. The fact is, I don’t find them sexually appealing, so I wouldn’t know what do say about them. What caught my eye on this tape was the attractive boxcover shot of Brittany Andrews. Since the entire cast looks great and this tape promises some hardcore sex in addition to the usual foot action, I figured I would give it a shot. Foot lovers, bear with me, I miss some of the appeal for you, but I’ll do my best.
The scenes are introduced with Serling-esque voice overs, taking us into the world of these gorgeous women and their feet. Timber is up first, out for a daring, barefoot Sunday drive. She runs into some trouble when a foot obsessed cop pulls he over and makes her walk a straight line. (More close up shots of her feet for those of you checking them out.) After taking her toe prints, he has to clean up her feet, and you know where that leads. Actually, it leads to Timber on squatting beside her car to suck his cock. I don’t recall ever seeing Timber before this video, but she is a really pretty blonde with a fresh face, not body and apparently great feet. While I’m not so sure on the appeal of her toes, I do know that Timber looks great with a hose in her face. To pay her back for a top notch suckjob, the cop puts Timber in the back seat and sucks her toes for a long while. I don’t know if this is sexy or not, but it’s well shot and rather intense. Equally intense is the backseat fucking this energetic couple engage in. She not only rides his cock like it’s the last penis on earth, but they manage to work into a number of rather acrobatic positions in the crowded back seat. After a brief footjob, Timber takes a load on her toes and happily licks them clean.
The next story involves a magic ring and the pervert who possesses it. Jeff has the magic ring and whoever wears it, is under his control. He goes out in search of someone to put under his control and hits the jackpot with Brittany Andrews. He gets her to wear the ring and takes her back to his place. There is one catch, however. If he touches her, the ring loses its powers, so all Jeff can do is make her put on a show for him and capture it on tape. He runs her through and extensive pose session, focusing on her feet. Brittany spends a lot of time oiling up and rubbing down her feet. Eventually, all this foot play, gets her pussy going and Brittany breaks out a long red vibrator. Starting at her toes (NATCH), she works the buzzing plastic up her long legs to the treasure that awaits between her silky thighs. Even the masturbation is filled with adoring shots of her feet. Pretty hot scene, but I’m sure if you dig feet, it is quite a treat. (Great, just what porn needs, freaking Dr. Seuss reviewing flicks.)
The final story involves therapist Avalon and her sexy patient, Roxanne Hall. As Roxanne’s shoes come off, she rubs her stocking clad feet together for a long time before she finally slips them off and goes barefoot. Avalon has some strange therapy for her patient who has come to her with dreams of worms. To cure her, the doc brings out a bowl full of worms. A warning to you squeamish viewers, Avalon not only lets the worms run over her toes, she also squishes some beneath her feet. Roxanne follows suit and the two women play footsie with worms for a while.
When that odd little trip is over, they clean up and the real fun begins. The lesbian pairing is still heavy on the foot action, but these two ladies are nearly flawless and truly wonderful to watch. Roxanne and Avalon seem to really enjoy sucking each other’s pussies as much as they do licking toes. For my money, the sight of Roxanne burying her face between Avalon’s cheeks is worth the price of this video. An all girl scene that keeps me this enthralled is a rare thing, so you know how much I think of this scene. Don’t worry feet guys, as the women work each other over, there is still plenty of toe sucking, feet fucking and sole licking to keep you quite happy.
Those of you into feet, will obviously have more interest in this tape that those who don’t. Still, from what I have seen of this genre, ‘Barefoot Confidential’ has a much broader appeal than most. The picture quality is excellent which is always a good sign. In addition, the non foot action is very good. Timber is nothing short of incredible. I will be picking up anything I can find with her lovely face on it. Brittany’s solo scene is all right, but clearly more for the fetish audience. Roxanne and Avalon give a fantastic g/g scene. Once you get past the worm squishing, the lesbian sex is brilliant. There is enough here for me to watch the next Toe-to-Toe video and who knows, maybe some of the foot action will rub off on me.
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