Lewd Conduct


140 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Vince Vouyer

Diabolic – 1998 (2/98)
THEMES: Euro-Babes, Real Tits, Interracial Sex.
STARS: Nikki Anderson, Mocha, Caroline, Claudia, Sloane, Eve, Nick East, Rich, Mark Davis, Vince Vouyer..
What a shock, another porn stud taking his shots behind the camera. Is there any male star with more than say a dozen videos who hasn’t been given their own line? Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. This time, the camera is handed to Vince Voyeur, and luckily for him, he gets a top notch cast of new faces and hot bodies. Is it just me, or does the box, lettering and even the credits look just like those from an Anabolic video? Hell even the male cast looks like they just wandered over from a Gang Bang Girl set.
Caroline and Mark Davis come wandering through the door and in less than twenty seconds, he slips her top off and starts playing with her tits. It’s a little strange to first see a woman when you already know she has tested positive for HIV. Still, this very pretty brunette has plenty of on screen charisma and some way above average oral skills. She handles Mark quite easily and plays to the camera while flicking her tongue of the head of his prick. Mark happily, and quite thoroughly returns the favor, driving the pretty Hungarian to the brink of orgasmic delight with his tongue and busy fingers. After all that sucking, her pussy is nice and wet so his entry from behind goes rather smoothly. Of course, it isn’t her pussy Mark wants, but her ass. Caroline takes his large member right up her butt with no trouble at all. This is my kind of anal scene, good, hard action without a lot of gaping assholes to turn my stomach. It’s hot enough to see such a pretty woman take dick in her ass, why do I need to see everything she has eaten in the last decade to get aroused? It seems to be all right by Mark as well since he drops quite a load on her smiling face.
Claudia is next, and at twenty years of age, this cute brunette has amazing breasts that more than cancel out her non-existent English skills. She puts her mouth to better use, sucking Mark and a second stud hard in her warm, inviting mouth. There are just some things you can’t teach, and Claudia seems to have these on camera skills down pat. Sure, it may not take a lot of talent to get fucked, but this girl deserves major props for her cocksucking ability, and that body is just about the most perfect thing you will ever see. Tits like this are quite simply, proof that there is a God, and that he loves us. The guys pass her around for a while, filling her pussy and mouth in just about every position in the book, while she just smiled and laps happily. No anal for the fresh faced Czech, but her pretty mug gets double blasted with a super load of sperm.
Gorgeous newcomer Mocha is one to watch. This dark skinned African-American twenty year old says she loves it in the ass. Mark will sure put that claim to the test. First he has to give her pussy and ass a little taste test, followed by a rigorous finger fucking. Mocha more than holds her own in the sword swallowing category, making Mark’s meat magically vanish between her soft, full lips. Like the other women in this video, she uses plenty of eye contact for that nearly there feel as she slobbers all over his knob. Her hot, pink pussy is a tight fit at first, but with hard work, Mark soon finds himself stroking balls deep into her honey hole. Her long legs get pushed back against her shoulders as Mark pistons in and out of her pussy, driving her into the couch with a vengeance. Mocha does some great lap riding, showing off her round butt, but the best looking angel has her on her hands and knees, waving that superior posterior in the air, inviting Mark to enter from behind and let us watch some great low angel shots of her pussy, ass and thighs. Since he’s back there anyway, Mark uses this position to put her alleged love of anal sex to the test. The problem is, in Mocha’s own words, “His white cock is too big.” No matter, she just slides down on his cock for some more pussy fucking. This is capped off with another nice blast of joy juice on her pretty face.
Vince finally steps out from behind the camera, teaming with Nick East to keep Eve busy with a pair of hard cocks. She is a decent looking brunette, but just doesn’t quite compare to the other ladies in this tape. Her sexual skills are find, but nothing spectacular either. The problem with gonzo tapes like this, is that the scenes have nothing to do with one another, so when one comes along that just doesn’t measure up, (And there are so many really good ones here, this one looks mediocre in comparison.) there isn’t much to keep me interested. Even the DP does not measure up to the rest of the tape, so rather than waste space telling you how average this scene is, I’ll cap it here and move on.
From that, we take a huge step up. Sloane is a British blonde, fresh off the boat in a hotel room in Las Vegas. I actually met her the night before this scene when Dick Nasty was showing her around a bar, letting all the directors there drool over her endlessly. You should have seen Vince run across the bar to meet her. It took him all of ten seconds to offer to put her in his movie, and finally I get to see her. (Those of you who read my CES report may recall that I told you to be on the lookout for this woman.) The naturally big titted blonde has a killer bod, smoldering eyes and above all, actually has a good time rolling around on the bed with Mark Davis. As Mark sucks her pussy, Sloane has a huge smile on her face and is clearly loving every minute of it. She is quite appreciative of his attentions and pays him back with a very hot blowjob, gobbling Mark’s knob and treating us to great eye contact along the way. By the time she hops up and starts working those hips on Mark, I am struck by the fact that Vince just stays behind the camera, dedicated to his craft, when most of us would have dropped the fucking thing and hopped on Sloane. Hey, just about the time I am sure Vince has lost him mind, he gives her something to suck on. (It’s about damn time.) He finds that getting sucked off while holding the camera is a bit too much, and luckily for us, he unselfishly captures the action as Mark fucks her good and hard. No anal this time out, but Sloane takes a very nice shot right in her open mouth, covering her lovely, smiling face with jizz.
Vince saves the best for last, and keeps her to himself. I’ve said it before, but Nikki Andersson is quite simply, the most beautiful woman alive and if I were making a movie, no way anyone else would get to fuck this blonde beauty. After treating us to a red hot solo show, Nikki gets down and gives Vince the blowjob of his life. I’m sure a few minutes in her hot mouth is all he can take, but I would have liked to have been able to savor this lovely sight a little longer. Not that watching him slide his cock into the leggy blonde’s tight pussy is anything short of erotic excellence, I just have a passion for good oral sex. Vince climbs on top of Nikki and fucks her shaved slit for a bit before moving back to fill that asshole with meat. Quick, name me three prettier women in porn history who take it in the ass with this much enthusiasm. (Trick question, you can’t come up with three prettier women in porn history period.) Nice close ups and low angle shots of Nikki’s beautiful bare beaver and her stuffed sphincter before Vince dribbles a rather meager popshot onto her gorgeous face. Nikki saves the shot by licking up every drop and playing with his cum.
At nearly two and a half hours, this videos is packed with gorgeous women, hot sex, real tits, anal sex, facial cumshot, new starlets, interracial sex, and of course, Nikki Andersson. Vince takes a page out of the Anabolic handbook, shooting straight ahead sex vids with no plot to get in the way. The sex is well captured and hot which is, after all, the point. Nikki is the obvious highlight, and I have showered enough praise on her already. British blonde Sloane is every bit as hot as anyone to come into the biz in the last year. The only thing sexier than her awesome tits are her unbelievable eyes. Mocha is the third of my favorite threesome on this tape. She is as sexy as she gorgeous. Feel free to pick up anything these three ladies are in anytime you see them. Good job by Vince, keeping it simple and making it hot, real hot.

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