Hot Bods And Tail Pipe 2




140 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Stoney Curtis

Seymore Butts Home Movies – 1998 (3/98)

THEMES: Three Way Sex.

STARS: Ruby, Montana Gunn, Sidney Steele, Shelbee Myne, Candy Hill, Racquel Devine, Phyllisa Anne, Inari, Terri Starr, Meka Johnson, Mark Davis, Tom Byron, Kyle Stone, Frank Towers, Dave Hardman, Sledge Hammer, Brandon Iron.


Cars and chicks. Chicks and cars. The concept is so simple, yet it took Stoney Curtis’ first volume of Hot Bods & Tail Pipe to successfully fuse the two male pastimes into a hot sex video. (Throw in sports and beer, and the entire spectrum of male interests are covered.) Like before, he promises all anal, three and four ways, hot women, fast cars and blistering sexual action. Can volume two live up to the successful debut? Will there be a sophomore slump? More importantly, will Ruby or Meka take a blast of hot, liquid love on their faces? I am betting yes, no and probably.

Ruby and Raquel Devine take the first ride with Frank Towers and Kyle Stone. All decked out in fabulous fifties get ups, the guys square off in an old fashioned drag race where the winner gets both girls to do as he pleases. After Kyle wins the race, he agrees to let Frank watch. The girls look great in poodle skirts, but not nearly as hot as they do when the clothes come off and they join Kyle in bed. They take turns sucking Kyle’s cock, making Frank more than a little jealous. Hell, watching Ruby suck dick makes me jealous. I’ve never seen Raquel before, but she holds her own against one of porn’s hottest hose hounds and that’s saying something. Great oral action here from both women. After licking pussy for about ten seconds, Kyle slides into Ruby’s love canal. How can Frank just sit back and watch Kyle fuck the shit out of his gal Raquel like that? Finally, he can take it no more and joins the fun. He and Kyle fuck the two vocal vixens side by side on the bed giving us a visual and auditory treat. While Ruby squat fucks, Raquel gives us a foul talking assfuck that will not soon be forgotten. Guys, if you don’t like watching hot women pull their legs back behind their heads and get fucked long and hard in the butt, then don’t bother watching. At long last, Kyle blows his load all over Raquel’s face. Frank pops on Ruby’s perfect ass and as the jizz drips down off her cheeks, Raquel laps up every drop. You all know how I feel about Ruby, so when I say Raquel more than holds her own, and you know how much that means.

Tom Byron takes the next high class spin and at the end of his long and winding road, are Sidney Steele and her galpal Terri Starr. They take a short cruise, but end up parked in the driveway where the two girls give Tommy a nice double blowjob. Once more, this is some fine oral action, especially from Terri who looks like she could eat steak through a straw. Outdoors is fun, but soon the party moves inside where the real action begins. Oh what a tough life Tom has. Who does he fuck first? Sidney, with her all too perfect ass, gets boned first, while Terri does a little face riding. That is not to say that Terri doesn’t also get her pussy plowed. Tom gives her long, slow strokes from behind. This leads into some well shot, close up shots of Terri sliding her ass down on Tom’s pole. It’s too tight at first, but they work slowly until he is balls deep in her butt and her hips are bucking hard and fast. No anal for Sidney, but she shares a nice sticky facial with her friend. Hey, I’d let Terri be my backseat date at the drive in any day.

A trip to the beach turns out to be quite successful for Stoney and Brandon Iron when they pick up rollerblading Candy Hill and Inari. A cool car, a little small talk and the girls agree to a ride. Back at home, they put on a show for all of us to enjoy. Inari has quite a tasting looking treat and Candy seems to love way it tastes. In return, Inari fills her friend with a huge dildo, lapping at her shaved slit while fucking her silly. This creates quite a stir in Brandon’s pants and he unleashes his beast to the delight of Candy. Soon, his real cock has taken the place of the plastic one and he is fucking a stream of filthy encouragement from her mouth. Inari decides to suck that fat cock and she gives an incredible, wet blowjob that must be seen by anyone who loves oral sex. In the middle of all this action, Stoney’s roommate Sledge Hammer comes home. When Candy disappears, no one should be shocked to find her in the other room, on her knees, sucking on his fat, black cock. Stoney has them come back in so he can shoot all four fuckers at once. Candy goes right for the main event, slipping her little sphincter down on that pole and begging him to fuck her deeper. Inari is so impressed that she gets her face down to lick Candy while Sledge packs her pooper. After doing an A2M dismount and suck, Candy get flipped onto her back for more ass pounding action. Inari gets the first cumshot, but shares the load with Candy. After a brief, shallow assfucking by Sledge, Inari shares his load as well. Great anal with even better cumshots highlight this smoking four way.

Montana Gunn and Meka Johnson make a beautifully contrasting pair for Mark Davis. In no time at all, their game of pool becomes a stunning double blowjob delivered by a hot blonde and an even hotter, beautiful, black woman. Montana is very into her work and quite fun to watch, but Meka is a pint sized bundle of sexual dynamite, smoking head to toe. The way she so effortlessly takes all of Mark’s cock into her little pussy, you would think his name were spelled with a C. (That ought to separate the porn experts from the Jungle Clone Rog Readers.) Not wanting to be outdone by her friend, Montana takes his cock deep into her ass, but even this can’t outdo little Meka. Somehow she finds a way to fit every inch of Mark into her backdoor and bounce on his lap. Even though I have a big crush on Meka, I would be remiss if I did not make mention of the super hard anal ramming that Montana insists on receiving. This woman can handle everything Davis has to offer and then some. Most of his load gets spilled onto Montana, but Meka licks her share right off her friend’s face.

Dave Hardman uses his hot rod to attract a couple of hot bods, Phyllisa Anne and Shelbee Myne. The two bikini clad babes model fall victim to Stoney’s rap about a video series of chicks and cars and soon find themselves talked into Phyllisa gets tossed on the bed and fucked from behind while Shelbee periodically takes his cock from her slit and sucks it clean. Damn, Shelbee is one cock hungry little slut, but Phyllisa is nearly as starved for dick as her horny friend. Dave’s lucky his member didn’t gets popped right off when the two girls decide to go for a little cocksucking contest. When it comes to fucking, Shelbee is all business, not letting Dave slow down for a second while he fills her full of meat. Phyllisa needs to keep herself busy so she provides an active tongue until Dave is ready to fuck her in her tight little ass. Her well lubed butt offers little resistance as Dave strokes long and hard to keep this booty bandit happily stuffed. The girls happily hard a bit sticky facial to close things out.

This second volume of Hot Bods is another winner. The women are all quite good in their sex scenes and very easy on the eyes. I have a big crush on Ruby so anything she does always catches my attention. Inari and Meka Johnson also give stand out performances. Since every scene has two women, fans of three way sex are going to really love this, but pretty much anyone will enjoy it. Very solid work by Curtis once again.

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