Private Tatiana 3



126 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman

Private – 1998

THEMES: Euro-babes, Anal Sex, Costumes, Story.

STARS: Tania, Russof, Bettina, Deborah, Eva, Inga, Jennifer Red, Karina, Katalin, Katalyn, Keri, Lydia, Myrka, Rita, Sarah, Paru, Vanda, Akim, Andrew Youngman, Attila Dori, Bemondo, Bruno SX, David Perry, Frank Gun, Frank Versace, Gyuri, J. Yves Lecastel, Jean Forne, Laslo, Layos, Leslie, Mephisto, Reti Rezes, Tibor K, Tibor P, Tibor O, Vincent Winner, Yves Le Prince, Zoltan.


I could recap the first two installments of this amazing film, but by now, it would take nearly a whole page to catch you up on just what is going on in Pierre Woodman’s erotic epic. So, instead, I will refer you to the other two Tatiana reviews I have done, and instead get right to the final chapter in this trilogy. Additionally, while I am sure you can enjoy this tape without seeing the first two, I would strongly urge that you find parts one and two and enjoy them as I did.

When we left off, Tatiana had just completed her revenge on the Marquis by fucking him in the ass. He so enjoyed the experience that he asked Tatiana to be his mistress. However, even as she shuns him, he finds other ways to keep busy. After a terrible fight with his wife, the Marquis turns to one of his lovely servants, Katalyn for some comfort. The redhead is more than happy to suck his cock until it throbs in her hands. He promptly bends her over for a rigorous standing fuck. Katalyn is very cute and quite energetic, especially when she gets on top and starts bouncing up and down on his shaft. The Marquis, intent on enjoying all of her charms, lays Katalyn on her side and fucks her tight little ass. A very nice, sticky facial rounds out the first scene of the tape in fine fashion.

The Marquis’ wife and daughter move out of the castle. On the road, she asks the driver for a quick stop. Using her mother’s absence to her advantage, the daughter picks out her favorite coachman and rewards him with a stunning blowjob. This gorgeous young creature knows just how to stare into the camera while gobbling knob for a most arousing performance. Nearby in the woods, mom is busy with the other three men, fucking and sucking in a clearing. Mom is not quite as stunning as her daughter, but she more than makes up for it with incredible enthusiasm as she opens every orifice for the three coachmen. With only one cock to satisfy her, the daughter takes a little longer, but eventually gets fucked in the ass just like mom. She also lets the servant cum all over her gorgeous face. Like daughter, like mother as the guys blast all over mom’s face as well.

Tatiana has decided that she can not be the Marquis’ mistress and sets out to the castle to let him know. At the castle, some of the servants enjoy not having the Marquis’ wife around to keep them busy. One lucky male servant hooks up with a couple of cuties in the kitchen for some home cooking. The girls get along quite nicely, sharing his cock in all ways while keeping themselves busy with each other as well. He gives both tasty twats a thorough working over before inevitably letting the bustier of the two slide her ass down on his cock. (And for you Jungle Dwellers out there, there is even some A2M. Hi Adrian, hi Ed.)

Tatiana returns to her home, to see her father. She brings him a bag of money, but her father refuses, knowing that she gained this windfall by selling her body. Shunned at home, she goes out in search of her true love. (See part one.) Having been told by her father that Tatiana is already married, he laments his loss by the side of the river. When a trio of young maidens, Timea, Nora and Susana, come strolling by, he decides that he has pined for her long enough. One look at this hot trio bathing naked in the river and he sheds his clothes for a little frolic in the water. Any one of these girls would be a fun time, but three of them is almost too much. Who do I watch? They are all, quite pretty and as hungry for hard cock as one would hope. All three fuck him in the shallow water, literally washing away his heartache in a pool of warm pussy juice. No need for me to single out one of these ladies, they are all gorgeous and perfect sexual performers. Susana, the blonde, does take the best ass fucking, but any one of these women are worth more hardons than a case of Viagra. He has just enough cum in his sack to give each of them a taste. Any volunteers to finish them off?

Tatiana, in her search for her true love, stumbles upon him, naked with the three chippies and is, imagine this, pissed off! While he chases her, the Marquis is still keeping himself busy fucking the servants. Just as he finishes up by dropping a big wad on the poor girl’s pretty face, his officer comes in to announce Tatiana’s arrival. Since the servant is already naked, he abuses his power and gives her a quickie fuck. While they go at it on a table, the Marquis shows Tatiana around his castle.

The Marquis and Tatiana sit down for a lovely meal, but soon he takes her to his bedroom to consummate their relationship. This is the moment the Marquis has been waiting for and he thoroughly enjoys Tatiana’s charms. It’s about time we get the chance to watch her sucking cock again. She may not like this guy, but she sure loves his fat cock in her pussy. She matches him stroke for stroke in an epic fuck for the ages. After she rides him for a while, we are treated to some incredible looking anal as he doggies her, then lets Tatiana ride high, grinding her tight hole on his rigid pole. She takes matters into her own hands, jerking his cock into her mouth until he blows a stream of sticky goo right into her waiting mouth. She licks his shaft clean, savoring every drop.

Do you honestly think after three tapes I am going to tell you how it ends? Hell no. It really doesn’t matter anyway. If you are watching for the plot, you will want to watch for yourself. If you are watching for the sex, I can tell you that the ending makes the ending of ‘Usual Suspects’ look like a ‘very special’ “Family Matters” and you will still be too busy mopping up your own puddles to care. The bottom line is this three part epic is one of the finest piece of erotic film ever shot. The sex is brilliant, hot as ever, with Tania Russoff closing things out perfectly. There is indeed something for everyone in this film, beautiful women, hot sex, lavish sets, fantastic costumes, and oh yeah, did I mention beautiful women and hot sex. Stop reading this and go get this tape, you’ll thank me later.

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