80 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Greg Steele
X-Traordinary Pictures – 1998 (3/98)
THEMES: Cops, Lesbian Sex.
STARS: Tina Tyler, Julie Rage, Candy Vegas, Dru Barrymore, Herschel Savage, Tyce Bune and Paul Cox.
It’s no secret that given a choice, I will usually take well short porn with some vague attempt at plot over just about any of the countless gonzo videos on the shelves. So far, every Greg Steele movie I have seen is in that category, combining sex with story, usually with impressive results. Even though it was not Steele’s name that first caught my eye, (It was in fact, the beautiful cover shot of Tina Tyler.) his track record would indicate that there is a better than average chance of seeing something well shot, hot and with enough of a plot to keep itchy fingers off the fast forward button.
We open as Julie Rage is being questioned about some sexual misconduct. The harshly lit interrogation is part NYPD Blue, part 1984 and eventually gets Julie to relate a tale of brow beating that would make Sipowitz and Simone blush. With the help of Herschel Savage, Julie takes suspect Tina Tyler down on the table and works her over but good. As Julie starts sucking Tina’s tits, she doesn’t cry out for her lawyer, but just sits back and enjoys the feel of a hot tongue working her into a frenzy. Watching the two writhe on the table is too much for Herschel who has to get a taste of that himself. Tina is hardly passive when it comes to licking pussy and she gives Julie a pussy licking she won’t soon forget. While she is busy munching rug, Herschel fills Tina’s tight twat with tubesteak. Julie must really like the way Tina tastes, since she pulls his cock from her hot hole and sucks it clean time and time again. One good turn deserves another and Tina slicks his dick with her mouth before Herschel enters detective Rage from behind. The girls get together for a really hot shared facial and cum swapping session.
Candy Vegas falls victims to abusive law enforcement in the next scene as she is persuaded to cooperate with Paul Cox in her cell. Candy has a tight body, but I honestly don’t find her very appealing either in looks, or in her sex scenes. However, the sex is well shot, and I do like the creative lighting. Still, compared to the opening scene, this one just doesn’t do anything for me below the belt.
It only gets worse for Julie as her interrogators break out a tape of a poor convict she made fuck another of her fellow officers. You know, the way cute little Dru Barrymore works from her knees, I don’t think she needed much pushing into this situation. She seems quite at home with a hard cock between her inviting lips. Blowjobs like this are ‘get out of jail free’ cards no matter what you go. The officer is so overcome with lust after having his cock sucked by this super cute convict that the throws her on the bed and fucks the shit out of her. This petite blonde has a totally hot little body, cute face and the sexual skills of a superslut, so someone explain why we don’t see more of Dru. She takes a nice load right on her tongue to close things out.
Julie shows again that she knows how to verbally pound a suspect into submission. She confronts Tyce Bune with some sex toys and soon has the pretty brunette swallowing plastic pricks and quivering in her seat. Getting a confession is easier than you might think as Julie fucks her with a toy, making her beg for it. Not letting her prisoner off that easily, Julie mounts her and she is on the receiving end of some intense pussy lapping and finger fucking. This time Herschel stays on the sidelines just watching as the two women tear into each other with fingers, tongues and toys. Once Julie finishes with Tyce, she only too happy to service Herschel in the next room. He lasts only a few minutes in her talented mouth before dropping a wad right on her tongue.
I like the interrogation scenes in this video. The dialog is pretty fresh and Julie does a really nice acting job. Of course, the copy I saw had some freaky sound so it was hard to hear. Julie and Tina give a great sexual performance as well, smoking up their three way with Herschel. In fact, if you are a big fan of Julie’s, she is quite good in all three of her scenes, shining as usual, in the g/g pairings especially. For my money, the Dru Barrymore scene is the hottest however, just because I never get to see enough of this super cute girl. More Dru please. This may not be the best plot driven video I have seen of last, but the dialog is good, and there are some very cool lighting tricks thrown in to keep those of us still battling film school demons on our toes. Nice effort, particularly if you like Julie, Tina or Dru.

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