Sodomania 23




130 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Patrick Collins

Elegant Angel – 1998 (3/98)

THEMES: Anal Sex, Big Tits.

STARS: Brooke Ashley, Jessica Darlin, Paris Bleau, Inari Vachs, Erika Bella, Tom Byron, Van Damage, Mark Davis, Sean Michaels, John West, Steve Taylor and Mr. Marcus


Just about the time everything over at the S.S. Elegant Angel looks to be falling apart, they pull out their secret weapon, Patrick Collins. It’s easy to forget sometimes that the owner of the company is an outstanding director and the deviant mind who brought us Sodomania, one of the hottest, nastiest ongoing series in the history of X. Parading out Elegant’s new contract girl Jessica Dalrin for volume 23 is a pretty fresh idea. Of course, any video with Brooke Ashley and Erika Bella in it finds its way into my VCR regardless of who directs it. One final reason to be interested in this tape, Brockton O’ Toole, the most lovable old coot in porn, is back to introduce us volume twenty three. In this volume, each of the vignettes revolves around things that may not be exactly what they appear to be. (Sort of like the racks of most porn starlets out there eh?)

The first story stars Euro director Frank Thring as a director who has obviously never heard of Anita Hill. He all but insists Erika Bella go White House intern on him if she wants to keep her job. Is she receptive? I don’t know, when a woman runs out of the room screaming, is that just her way of being coy? She runs crying into the office of Mr. nice guy, Mark Davis who comforts her for about ten seconds before Erika strips out of her dress and drops into Mark’s lap for a little sword swallowing. Since it takes all of about five seconds for her to work Mark’s cock to full attention, there is plenty of time to watch him finger her pussy a little before filling it with man meat. He gives the busty Euro-babe a solid work out, fucking her hard enough in each position to make that huge rack of hers shake, rattle and roll. Since this is a Sodomania tape, you know Erika doesn’t get away without having her tight ass filled with prick as well. Anyone who has ever seen Erika knows that being assfucked is as easy for her to handle as a Sunday in the park. After a vigorous butt boning, he pulls out and gives her an A2M facial that Erika gulps down, happily suck his cock clean only to find out Mark is not who she thinks he is.

Next up, Sean Michaels does a little location shooting at a thoroughly beautiful house. One problem, there is an old lady who lives under the bridge. The only person he sees in his scouting is super cute Jessica Darlin. He is a lot more interested in her than he is the house and luckily for us all, Jessica is quire receptive to his advances. You know, Jessica is practically perfect, head to toe, except for that huge tattoo across her back. Yikes! After the mandatory ten seconds of pussy licking, Sean unleashes the beast and lets little Jess play with it. She gives a text book blowjob, practically worshipping his cock with her mouth. In addition to a talented mouth, it is pretty clear this little blonde has a super tight pussy as well. (Was it Jessica Elegant used to lure Sean over as their contract guy?) Jessica does some serious reverse cowgirl cockriding, showing off her superstar moves. The mish sex looks hot and leads right into an equally scorching bout of butt banging. If she seems a little out of breath here it might be because Sean looks like he’s jamming that thing all the way up to her lungs. By the time he pulls out and sprays Jessica’s chin with cum, this pairing is already penciled in as a nominee for best anal scene.

So, what about the old woman under the bridge. Tell you what, you guys figure it out, I’m off to the next scene.

Inari Vachs come sauntering into Patrick Collins’ offices looking to sell him some lingerie. He has her model the merchandise for Tom Byron and you all know where this goes. Inari really looks like the girl next door, sweet face, real tits and a great smile. Tom has to do a little bit of convincing, but eventually he and Patrick talk her into a rather compromising position. Funny how having her pussy eaten for a while warms this hot newcomer right up. Try as she might to play disinterested, there is something so completely fuckable about this girl that she just has superstar written all over her. Once she gets his cock inside her pussy, Inari just can’t pretend not to love it any more. Before you know it, she’s fucking him back, grinding that money maker right down on his shaft. Her ass is next on Tom’s list of targets and tight fit or not, Tom goes balls deep into her butt faster than you can say……well, something really short. Rather than pulling his cock from her ass and swallowing it, Inari jerks him off onto her shoes. Yeah, she got game.

Paris Bleau is a woman with a habit for hooking up with the wrong kind of guy. As she sits in the bath, bitching on the phone to her friend about her proposed blind date we see Van Damage doing his very best Richard Kimball impersonation. He takes the back way and catches her in the tub. Mistaking him for her date, Paris invites him into the tub with her. (Hold up. An attractive blind date who wants to fuck before even so much as a dinner? This seems not quite so realistic to me.) No awkward, getting to know you period on this blind date, just Paris sucking Van’s cock until it throbs in her mouth, followed by him sucking her pussy until she is clawing at his back, dying for the feel of his hard rod in her wet slit. That is exactly what she get as he fucks her on the side of the tub. Very nice shots of her outstanding legs during the mish, then again of her strong thighs while she does some squat fucking. Since he has been in prison, I guess it’s only natural that Van Damage goes after her booty. (Quick, get that vision out of your head and watch him fuck her in the ass.) Yet another nice A2M shoot rounds out a hot scene.

Finally, we get to the scene I have been waiting for. By now, you all know that after Kaitlyn Ashley retired, thus vacating her seat atop my active porn star list, Brooke Ashley took over. Now, with Brooke leaving the business, there will be another, but for now, we can all enjoy this gorgeous sexual animal at her very best. Brooke decides she is gaining too much weight and wants to use the gym after hours so no one will see her. As she heats up, Brooke sheds her top and does a few curls with her perky tits in full view. The work out must get a little intense, since all of a sudden, she finds herself surround by John West, Steve Taylor and Mr. Marcus. The guys lay her on the table, spread oil all over that prefect body and give her a head to toe massage. Probing fingers naturally find their way to Brooke’s tight honey hole, making her squirm around on the table. She finds ways to keep herself busy with hard cocks in her hands and her hungry mouth. When that doesn’t work they rub against her feet, and even fuck her armpits. Marcus mounts first, filling that tight pussy with hard cock while the others keep Brooke quiet with flesh gags. After the other guys get their turn, Marcus comes back to open her ass up for some intense party games. Let me tell you, this is some serious sphincter stretching. The guys put Brooke through her paces, fucking her in the ass from every angle before covering her beautiful face with three loads of cream. Excellent facial, outstanding scene, brilliant starlet.

Five scenes, five women who get their asses stuffed and their faces glazed. Brooke is easily the hottest thing in this tape, but that is to be expected. Newer faces Jessica and Inari also shine in their scenes. Jess and Sean hook up in an award caliber ass fucking. The least appealing scene in this video is still well worth a look, so you know I recommend this one highly. Patrick Collins still knows how to put out top notch fuck flicks. Oh yeah, and in case I missed it before, Brooke Ashley rules!

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