Jenna’s Revenge


87 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong
Wicked – 1997 (3/97)
THEMES: DP, Outdoor sex.
STARS: Jenna Jameson, Jill Kelly, Sindee Coxx, Holly Body, Ruby, Johnni Black, Papillon, Brad Armstrong, Vince Voyeur, Marc Wallice, Jake Steed, Tony Tedeschi, Mark Davis, Eric Price.
With all the wall to wall sex tapes on the market today, (Many of them quite good I might add.) it is sometimes easy to forget that some companies actually still do make X rated movies. And you know, some of them even mix in some hot sex with the story. Writer/director Brad Armstrong seems to be one of the more consistent producers of such plot driven, yet sexually hot movies. This time around, Brad stars opposite superstar blonde Jenna Jameson in a little tale of lust, murder for hire and revenge.
Jenna strolls into a bar looking for help. She wants Armstrong to kill her husband. While she tells him the story, we get to watch Jenna sucking off Tony Tedeschi. (See, I love how porn films get around those boring back story sections of the script by giving us hot oral sex instead.) She just can’t take it any more and needs hubby whacked out as soon as possible. It takes some convincing, but finally, Brad agrees.
Tony runs a large company that knows how to treat its friends. While doing business with Eric Price, Tony turns him over to head of special projects Jill Kelly. In no time at all, Jill is showing him how she got her title by swallowing his sword. I think I am the only guy I know who is not head over heels for Jill Kelly. More than that, I don’t find her appealing at all, so you will forgive me if I pretty much cruise right through this scene. It’s well shot with a fair amount of energy and had it been just about anyone else in the cast, I would have been doing a bit more raving about it. (OK for those of you who insist on a play by play. Oral-vaginal-anal-cumshot on her belly.)
At home, we see that Jenna is more than a little out of control, nearly going postal on her poor husband the moment he walks through the door. Even as her murderous plans are being hatched, Jenna appears to be coming apart at the seams. (I’m not going to tell you all the plot points dear readers, some things you will just have to find out for yourselves.) However, in the midst of the confusion, Tony blindfolds Jenna for a surprise game. He sits her by the pool and sensuously teases her, stripping her slowly and practically making gorgeous Jenna beg for release. Right in the middle of some generous tit sucking, Sindee Coxx joins the fun, milking her monster mams until Jenna lifts her blindfold and nearly freaks out. Instead, she decides to sit back and enjoy things as Sindee does what she loves to do so much, suck pussy. All is well with this little three way until Jenna realizes that Tony is fucking Sindee. That ends the game, but doesn’t stop Tony from fucking the shit out of Sindee some more. Who can blame him really? Sindee is hot to fuck and takes a nice load on her face to close out a very hot scene.
Brad seems to know that Jenna is a bad bet, but he just can’t say no. As he sits at the bar, he fantasizes about her dancing for him. This is a great tease scene, no sex, just sexy stripping that nearly melts the paint off the walls. When she actually show up to question why the job hasn’t been done, he responds by kissing her passionately. Jenna responds nicely, practically tearing his jeans open to get mouth around his cock. For anyone who might be amazed, as I once was, but all the Jenna hype, I recommend you take a good look at the way she gobbles knob. Jenna is nothing short of scorching when she gets a cock in her mouth. When it’s time to fuck, we get some great close up shots of Brad plowing her pussy while Jenna fingers her asshole. More nice shots in some standing doggie and a bit of cowgirl, The facial cumshot that closes things out is a keeper for sure. Very hot coupling.
Things are all set for the hit. Tony is throwing a big party for all of his business associates, all of whom have motive to knock the guy off. This leads us to a seemingly unrelated three way between Jake Steed, Marc Wallice and Holly Body. (Talk about a couple of guys at the opposite end of the endowment spectrum.) After the guys take turns with her pussy and her mouth, they put her up on the pool table for some DP. (Bet you can’t guess who goes where.) She hops off Jake to work a load from his big cock into her mouth while Marc covers her round ass with plenty of jizz.
As Jenna waits at the party, things heat up considerably. A number of the guests break off and start enjoying themselves. Vince Voyeur gets the better deal here, being sucked off by Johnni Black while eating Ruby’s pussy. Mark Davis meanwhile, pairs with Papillon. Luckily for him, things all even out and Mark gets a great blowjob from Johnni. Jenna just sits back, fingering her pussy watching the wild action. Ruby and Johnni are very worth watching here, fucking and sucking like mad. Of Johnni takes cock in her ass like no one else, so you know the anal with her is always worth watching. I like the facial for Ms. Black as well. Johnni rules.
The plot continues on, but I will leave it to you to find what happens to Jenna, Tony and Brad. My job here is done. The story in this movie is fine, it moves along nicely and gives us something to watch in between the sex. That’s really all you can ask. The sex is much better than average. Jenna has one full scene which is the best in the video, one oral scene and a three way where she bugs out before the boy/girl action gets rolling. Sindee Coxx gives a very good outdoor scene and Johnni Black/Ruby shine in the final scene. Fans of Papillon and Jill Kelly will have some extra to watch, but neither of them do a thing for me. In all, a very nice piece of work by Armstrong and it will be a big hit with fans of Jenna.

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