Ripe Cherry Cheerleaders


78 Mins.
Legend – 1998 (2/98)
THEMES: Cheerleaders
STARS: Katie Gold, Raquel Divine, Heather Hornay, Skyy Platinum, Randi Storm, Ian Daniels, Jack Burns, Frank Towers & John Blaze.
I have this funny feeling that no matter what rating I give this movie, the boxcover shot of cute little Katie Gold in her short skirt and pigtails, waving her pom-poms and showing some cheek, will have this tape jumping off the shelves faster than you can say “Gimmie an F”. Even if the video has nothing to do with cheerleaders, those looking for short skirted cuties shaking their asses will monopolize this tape for months. In the meantime, if it lives up to the lofty expectations I have for any Katie Gold video, then perhaps you will all just bypass the rental and guy the damn thing.
We start off with a couple of girlfriends on the bed, discussing cheerleader tryouts. Blonde Raquel Divine just doesn’t think she is pretty enough, but her brunette galpal sets her friend straight by stripping her and sucking on her big tits. With no guy in sight, the girls depend on tongues, fingers and the every popular sex toy collection to keep them happy. It’s your standard g/g lap and finger fest for the most part. Both girls are attractive and seem well into their work. Things get a little interesting when the busty babes share a two headed dildo, but for the most part it’s pretty standard lesbian sex.
Raquel still is not convinced that she is sexy enough, and need reassurance from her workout partner Frank Towers. There seems to be only one way to convince Raquel that she is hot enough, and that is for Frank to fuck her. (NATCH) If she was really bright, Raquel might have noticed that Frank was hard before she ever started sucking his cock. (A decent indication that a man finds you attractive ladies.) Once she has spit slicked his rod, Raquel sits on Frank’s lap, grinding her pussy onto him, taking care of the aerobic side of her workout. After a very quick fuck, he pulls out and paints her face white with a coat of pure protein.
Ian Daniels plays a star athlete with a problem. His coach has told him to refrain from sex, but his girlfriend, Katie Gold wants “a mouthful” and goes down on him in his car. If I were a finely tuned athlete, with my entire career and millions of dollars riding on my strength and Katie insisted on swallowing my load, I would be trying to figure out how to say “You want fries with that?” with as much dignity as I could. She is so cute that watching a dick even close to her face is erotic. Add to that the fact that she is s first class cocksucker and you know why she is becoming such a popular little pornstar. Not wanting to be selfish, Ian stops her before he can pop and gives that sweet slit a taste. When her tight hole is nice and wet, Ian slides right on in, clearly enjoying the experience. You’ve just to love the way she drops down on his cock and rocks his world with killer hip action. He rewards her with just what she was craving, a nice load of cream on her pretty face.
Jack Burns and John Blaze are the lucky jocks who happen to be on hand when Heather Hornay comes by for a try out. (Tell me this woman doesn’t sound just like that hot chick from ‘Chasing Amy’. What a voice.) She is more than receptive to their advances, getting naked and on her knees in record time. Heather does fantastic work with a baton, showing perfect form and a great grip as she swallows one hard rod while the other guy licks her from behind. Realizing her potential, the guys keep Heather working hard, with one cock in her mouth and another filling her pussy at all times. In addition to her shaved slit and pierced tongue, the guys seem to enjoy Heather’s flexibility as they find plenty of interesting positions in which to fuck her raw. Showing how badly she really wants to make the team, Heather takes a pair of loads right in her mouth, playing with the jizz and sucking every last drop from their shrinking cocks.
After losing the big game, it takes a special visit from Skyy Platinum to ‘cheer up’ a despondent kicker. Man, even the loser jocks get all the chicks. With a little mouth work, he is forgetting all about ‘wide right’ and focusing on nailing one right down the middle. Those of you looking for cheer uniforms will finally get a bit of what you were looking for here, as she keeps her skirt and socks on as he fucks her. Rather quickly, he decides to slide up into her ass and give Skyy something to squeal about. The best part of this scene is the nice load he shoots on her lips, quite nice indeed.
While I can’t say enough about how sexy Katie Gold is, the rest of this video is pretty average. The cheerleader theme is pretty much non existent, which I know will upset some of you. The sex is all well shot, and the women are fine. In addition to Katie, Raquel and Heather are quite worth watching. Nothing wrong with this video, just nothing that blows me away. Watch it for Katie and then watch for Heather and Raquel since I have a feeling you will want to see more of them in the future.

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