Headshots 1



83 Mins.
Xplor – 1998
THEMES: Oral Sex.
STARS: Stephanie Swift, Johnni Black, Misty Rain, Olivia Del Rio, Julianne James, Jake Steed, Chad, Tim Lake, Jon Dough.
Over the years, the folks at Xplor have brought us some hot up and coming porn sluts. If you don’t believe me, just check out the cast list on this one. Award winners Stephanie Swift and Johnni Black are joined by Misty Rain and Julianne James in this compilation of some of the best oral sex and facial cumshots in recent memory.
Johnni gets things started, sucking off two well hung studs. Jake Steed is the bigger of these two guys, but even his Mr. Ed-like member doesn’t intimidate size queen Johnni. She works his thick shaft deep into her mouth while the other guy fucks her from behind. Then, when she has worked Jake to full mast, Johnni drops right down on that huge prick and gives an Olympic caliber performance atop his rod. She doesn’t want to leave the other guy out, so while Jake fucks her, Johnni sucks the other guy hard so he can fill her waiting ass. Only after taking a rigorous DP, does Johnni open her mouth and give the boys a solid target for their twin jizz blasts. Hot scene from an ultra hot lady.
Olivia Del Rio is next and she just can’t seem to get enough dick in her mouth. This babe puts on quite a show, downing Guy DiSilva without a second thought. Luckily, he has a friend to help keep her busy while goes probing around her pussy and ass with his tongue. Olivia is a classic Euro-slut, taking every cock she can get her hands on and demanding they be shoved into any wet, waiting hole on her tight, young body. She even gets a bit nasty as one guy fucks her ass and she sticks her tongue up Guy’s ass. Just the kind of girl you want to take home to mother. She too gets DP’d for a long time before the guys double blast her pretty face with a semen shower.
Stephanie Swift, superstar that she is, still have to share a dick with another girl. She teams up with another girl in an oral only scene. They give the unseen guy a two girl blowjob he will certainly never forget, but it’s a bit too short and muddled with slow motion for my tastes. Still, Steph’s oral skills can not be questioned and are worth a look.
Misty Rain goes one on one with Jon Dough in a hallway, crawling around on the ground, finger fucking her tight slit and all but begging Jon to fuck her. She always looks great and comes off like a cock hungry slut dying to be boned raw. Jon finally gets smart and decides to fuck her instead of just standing there jerking off. (Good move.) It’s just a quick fuck before a very nice facial hose job that leaves Misty dripping with goo.
Misty and Stephanie are back as part of an orgy scene. The action gets a little muddled, as you would expect from a group grope, but Stephanie shines through like the mega star she has become. She is clearly the highlight of the action, stealing the spotlight from her co-fuckers. I was certain she was going to spontaneously combust while fucking the lucky guy beneath her. Hell, Kitty Yung and Misty are there in the action as well, but Stephanie outshines them both. That is not to say that Kitty doesn’t get good and fucked. She does, and can hardly contain her excitement while being skewered. Damn, I miss Kitty, perfect head to toe. Misty even gets her ass plugged by Chad’s fat cock. All the action closes out when Stephanie gets shot on. Very nice group action, with three of the hottest fucks on the planet, Stephanie, Misty and Kitty.
We close out with a montage from “Dream House”. While Julianne James writhes on her bed, in the midst of passionate dreams, we see bits of other scenes. For me, the best parts are when Julianne takes center stage. This girl was a first class cock sucked and the sort of curvy, hot body that men dream of. Sometime, I would like to see just her part of this scene pulled out so we can enjoy it in its entirety.
This is a very nice compilation tape, highlighting some of the very best looking women to come through the Xplor system. Stephanie Swift is so good in her orgy scene that she is the highlight for me. A close second has to be the killer DP that Johnni Black turns in. Watching her get slammed by Jake Steed is porn perfection. Misty Rain and Julianne James also do fine work here, making this the sort of tape loved by anyone who likes watching good looking women suck cock and take cum on their faces.


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