83 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Jim Enright
Pleasure – 1998
THEMES: Asian Women
STARS: Leanni Lei, Kimi Ji, Brooke Ashley, Syren, Tom Byron, Brad Armstrong, Jonathan Morgan, Steve Hatcher, Kyle Stone.
The number of Asian themed videos has risen dramatically over the past few years. Stars like Asia Carerra, Brooke Ashley and Kitty Yung have paved the way for a number of Asian actresses on the top rungs of porn’s ladder. The cast list for this Pleasure feature is filled with some of the most beautiful, hottest Asian women working. Of course, with Brooke leaving the business, one of the best reasons to watch this tape, is to get another look at one of the sexiest women to get naked in front of the camera. Now, is there a plot to go along with this fine cast? Only one to find out now isn’t there?
The first scene starts with little fanfare as Kyle Stone and Leanni Lei get friendly. She is in full Geisha make up which hides a very pretty face, bur for guys who like this look, she is still a stunning sight. She has a tight, petite body and does a great job sucking Kyle’s fat cock. At full mast, it looks too big for her, but Leanni hops on and pro fucks Kyle like she’s done this a billion times before. After the single position fuck, Leanni takes a blast all over her pale, painted face. Nice scene, but I like looking at Ms. Lei without the make up.
Brad Armstrong gets the full treatment from Syren and Kimi Ji. You know, Kimi looks really good here, probably the best I have ever seen her. Syren is a new girl with wonderful breasts and a cute face. The three of them get together in a hot tub and it is clear from the start that Brad is in for the ride of his life. Kimi, always a sexual animal, goes right to work on his cock. If Brad were not occupied kissing Syren, he would see the great eye contact we do while her mouth if full of hard meat. When the two of them get their mouths into high gear on his nether regions, Brad must be doing some serious thinking about baseball. He gives naughty newcomers Syren the first shot at his now throbbing cock, fucking her hard from behind while she alternates lapping Kimi’s slit and crying out in orgasmic ecstasy. Only after both girls take his cock deep in their pussies, to they share a cum coated kiss.
Next up is Leanni Lei. There is some voice over about love being needed to soothe the heart of the mighty warrior, but to be honest, I was too busy watching her go down on Jonathan Morgan to care too much about the voice over dialog. She works his cock slowly into her mouth, using generous hand movements and gazing up into his eyes for approval. Leanni is quite physical in her fucking, bouncing around on his shaft like a gymnast on crank, but looking like an absolute doll. The soft music really doesn’t go with the rapid fire strokes Morgan gives her from behind, but it looks so good, who cares? A tremendous smiling facial caps off this scene. Leanni is a star on the rise, without question.
Kimi is back, this time with Hatcher for some one on one fucking. She is in a lovely kimono and has her hair up, but thankfully, no while make up hides her face. With her eyes locked on his, Kimi gives a slow, tantalizing blowjob. Even if Kimi is a bit thin for my taste, and lacks the knockout looks of Leanni or Brooke, she takes a back seat to no one when it comes time to have a cock shoved into her shaved slit. They keep the clawing and scratching to a minimum this time, sticking with the semi-romantic theme, and for the Kimi probably deserves an acting award. After all, keeping her over the top fucking in check can’t be easy. Don’t worry smut fans, there are lots of tight closeups of Kimi being nailed, this isn’t a Vivid cable version after all. Of course, since it’s Kimi, you know she has to take it in her ass as well and Hatcher gives her a nice, gentle reaming before unloading a spray of scuz all over her tongue. (Damn, that is a big tongue for such a small mouth, very sexy.)
Finally, the moment I have been waiting for, Brooke Ashley gets her turn in the spotlight. I know she is on her way out of the business, but for now, Brooke is the number one name on my porn fave list. Her body and face are incredible and watch her suck a cock and tell me you don’t want to just climb through the set and experience first hand what her sweet soft lips can do. (Hey, what’s with all the white sox in this video? Max Hardcore must be smiling somewhere.) Tom Byron is the lucky guy who gets to slide into that visibly snug, wonderfully wet hole. After only a few minutes in there, he moves around to her ass. Damn, his cock looks as big as her leg, sliding into her snug butt. As he spoons her ass, Brooke lets out dirty talk as only she can, in that cute, girl of your summer camp dreams, voice, she begs him to fuck her ass. Ohhhhh yeah! Tom closes the tape out by decorating Brooke’s
This tape is good, top to bottom. Those who like the Asian theme and costumes will be most pleased with it of course. All the scenes have similar setting, soft music and relatively gentle fucking. Brooke’s scene, complete with anal and facial, is easily the best thing in the tape. She is just an incredible performer and will be greatly missed. Leanni is also fantastic in her scenes. That body is going to bring her a lot of fans, and her pretty face won’t hurt either. Kimi Ji looks very good here as well, and, as usual, it quite hot in her scenes. Basically, if you like cute, petite Asian women, you will love this tape. If you aren’t, pick it up, you just might become a fan.


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