Rocco’s Private Fantasies 2



126 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Rocco Siffredi
Rocco Siffredi Productions/Evil Angel – 1998 (2/98)
THEMES: Anal Sex, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks.
STARS: Silvia Saint, Dita, Judith, Sonja, Anne Marie, Dollores Nero, Carmen, Laura Palmer, Julliet, Viv, Vanessa B.
I can’t think of too many porn studs with the following that Rocco has. In an industry where women are the stars, he has become, if you will excuse the pun, larger than life. His looks, charisma and energy have made him popular with more than a few female porn fans out there. (Hey C, I know you’ve probably already seen this tape hon, but if not, come up and watch it at my place.) For all his obvious talents, Rocco has somehow managed not to scare away the sometimes finicky straight males that dominate porn’s viewing audience. (Get a guy who is too good looking, or has too big a cock and they get violent.) As a director he has certainly taken things in his own direction, loading his movies with gorgeous Euro-babes and puts them through some rather intense sexual workouts. This time, he has gorgeous Silvia Saint headline a beautiful cast, and I have to admit I am looking forward to seeing these two dynamic performers hook up. So, why don’t I shut up now and let Rocco take over.
We don’t have to wait long to see Silvia since she is in the very first scene. She meets him in the street, but I only mention this because Silvia looks just as stunning fully dressed on the sidewalk as she does with Rocco’s big cock in her mouth. (Which happens about fifteen seconds later.) She takes him to the office for a meeting, but instead Rocco lets his cock meet the secretary’s mouth. You know, the set up really doesn’t matter at this point does it? The secretary keeps busy with another guy while Rocco focuses his attentions on sexy Silvia. She gets this crazed look in her eyes like she is just dying to have his cock in her. I have to say this is a VERY bad time to split up the action. Silvia deserves all of our attention. On the one hand we have a very good scene going on with the secretary, on the other hand, we have Silvia and Rocco tearing each other apart. It’s really not a fair comparison. Watching Silvia take that fat prick up her ass like it’s the highlight of her life only to cut away to the other couple is so beyond tragic, it’s criminal. Shame on you Rocco. Let’s see, how can I let you all know just how hot the anal sex is between Rocco and Silvia. Let’s just say that before this scene was even half over, I was clearing space on the shelf to keep this tape in my personal collection. A fantastic facial caps off an award caliber anal scene from two of porn’s best looking and most dynamic performers.
In a fantasy called “English Babies” we see a quartet of UK quim posing for hot shots on a cold British morning. The naturally busty babes run into the house to get warm only be stopped mid way through re-robing by Rocco and his horny friends. I don’t know who is who in this group grope, but there are a couple of very notable new faces. A very lovely brunette pairs up with a handsome stud for some one on one while a pair of horny girls team up on Rocco’s horse dicked pal Omar. These two ladies may not be as drop dead gorgeous as their friend, but the way they take Omar’s monster prick is definitely amazing. The whole gang finally gets together and the super pretty brunette hops up on Omar’s super shaft and rides him raw. After Omar pulls out and shoots all over one of the other girl’s bellies, he is hard again and ready to rock. The most petite of the three girls rides a rock, RCA for a long time, prompting Rocco to step in and fill her pussy in some blistering DP action. (Damn, I hate not having an accurate cast list to work from.) The next to be DP’d is the redhead who takes Rocco in her ass while her friend pulls his cock out periodically to suck it. While this is going on, Omar is keeping the pretty one busy licking her clit and letting her work her mouth magic on his fat shaft. Finally, both Rocco and the other guy pull out of the redhead to give the petite girl an A2M and P2M double facial. These girls are all way hot, the action is top notch. Don’t let my lack of names here blow this for you. You want to see this scene.
A pair of girls are in for the time of their lives in a fantasy called “Private Strippers.” Of interest to some of you may be the fact that one of these guys has starring role in a European gay video called “Puda” (The Attic). The girls each take a guy and get down to some very dirty dancing. Those of you with ladies watching with you will be happy to know that these guys are well built, good looking and well hung. That should make your partner sit up and take notice in a way that Max Hardcore or Ron Jeremy generally can’t. Just don’t expect a kind or gentle fuck from them. These guys deliver the high hard stuff like Curt Schilling on a good day. As for the women, well they are quite attractive and very nasty. The repeated A2M sucking by the brunette is rather high on the dirty-girl scale. (Right now a whole bunch of readers are still gripping over the fact that I knew one of these guys was in a gay movie. MENSings, someone told me OK. Quit homo-phobing will ya?) Like all the other scenes in this tape, the anal sex is fantastic and the facials this time are brilliant as well. One sticky A2M for the brunette, and a semi shared shot that her blonde friends hogs most of.
British babe Laura Turner and Chris Newz play a pair of swingers waiting for some friends to come by. Laura, one of my very favorite, seldom seen little hosebeasts, has a knack for talking dirty that should have you adjusting your jeans in no time. By the time the other couple arrives, Laura is hopping around like she hasn’t been to the bathroom in about three days. (No guys, it’s not THAT kind of video.) The other woman is quite eager as well, but once again, I have to once again voice my displeasure. Women as hot as Laura must not be made to share the spotlight. The way she works cock into her mouth is a thing of sheer, erotic beauty and should not be missed. Both couples crowd onto one bed and start fucking like coked up jackrabbits. While Laura rides rail, her fingers work their way into her ass, prepping it for the rectal reaming that is certainly not far in the future. Her new friend gets it first, taking Chris in her ass, RCA style while Laura begs for a buggering nearby. Somehow, she never does get it in the ass, however, Laura guzzles down a great face full of sticky jizz, reminding me again why I lust after her so madly.
In “Nasty English Teen”, a couple of girls looking for fun get a little more than they bargained for when picked up by a pair of horny studs. The cuter of the two girls, (I assume the teen from the title) is very easy on the eyes and gets busy in the front seat of the car before they can even get home. When they get stopped, this horny lass goes right for the huge, black cock Omar has in his pants. Am I the only one who thinks she might just be split in two by that log? Of course, ten seconds of watching her slam her hips down into his lap and take that pole into her pussy has me convinced that she is more than able to take any cock and still want more. Their coupling so outshines the other two that I was tempted to fast forward every time the camera left this petite cutie and her hung partner. The couples do an interesting switch, with the cute girl sucking cock right from her friend’s ass. It is the other woman who takes the big cock in her ass, and even does a brief DP before taking a facial. The cutie take’s an Omar blast on her mug, closing out another hot scene.
This is easily some of the best stuff Rocco has ever directed. The women are all excellent looking and give maximum effort in every scene. Silvia Saint and Laura Turner are the best of an outstanding bunch. (Besides, I don’t know the names of the others.) If I have one complaint amongst all this praise, it is that too often Rocco has too much going on when we should be focusing (Don’t you mean obsessing Rog?) on the best of the bunch. Silvia, Laura, the sexy girl in the last scene, these woman should never have to share the spotlight. Still, if you love hot anal sex, great facials, big cocks in petite women or all of the above, you will love this video. And ladies, with Rocco, Omar, Hakan and a few other guys for you, this might be a tape you will want to watch as well. (OK C, get your hands out of your pants and call me, you owe me a lunch.)

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