Sean Michaels Up Your Ass 5




140 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Sean Michaels

Anabolic – 1997 (9/97)

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Anal Sex, Big Dicks.

STARS: Brooke Ashley, Christina Angel, Bela, Fonda French, Obsession, Nellie Pierce, Aleksandra Nice, Nikki Neals, Sean Michaels, Peter North, Marc Wallace, Tom Byron.


Ever since Anabolic turned Sean Michaels loose with his own series focusing on interracial, anal sex, he has been giving us exactly that. Sean brings his laid back on camera style and mixes it with some pussy pounding, ass stretching action. The results are always interesting, and often simply spectacular. This time around, I have the advantage of watching a trio of my favorite on screen stunners, Brooke Ashley, Fonda French and Nellie Pierce. They are joined by some other hot properties, so I am going to shut up now and get right to the action.

Christina Angel is back again, and looking better than ever. While Sean sits back sipping a cool drink, the blonde beauty warms up her ass with the help of a vibrator. It may not quite measure up to what Sean has in store for the precious little hole, but it does make for a very nice solo scene as Christina teases Sean. (Personally, I would like to have been able to hear what she was saying, but the visual is top drawer.) When the toys get tossed away, Christina gets down to some serious dick sucking on Sean’s ebony pole. There have been times with Ms. Angel has seemed to sleepwalk through her scenes, but she seems to be enjoying herself here, filling that pretty mouth with cock. When she gets him to full mast, Christina gets on her hands and knees and invites Sean in, an inch at a time. It takes a long while to get her used to the full length, but eventually, Christina hops up and drops her weight down on him like she wants to be slammed good and hard. Guess what campers, Sean flips her over, pushes her thighs back and rams that pussy plenty hard from above. That done, he begins the slow task of filling her very tight backdoor with meat. She even manages to be a bit vocal as she slides all the way into her ass. (Hey, someone take a shot at new gloss- Doggy, but flat on her belly? Anyone?) Of course, the scene would not be complete without Sean pulling out and jerking a wad of jizz onto her beautiful, and smiling face. Welcome back Christina. More scenes like this would be most appreciated.

Nikki And Aleksandra come next and Sean brings in some help from Marc Wallace for this duo. Sean takes director’s privilege, and keeps Alek to himself while Marc gets Nikki. The blonde is not only quite a bit prettier than her counterpart, but seems to possess the oral skills needed to handle such a big tool and then some. When she hops up on his cock, we see just how tight Aleksandra’s pussy is. She can’t slide all the way down his pole. Now THAT is one tight Twinkie. Nikki just sort of lies there while Marc fucks her, quite a sharp contrast to the Sean/Alek pairing. As tight as her was, it’s a miracle Sean can get his cock up Alek’s ass, but with some effort, it all vanishes into her tight little Euro-bum. Nikki decides she needs both cocks and impressively takes Sean up her ass while Marc stays in her pussy. Have to hand it to Nikki for the late rally. It’s not enough to make her the best thing in this scene, but props none the less. The double cumshot would have (In my opinion) been better had Aleksandra been in the foreground, but hey, it’s a nice scene all around, so who’s complaining?

The main reason I wanted to see this tape was Brooke Ashley, so you know I was watching closely when it was time for her to take center stage. Sean doesn’t hook up with her, which is a bit of a disappointment, but once she stripped down, I somehow made a tremendous emotional recovery. After a bit of pussy lapping, two other girls enter the room and watch while Brooke gives a fucking clinic on how to suck cock for the camera. I only wish it had lasted longer before Julian started fucking that sweet little pussy. (And who can blame him for being in a bit of a hurry?) Great insertion shot for the anal here, props to Sean for nice work. As always, Brooke lets loose with a stream of hot talk that is every bit as erotic as watching her ass grip his black pole as he pounds her backside. I would have to look at this as an award caliber anal scene. (As soon as the Rog awards take off.) Finally, she hops off and lets Julian blast her pretty face with a healthy does of pure protein. This scene alone is reason enough to love this tape, love Brooke Ashley and shed a tear at her sudden and tragic departure from the jizz biz.

Bela and Fonda get each other warmed up a little while Sean watches. You guys who like wild eyed blondes will love Bela. Give me mocha skinned Fonda any day. She is fine with a capital F. She looks fantastic taking Sean’s dick in her mouth and working overtime to get it nice and hard. She gets first crack that the long stalk, taking it from behind before letting Bela get her first taste. Even as the blonde is being boned from behind, Fonda is right there to stick her tongue up her ass and lick pussy juice from Sean’s cock. After being fair, Sean gets right back where he belongs, filling that tight hole with dick. Fonda actually gives Brooke a run for her money in the dirty talk department, which is pretty impressive. The girls take turns having their asses fucked nice and slow as Sean works every inch deep into the pair of snug sphincters. Bela gets most of the cum on her fact, but we close with a nice shot as Fonda sucks the last drops out of his shrinking pole.

Obsession is woman with a perfect name. What man wouldn’t be obsessed with a creature this fine? Sean takes things nice and slow with this gorgeous woman, licking her neck and working all the way down to that scrumptious looking ass. In turn, Obsession works equally slowly, licking Sean’s pole up and down until it’s hard and slick enough to ride. She looks like she just loves to have a big cock in her mouth, and from where I sit, I have to say, I love watching her with one. Some nice reverse cowgirl gives us a good look at her wonderful body. She doesn’t look big enough to take his whole cock, but there it goes, all the way. Taking the whole thing in her ass is a bit of a chore for Obsession, but she sticks with it and soon Sean is balls deep in her but, stroking away. She ducks a facial, but rubs his cum all over her tits.

Nellie Pierce comes along for the last scene, and though last, she is by no means least in any way. This girl is just too cute and yet, hot enough to handle both Sean and Peter North at once. Something about watching Nellie with a couple of huge cocks that brings back those fantasies that got me through college. That pure looking girl at the front of the class that I just KNEW was a porn slut waiting to happen. She sucks Peter with this huge grin while Sean fucks her deep from behind. What a woman. Peter doesn’t hold back, fucking her as hard as he can with his fat cock, and Nellie just keeps begging for more. She gets what she asks for as Sean slides his dick right up her ass. This still leaves room for Peter in her pussy and by the time the guys find the rhythm, Nellie is in slut Heaven. You all know what’s coming. Peter has a big load waiting for young Nellie and she takes it, eyes and mouth wide open, wearing every drop with pride. Sean shoots his goo on her fine but, getting Nellie wet at both ends.

I have liked this series from the beginning, so I would have grabbed this tape no matter who was in it. Add to that, the fact that Brooke Ashley, Fonda French and Nellie Pierce are in it, and it becomes a must see no matter what. On top of that, the sex is as good as I have seen from Sean in a long time. Christina Angel does one of her best scenes ever, Brooke is hot as always, Nellie’s facial is a must see, Fonda French is simply stunning. In all, a great cast, hot interracial, anal action. It’s all good in this fifth volume of Up Your Ass. Now, bring on number six.

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