Private Triple X Files 2




88 Mins.


Private – 1998 (2/98)

THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Facials.

STARS: Vanda, Reka, Regina, Nikki Anderson, Christina, Wanda.


So I’m having lunch with a friend the other day and the conversation eventually turns to porn. (NATCH) I respect this guy, and his opinion is one I happen to respect, so when we started talking about Private, I was a bit shocked to hear his take. He said, “Private? There stuff has become so formulaic, I can’t even watch any more.” I was a bit taken back, but decided I would take a closer look at the next tape I watched from Private to see if, in fact, something had become stale in the mix. So, keep that in mind as I review this second tape in one of the two new series from the company famous for bringing us gorgeous Euro-babes. I will be watching very carefully to make sure things are still as good I remember them.

Vanda stars in the first vignette as a horny housewife with a wandering eye. When she gets a look at the hunk of beefcake under her sink, the pretty brunette can’t keep her hands from wandering down between her legs for some solo fun. When that’s not enough, she goes fishing for a little trouser trout. Finding it much to her liking, Vanda sucks him hard, making his cock throb and every guy in the audience jealous as Hell. She hops up on his cock and starts riding nice and hard. In walks Vanda’s husband, and in typical porn fashion, he not stunned or hurt, but instead feels his cheating wife a second dose of cock. Of course, since she was acting like such a slut, the guys just have to fuck her in the ass. Vanda takes dick in her backdoor like every good housewife should. Really nice close ups shots of some brilliant anal action as she slams her hips down. This leaves her pussy open for a shot upside down DP, which is followed by slightly longer, standard DP. Interesting cumshot here as the first guy pulls out of her ass and shoots his load down onto her pussy. It coats the other guy’s cock so that Vanda must first suck it clean, then take the second load right on her face. This woman is a total turn on.

Rita prefers her men in larger groups, a fact that doesn’t bother her boyfriend at all. In fact, he encourages her to be friendly to a couple of businessmen eating lunch near the couple. In no time the two new guys strip Rita’s dress off and join her boyfriend to form a tight circle around the woman’s busy mouth. A little too much slow motion, dampens the otherwise very good oral action as She works on a couple of very big cocks. By the time they are ready to bend her over the table and fuck her, the waiter has joined in and now four guys take their turns slamming into lovely Rita from behind. After each gets a shot at her pussy, they turn her over where we get nice insertion shots each time one of the guys slides up her back road. She decides that just leaves too many guys out and moves into standard DP position where she can take a cock in her mouth as well. (Probably leaving the waiter to go get some post coital mints.) He returns just in time for an up close circle jerk that leaves Rita’s face drenched in jizz. Wonderful cumshot in spite the slow motion.

Regina is a gorgeous blonde who stretches out in front of the fire, waiting for her two masked dates to come in and shower her with affection. With the fire raging in the background, this scene has quite a romantic slant. Slower, more sensual than most Private scenes, but still quite hot thanks to Regina. She is beautiful, even delicate as she takes both dicks in her body. (A delicate DP?) This is a couple’s scene for couples who love to watch pretty blondes get fucked in the ass by two dicks at once. The guys top off her champagne glass with a double dose of bitter ball beer and Regina gulps it down greedily.

You all know that I was waiting patiently for the next scene, starring the most incredibly beautiful woman on earth, Nikki Anderson. She is driving with her boyfriend through the countryside when the car mysteriously breaks down. They decide to make the most of the wait, getting friendly in the front seat. When they need more room, they slip into the back so that Nikki can get her hands, and eventually in talented mouth around his cock. Nikki give a very slow blowjob, showing off her covergirl face as she teases and devours his member. As she rides him, the lucky guy keeps his hands full of her superb ass. We get a better look at the action from below while the takes her from behind in a standing doggy, half in and half out of the car. Even this is not enough however, and the throw a blanket onto the ground for some hardcore crabbing. (New term for reverse cowgirl where the woman bends all the way back like those crab races we all did as kids.) No anal this time for Nikki, but she does a great fuck scene followed by a wonderful facial, coving the face that belongs on the cover of high fashion mags with sticky goo.

Kristina and her husband go to the lawyer’s office to finalize their divorce. They must be short of cash, because she starts sucking his cock while hubby watches. It must rekindle fires in him, because in no time he is filling her mouth while the lawyer does to work fucking Kristina from behind. The guys find the pretty blonde quite open to just about anything, fucking and sucking their way around her toned body and filling every orifice they can find with hard cock. The desk makes a perfect place to lay her out and fuck her pussy and mouth. Kristina just takes every inch they have to offer and begs for more. Both guys fuck her tight pussy very hard before blasting hot loads of liquid love all over her mouth.

Wanda is the final girl to bear it all for our viewing pleasure. She plays a sexy barmaid who gives new meaning to the phrase last call when she strips in front of her final customer. Seeing the rise she gets out of him, Wanda offers a helping hand, stroking his cock until it throbs in her delicate fingers. That only makes her hungry for a taste of the big beefstick, so she leans over the bar to suck his cock. Very nice looking oral in a somewhat awkward, but totally fresh position. The guy then bends her over a barstool and slam fucks her from behind. Great looking close ups and even better long shots of this sexy woman’s perfect legs and nicely shaved pussy. More good closeups in crab as Wanda shows that she knows how to work her hips on a cock. She dismounts just in time for a lovely P2M facial. The guy shoots a geyser, coating her cheeks and chin with goo.

Well, I did it. I watched looking for a formula, some sign that the Private magic had gone stale. You know what? I didn’t find one. The women are all very good looking, with great bodies. I guess that could be considered the Private formula. The sex is all well shot with a good mix of oral, vaginal, anal and DP. That too, could be considered part of the Private formula. Nikki Anderson is the big highlight of this movie, but she is only one reason to love it. Every scene is a winner. Is that he Private formula? I guess it is. You know what, maybe there is a Private formula, but if you think hot women, well captured sex and some of the best facials in the biz is stale, well then I say, let all videos get this stale right away.

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