Sorority Slumber Party


82 Mins.
X-Traordinary Pictures – 1998 (3/98)
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Cheerleaders.
STARS: Sid Deuce, Nico Treasures, Charlie, Katie Gold, Alex Sanders, Steve Hatcher.
All right, never mind the fact that I have to be careful what I say reviewing this film. After all, Sid Deuce not only stars in it, but she wrote and directed it as well. We all know what Sid can do to people she doesn’t like. (Rog cringes in horror at the Jay Ashley/Rog rumors that might fly should he hate the vid.) Actually, I have nothing to fear. To be totally honest, the title and boxcover on this tape has already won me over. (Does that mean we can skip this and find something better to read?) Sid on the cover, with Nico is such an incredible shot, I had to see this tape. (Yeah, and Sid in a cheerleader uniform didn’t hurt either did it?) Now, let’s see if the tape is as good as the box.
When Sid arrives for a slumber party at Nico’s house, she is carrying way too many bags, wearing her cheerleader uniform and has a sexy story to tell. It seems the leggy cheerleader has had a crush on Alex Sanders for quite sometime and just hours earlier, she finally got him. Tell me watching Sid suck in her little sweater and skirt isn’t the fantasy of every guy watching those ESPN cheer competitions. The difference of course, is that Sid is a fully grown woman with major cocksucking skills. (And boning her won’t land you in jail.) Sid gets down and dirty with Alex’s cock, giving it a great looking, very messy blowjob. These two have always done great scenes together, and this is no exception. Sid pulls her thighs back and lets Alex fuck her nice and hard, making those great tits flop about wildly. It’s always fun to watch Sid ride a cock because she has such a great ass, that is well on display here. Only that ass remains unfucked by the time Alex drops his load into her open mouth. Sid is one sexy woman, no doubt about it.
Charlie comes to the party next and while the girls wait for the final guest, they get changed into their PJs. While sitting in front of the fire, Charlie suggests they play sexual truth or dare. The first question goes to the gorgeous brunette and of course, it revolves around lesbian sex. Too shy to answer, Nico steps in and tells Sid all about how the two friends got together for their first experience with another girl. They get into the tub and begin to explore each other. I swear, Charlie has to be one of the most strikingly beautiful women I have ever seen. Nico is no slouch either, sporting a killer rack and attacking her new friend with an eager tongue and probing fingers. If you like fingerfucking, Charlie gets a serious digit diddling from Nico on the edge of the tub. She must like her little experiment with another woman because Charlie digs right and starts sucking Nico’s hairless folds like a seasoned Ellen watcher. When the toys come out, Nico gives Charlie a super hot plastic fuck. When the tables are turned, I have to admit, I was totally into watching Nico get rammed. (Check out the legs on this chick. They could wrap around twice.) Oh to be a dildo in that bathtub.
Katie finally arrives and the girls put her into the game right away. She then relates a story about she and her boyfriend Steve Hatcher. (Hey Hatch, the chin pubes do not hide that hideous grille you’re sporting bro.) Wow, Katie looks a lot like Tammi Ann, and thankfully, she fucks a lot like her as well. Steve spends a lot of time sucking her sweet little slit, getting Katie all hot and bothered. For a little girl from Texas, Katie sure knows how to suck dick like a big city slut. After giving the best looking blowjob on this tape, Katie spreads her little cheeks and lets Hatcher fuck her tight hole from behind. Lots of nice close ups here as he fills her snug little muffin for a while before moving on to her even tighter ass. After several good insertion shots, he pulls out a splatters her face with goo. Katie Gold is a petite slut lovers dream come true.
After all the fun and games, there is only one thing for the four girls to try. She chooses to take a dare, and, don’t die of shock, they dare her to engage in a bit of lesbian kissing. This naturally leads to a four girl orgy with Nico and Sid in one corner and Charlie lapping Katie in the other. I love the contrast of pale, tiny Katie with olive skinned Charlie. Of course Sid and Nico go after each other like seasoned lovers. I guess that studded tongue works on pussy as well as it does on cock. Later, Nico takes a two headed dildo and works it into both Sid and Katie, bringing out the beast in both women. What slumber party would be complete without strap on dildos? Check out little Katie power fucking Nico, now that’s a treat. Meanwhile, Sid takes director’s privilege with Charlie. (Come on, she is so hot, chicks have to be as hot to fuck her as guys are.)
Hats off to Sid for a very workable sex vid. There is a bit to much all girl action for my taste, but at least the lesbian scenes were hot and kept me watching. Nico and Charlie only do girls in this video which means we are cheated out of watching one of the deepest throats in all of porn in action. Still, these two bring plenty to the table even when guys are not around. Sid and Katie do scenes with guys and both of the are great. Katie takes anal and gets the better facial, but Sid gets points of prancing around her cheer uniform If you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall at one of those all girl overnight parties, this is your chance.

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