Sin-a-matic 3



162 Mins.
Vivid – 1997 (3/97)
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Anal Sex.
STARS: Tia Bella, Katie Gold, Lil Ass, Kelli Cage, Obsession, Baby girl, Meka, Chastity, Tyler, Alyssa Love, Dee, Alice, Bobbi Bliss, T.T. Boy, Derrick Lane, Mr. Marcus, Dave Hardman, AJ, Rob, Vince Voyeur, Jon Dough.
In addition to being the first ‘contract’ boy in porn, (OK, I’m sure he wasn’t the first, but he was the first in the recent round of signings.) Jon Dough has shown some decent skills behind the camera. For the most part, he has been allowed to get a little rowdier than the usual Vivid-fare, in part, I am sure, due to the fact that he is rarely saddled with those V girls who are, shall we say, less than volcanic. This time, Jon has new Vivid starlet Tia Bella along for the ride. This will be my first look at the busty beauty, so my interest is rather high as I check out this third volume. Of course, Katie Gold, Alyssa Love and Lil Ass had nothing to do with my anticipation. (Right.)
The first adventure stars Alyssa Love and a friend who are out to get their first taste of black cock. When the two young girls spy Mr. Marcus hanging around a mall parking lot, they know they have found what they are looking for. He takes them back to his place, locks the door and get Presidential with the girls, introducing ‘Big Willie’ to the kneeling, willing young things. As always, Alyssa shines with her out of this world oral skills. (Oh please Alyssa, come back. I might just bust my on screen cherry for that.) Her rigorous sucking has Marcus’ pole hard and ready to slip right into her friend’s tight, inviting hole. The girls take turns experiencing the deep pounding Marcus loves to dish out, with Alyssa sliding underneath her friend to suck his cock clean whenever it slips out of her tight pussy. Of course, they can’t say their experience is complete without first trying that fat cock in their asses. Neither girl has any trouble fitting that thick stalk up their butts. In fact, Alyssa seems quite fond of the pounding. The girls share a thick cum shake as Marcus finishes them off in fine fashion. Very hot, quite nasty scene.
The next scene takes place in a restaurant where kitchen workers Vince Voyeur and Rob see a very drunk, very flirtatious Dee making her way into their work area. They play along with her and soon get her to take down her dress, letting everyone have a gander at her amazing body. Happy to help the guys with their growing bulges, Dee gets down and starts sucking. With a dick in each hand, she works them both to throbbing attention in no time. Anyone who has not seen Dee suck cock is in for a treat. This woman looks great with dick in her mouth and certainly has some big league oral skills. The problem is she only has one mouth and the guys are too horny to wait their turn, so they take turns plowing her pussy. Dee gets passes back and forth like a head in a crowd at a tennis match. At some point during this furious fucking, the guys decide that Dee is open to a little anal action, and boy does that light up her world. After busting her beautiful buns, the guys rain down a great facial cum bath on Dee’s pretty mug. Every time I see this woman, I like her more.
Dough finally gets himself in front of the camera for a poolside scene with a busty blonde girl with a killer ass. One look at that posterior and you’ll know why he kept this nugget for himself. Whoever this girl is, she has tons of piercings and is quite vocal in her fucking. Certainly, this hard working girl has the makings of a porn star, even if he does kick her out as soon as he drops a load in her mouth.
We switch to a bar where Derrick Lane and Dave Hardman take advantage of their position when a trio of young girls start hanging around. Katie Gold is the only one I am familiar with, and she is as cute as ever. One of the other girls, Alice, is also quite cute. I can tell you right off, I would have liked this scene a lot better had the lighting not been so friggin’ dim. I love watching little Katie suck dick, but it’s so shadowy, I can barely see anything. The guys do their best to keep up with this trio of trim, fucking them on the bar, the floor and anywhere else they can manage. As the anal sex begins, Katie again steals the limelight. Just send the other girls home and let this little blonde tear it up all by herself. At least she gets the better of the two facials. Katie Gold rules.
Finally, we get new Vivid Girl Tia Bella. She plays a horny video clerk with a burning desire to suck her co-worker’s cock behind the counter. (This happened to me ALL the time when I was jockeying tapes.) I have to say, this first look at Tia, on her knees, inhaling rod, is quite an impressive one. Hey, are those fingers going up her ass? Welcome to porn Tia, did someone forget to give you your V-Girl handbook? Seeing how much fun they are having, patron Jon Dough gets a little piece of the action. (Now this DID happen at a video store I worked in, a female employee who was more than a little friendly to certain customers.) She takes one dick at each end, allowing for some nice shots of her pussy from below. After a rigorous fuck, Tia lets Jon hose her face and tits with a monster load of cum. Tia honey, you keep doing stuff this hot, they are bump you down a notch over there, but I for one, say, rock on girl.
We close with an all black, five girl orgy in the back of a stretch limo. When things get too crowded for Dee, she hops into the front seat and promptly devours T.T. Boy’s hard cock. He gets so turned on by her talented mouth that he drags her out of the car, bends her over the hood and fucks that pussy good and hard. Seeing the fun they are having, the other girls get out of the car and make T.T. really work for him money. A lone pale figure amidst a sea of luscious dark flesh, he does his best to fuck each one of these women with equal intensity. Hats off to the man, he gives them all a serious pussy pounding and then moves on to some assfucking. He tries to get some cum on all the girls, but loses most of his wad in one big spurt.
Nice work here by Dough. The movie is nearly three hours long which makes it well worth the price. Alyssa Love’s interracial three way is a killer anal scene. Dee shines in her three way. (As she always does.) New Vivid Girl Tia Bella makes a fine debut here, taking a great facial. Katie Gold stands out, even in a poorly lit group scene. Basically, there is more anal than you would expect, some good facials, and a handful of the hottest chicks in porn to look out. How can you go wrong with a tape like this?

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