Seymore Butts Orgasmatic



120 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Seymore Butts

Seymore Butts Home Movies – 1998

THEMES: A2M, Facials, Toys.

STARS: Alisha Klass, Samantha Stylle, Hali Aston, Ruby, Vanessa Chase, Jordan McKnight, Taylor Hayes, Tatiana, Tom Byron.


I’ve spent much of the last few Seymore reviews introducing you to the Tushy Girls. First came Alisha, then Sam, finally Halli joined the fold. Those of you who have been paying attention will likely have beaten me to the video store to snatch this tape up since each of these women alone are reason enough to keep breathing, and the three of them together is reason enough to push your way through the sticky fingered kids in the Disney section, Barry Sanders your way through the three hundred pound housewives straining to reach the newest Brad Pitt movie, follow the pasty faced little movie geeks through the beaded curtain and if necessary go Orenthal on any porn fan who dares put his sticky fingers on ‘your’ copy of this latest Seymore Butts release. (Is that possibly the longest fucking sentence in the history of poorly written porn reviews or what?) The three Tushy Girls, now forever etched in your memories I hope, are joined by some of the hottest women Seymore has shot in the past to share their love for that most entertaining of plug in sex toys, the Sybian. (Hey Rog, that’s about all they need for an open, what do you say you shut up and let Jordan and Sean take over?)

The Tushy Girls gather around the Sybian to wonder at its sexual powers and to relate tales of lust gone by. (Isn’t this sort of like ancient tribal rituals or something?) Ruby is up first, riding the vibrating pleasure producer and she clearly loves every second of it. Watching this busty babe ride to a screaming climax is certainly a porn moment worth revisiting. The warm up out of the way, Seymore moves in to finish the job, fingering Ruby’s pussy and sucking her clit until she nearly tears the walls down with her cries of lust. Her orgasm leaves her panting and nearly passed out.

Halli takes the first ride on the Sybian with Alisha at the controls. She drives her beautiful friend to a very intense climax. While she recovers, we once again hop into the way back machine to watch the always incredible Vanessa Chase take a wild ride. She was one of the first to discover this magic machine and Seymore uses it to drive her absolutely nuts. I always loved Vanessa and this is about as truly turned on as I ever saw her. This time, after watching her cum, we are treated to a killer blowjob from one of the best oral sex artists around. She sucks his balls and cock very slowly but gobbles down a big load at the end. I miss Vanessa Chase SO much.

Alisha is next on the Sybian and Sam takes the controls to drive Ms. Klass over the edge. No doubt, Alisha is the loudest girl in all of porn. While she is busy screaming and creaming, we watch as Tom Byron puts Tatiana on the Sybian for a little bump and grind. Once she has the rhythm down, Tatiana decides to suck Tom off while being pleasured mechanically. Damn, another girl I miss a lot. After trying her mouth and her pussy he gives her a rare assfucking. Tatiana was always hot, but this is her best work, no doubt about it. She does great ass, stops just short of A2M but gets a great facial anyway. What a worthwhile trip down memory lane this one is.

Tom hooks up next with Taylor Hayes and Jordan McKnight. Not only are these two of the most beautiful women in porn, but both know how to get down and party whenever a hard cock is in the vicinity. It’s pretty tough to tell which of these two women sucks cock better, but give me a few days to review this scene about a thousand times to come to a decision. Once the cock sucking is over, Tom goes to work inducing a flood like squirt from Taylor’s sweet pussy. With Tom’s cock in her pussy, Jordan rides while Seymore fingers her ass. All the while, Taylor keeps sucking his fingers clean right out of Jordan’s ass. (Yeah, let’s see Vivid shoot something like THAT with Taylor.) She doesn’t stop there either, sucking Tom’s cock fresh out of that bootylishious backside. One of the best A2M facials I’ve ever seen caps off this legendary scene.

The Tushy Girls seem very turned on by the scene as well. Sam is riding the Sybian while Alisha takes a toy up her ass while firing a stream of girl cum at the camera. After all the girls finish having fun with the toys, Alisha leads Seymore downstairs for one of her incredible blowjobs. As always, if you love perfectly captured, wet blowjobs, you will cream for Alisha. Seymore creams on Alisha, but the best we can hope for is to watch such a stellar event.

Most of the footage in this tapes is older stuff, but who cares. Any time Seymore takes us back to the good old days, you know it’s going to be a great ride. The Taylor/Jordan/Tom scene is one of my all time faves and is worth the price of the tape all by itself. Vanessa Chase also shines, but doesn’t she always? The Tushy Girls all look great as well, enjoying the Sybian and each other in the wrap around scenes. For hardcore Seymore fans, it’s another great collection of his best work. For the newcomer to the world of Butts, this will make a fan of you for sure.

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