Inner City Black Cheerleader Search 17


105 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Woodburn
Devil’s Films – 1998 (12/97)
THEMES: Cheerleaders, Black Women, Shaved Pussies.
STARS: Ke Ke, Meesha, India, Mahogany Sweets, Cherry, Nick East.
Cheerleader videos have been popular for as long as I can remember. With the growing number of black themed tapes on the market today, it was only a matter of time until the two met, and the fact that we are looking at volume seventeen of this series is a tribute to just how popular the idea is among viewers. Since Woodburn has been bringing us some of the most beautiful dark skinned beauties in their little skirts and white socks, it’s safe to say fans of cute black cheerleaders will get quite a charge from this tape.
Nick East gets to hold the first cheerleader tryout, putting cute India through the paces, making her sing for him while he checks her head to toe for imperfections. The poor girl can’t carry a tune and doesn’t know the words to the “Star Spangled Banner” but her flat tummy and perfect, handful tits more than make up for her lack of singing skills. Nick strips and oils her body while she tries to carry a tune. The close examination of her body creates quite a bulge in his shorts and the second Nick frees his growing cock, India starts working it over with her sexy mouth. She pretty much lets Nick fuck her mouth for a while, before finally sitting him to down actively suck his cock. India is still a bit passive and not overjoyed as Nick starts fucking her on a table top. She looks great when he bends her over the table, but every time the camera pans to her face, she looks distant and bored. She picks up a bit while sitting is his lap, shaking her fantastic ass, but it’s just not enough. She is cute, but if you don’t like fucking on camera, for Pete’s sake, don’t fuck on camera.
Mahogany is a pint sized cutie who very much looks the part of a fresh faced college cheerleader. She shows of her great ass and short but shapely legs for a while before letting the guy strip her out of her uniform. Fans of baby oil will be quite pleased, as we are treated to a lengthy application of oil to Mahogany’s smooth skin head to toe. When the cock finally enters the picture, she shows she is a more active cocksucker than the first girl, slowly working her full lips up and down his shaft until he is throbbing in her mouth. If making the team is contingent upon how good a girl’s ass looks, then Mahogany is a shoe in. She sticks that fine butt high in the air to get taken from behind and it is a thing of beauty. This stud is quite happy to fuck her from any angle and really lays the pipe to her in some squish mish. She turns her head so that the cum ends up on her cheek, but it’s still a very hot scene.
Ke Ke is a busty, long haired beauty who looks simply stunning in her one piece swimsuit. The outfit doesn’t fit the cheerleader motif, but who cares? She has a body to kill or die for. She gets naked and lies on the table so that her very happy partner can rub oil all over those incredible funbags. (and other places too.) After she passes the body inspection portion of the tryout with flying colors, Ke Ke shows up that her breasts are not her most talented body parts. She does quite a nice job getting her lips around his fat cock and sucking like she means it. Too bad, we move rather quickly through the oral sex and to Ke Ke riding cock. Not a good time to skimp if you ask me. Not that I mind watching her pretty shaved slit get filled, I just would have enjoyed watching her inhale hose a little longer. (Note-Real tit enthusiasts will love the way her breasts move about wildly while Ke Ke is fucked mish.) Ditto that and then some as she bounces up and down in RC. Damn if her ass is not every bit as hot as her tits. Ke Ke really has a super body head to toe. No wonder her man has such a great time fucking her tight pussy from behind. After all that, he shoots a rather measly load all over one of her beautiful breasts. I am dying to see Ke Ke again.
Meesha plays a runaway cheerleader having a great time bouncing on a bed. When a cop comes by to take her back, they strike a quick deal. He won’t take her back if she will play with him. The thighs and ass on Meesha are enough to make anyone forget about just about anything. She takes his nightstick out of his pants and happily takes a little oral exam. She looks good with a mouth full of meat, but is less than enthusiastic about her duties. In fact, she seems pretty bored as she gets fucked as well. I’m not saying she has to be Debi Diamond or Janet Jackme, but if you’re this bored, maybe it’s time to reconsider your career options. (And if Meehsa did, it would be sad for porn viewers because she really is great to look at.) The best part here is when she moves her hips, showing off that super ass for us while riding cock. The guy doesn’t seem much more enthused here but he does blast a very thick load onto her sexy butt.
Sweets and Cherry play a couple of rival cheerleaders who decide to have a little stare down as they strip. When they get bored of that, the girls decide that fucking beats fighting any day. I have to say I agree, watching these two women play with each other is a lot better than watching any sort of violent altercation. The settle down for some very nice, dildo assisted lesbian sex that seems refreshingly genuine. In the middle of this girls only love fest a very lucky guy inserts his dick for some shaved, hot, chocolate love. He gives one of the girls a quick pork before blowing his was on her cute little ass.
This tape delivers what you would expect, attractive black women, most dressed (briefly) in cheerleader costumes. The girls are all very cute, some bordering on drop dead, but the sexual heat is inconsistent. Mahogany is the best overall, combining good looks, great legs and high sexual intensity in hot scenes. Ke Ke has by far the best body of any of the women on this tape, but she could use a wake up call during her sex scene. (And what is with the tat on those perfect tits? Early childhood reading program?) This is definitely worth a look, especially if you like nicely shaped black women and/or cheerleader uniforms. (The previews at the beginning make me want to go out and rent all the rest of the tapes in this series and review the whole lot.

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