Shane’s World 12




120 Mins.

Odyssey Group Video – 1998 (1/98)

THEMES: Blondes, Big Tits, Party Girls.

STARS: Shane, Brittany Andrews, Randi Rage, J.R. Carrington, Petra, Billy Glide, Ian Daniels, Matt, Heidi.


No, that’s not a mistake loyal readers, it does say volume twelve. I know I never did a review for volume eleven, but talk to the folks at OGV about getting me copies of the movies faster. (And fear not, I will go find 11 and review it as well, but for now, we go with what we have.) With Shane now pretty much on the sidelines, her videos have to rely more on her skill behind the camera than her incredible charm and charisma in front of it. Sometimes that works out just fine, and others, it leaves things a little flat. This time, Shane takes her fun party friends out for a little snowboarding adventure. There are a couple of hotties in this cast, which could mean that we are in for one of the hotter Shane-less Shane videos.

Once the mandatory alcohol comes out, the party crew breaks out the Jenga game. Fear not, the rules of this game are a bit different. Each game piece has a sexual order scrawled on its underside, so things get X rated rather quickly when sexy Petra has to masturbate in front of everyone. Brittany Andrews gets one that orders her to tit fuck and Billy Glide is happy to oblige. This is a lot sexier than an lot of the stuff in this series as everyone is having a good time with just enough sex to keep it from being all silliness. We even get to watch Shane suck dick for a while. Granted, it’s a rubber cock, but still, she looks damn good.

Billy decides that it’s more fun to play with J.R. Carrington and Brittany and before you know it, he is joined by Ian and a full on four way fuck breaks out. These two blondes are about as cock crazed as any women you are ever likely to meet. (Face it, anyone who meets a woman as cock crazed as J.R. in real life might as well cap themselves as soon as they are done boning her, cuz it ain’t never gonna happen again.) Everything is going along quite nicely with Billy being every bit as aggressive as the girls. You know, this is some of the best sexual action in a Shane’s World video in a long time. J.R. does some super hard core ass fucking, proving that she is a top notch porn slut. Not to be outdone, Brittany has her knees back behind her ears as she get her pussy plowed. Thanks in part to the well shot sex, but mostly to Brittany’s sexier than words can describe moans and dirty talk, her romp with Ian is incredible. Somehow, Randi Rage steals a facial from Brittany, but J.R. takes her facial like a true pro.

Following that scorching sexual action, the gang does some of the usual screwing around that tends to typify Shane’s work. Luckily, this leads right into a sexy demonstration by J.R. and Petra on how to enjoy a bottle of chocolate syrup. Somehow these two women make it really look like this is a spontaneous act of uncontrollable lesbian lust that just had to be satisfied over breakfast. Quite a nice scene if you’re into dildo assisted, messy girl/girl sex. Naturally busted brunette Petra does a super job with a strap on, fucking the shit out of blonde bombshell J.R. One good dildo fuck deserves another and J.R. knows how to deliver the goods big time.

After a long day on the slopes, it is again J.R. who kicks off the sexual activity, attacking new guy Matt and giving him a blow job he won’t soon forget. (Neither will anyone watching.) While they get better acquainted, the rest of the crew breaks into another game of Jenga. Ian Daniels had joined the crew and pairs off with Randi for a little fun on the stairway. Even though Randi is a loud and enthusiastic fuck who takes a facial here, this would the time I would go grab a beer if I were you. Randi just isn’t my bag of tricks. (Isn’t that cup of tea?) (So how about bowl of Trix.)

Brittany and Billy decide to take a private break from the game in another room. It takes a woman as ready to go as Brittany to handle Billy when he gets into one of these over the top modes. She happily swallows every inch of his cock. (Love the pig tails by the way Brit, nice snowbunny touch.) Hard and ready, Billy slam fucks her from behind, making every inch of her body quake with desire.) With condom firmly in place, Billy sets out to shove every one of her internal organs up through her mouth. I honestly don’t think I have ever seen Brittany so into her work, nor heard her be this vocal. I love hard, fast, loud sex where no one gets spit on, slapped or called a ‘filthy little fuckhole.’ And this scene is exactly that sort of balls to the wall action.

Horny Brittany isn’t done just yet, and has to get one quickie fuck with Ian in before they all head for home. This is basically a shorter, somewhat more subdued version of the last scene. Brittany looks great and just loves being stuffed full of hard dick. The mish is particularly appealing with Brittany showing some incredible flexibility while being fucked. A very nice cum shot right on her huge tits, closes things out perfectly.

The sex in this volume of Shane’s World is some of the best ever captured in this series. Brittany Andrews and J.R. Carrington are nothing short of brilliant, lighting up the screen with fierce fucking and sucking. Since they carry most of the action, all is good, very good. Petra is quite a sexy new girl, even if she only works with other women in this tape. Thankfully, Randi only has one scene in this video and even that is somewhat watchable. I just want to know why we don’t get to see fan of the month Heidi get in on the action? (And why haven’t I ever been picked for this honor?) I guess if we can’t watch Shane get fucked on film, we can be happy to at least watch hotties like Brittany and J.R. do their share. Now, more Petra please!

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